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Myriads of people around the world can attest to the impact that the Slighs had not only on military personnel but also on everyone with whom they came in contact. Their son Chuck, who serves as a military pastor in Germany, rightly called them “giants” who set the bar high for military missions around the world. And yet the Slighs would not have considered themselves “giants.” They were just serving their Lord who loved them and gave Himself for them. Love for God, each other, and people was certainly prevalent in their many years of service. About his mother, Chuck Sligh stated that she was an “example of a selfless, kind, generous, giving person who genuinely loved people.” “She loved God and raised her children to love and serve God….” Her prayers “made a difference in my life” said Laura Lee, Norma’s sister. Without apology, Brother Sligh preached the Word, yet, with a kind and affable spirit that drew people to him. The Slighs’ home was always open for Bible classes, missions training, home-cooked meals, social activities, or just a place to stay. As Mrs. Sligh once commented, “I am their only Mother when they need one.” Besides reaching out to the military, they were also concerned with the local nationals. They helped to begin a Spanish church in Cuban refugee camps when some 10,000 of them fled to Panama. Over 500 Cubans were saved! Even though Norma and Allen Sligh have both departed from this world for a much better place, their legacy of love and service lives on. It was very evident from Facebook posts and messages from Mary, their daughter, that even though Brother Sligh’s memory was failing during his last days, his love for his Savior never failed. Praise the Lord—they are together again with each other, their son, and with their Blessed Savior! Good News/Bad News By Rusty Pilalas  “Pastor I have my orders and I will be leaving in two months.” These words are horrible for us to hear, but we know they will be coming from just about everyone in our ministry. Working with military people is an honor and very rewarding, but it has specific challenges that a non-military church does not have.   How can these words ever be good news? Well, for one, they keep us on our knees. We are in continual prayer for God to bring us new people who are mature in the Lord and willing to serve Him in ministries. We went without a song leader for four months this year. God has called me to preach and serve Him in whatever capacity I need to in order to further the Gospel, but I am pretty sure our people prefer a gifted music leader. We went from having three skilled pianists to having one lady who had about a year of lessons when she was a child, bless her heart. We have seen God give people orders here and we KNEW it was because He wanted them to serve in a specific ministry to lead others to Him.   Another positive point about a family moving on is that sometimes it is just time for them to go. A pastor’s wife from the States actually told my wife that she wished one of their families would get orders to move somewhere else; but unfortunately, they