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Joyce Journals: Our Life for Yours We are looking ahead to our next European Field Conference with our military missionaries in October 2017 in the lovely country of Austria. As plans are being made for this trip, my mind goes back to our 2013 European Field Conference in Normandy, France. We took a tour with our military missionaries to the Normandy American Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach, where almost 10,000 American soldiers are buried. As I was reminiscing over this trip, I thought about a verse of Scripture I read in my devotions from Joshua 2:14, And the men answered her [Rahab], Our life for yours, if ye utter not this our business. And it shall be, when the LORD hath given us the land, that we will deal kindly and truly with thee (underlining added). As we celebrate Veterans Day November 11, the phrase in this verse Our life for yours makes me think of the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives so we could have ours. I also thought of the many residents of Normandy who had to leave their homes and others who died because they were casualties of war. Along this line, I thought of Rahab whose name is mentioned in the second chapter of Joshua. Rahab was facing a decision in her life where she could possibly be a casualty of war or meet her eternal death. She was facing a decision between living or dying. This story in Joshua chapter 2 is about a Canaanite woman, Rahab, who had not lived for God but, in fact, her life had been a life filled with sin and sorrow. Rahab had lived the life of a harlot until she met some Israelites who were true men of God. They had come to spy out Rahab’s land of Canaan, whose inhabitants were their enemies. The two Israelites came to Rahab and said that they could save her life if she would save theirs. However, they added a very important detail to that line—if you utter not this our business. She decided that God’s business was of most importance in her life in order for her and her family to survive. There is nothing more important in our lives than doing God’s business. Rahab did just that. She trusted God. She rescued the two Israelites, and her life and her family’s lives were saved. There are spiritual lessons we can learn from Joshua 2:14a—Our life for yours. 1. CHRIST’S LIFE FOR OURS (John 1:12) The first thought that comes to mind after reading Joshua 2:14 is acknowledging that Christ Jesus did this very thing for us. He gave his life for our lives—lives to give back to Him. Christ paid a price for us and our sins so that we could have eternal life instead of eternal death if we will only receive Him as our personal Savior. As Christian women, we try to make life for our husbands and children happy, healthy, and holy by making daily sacrifices so their daily needs will be met. IT IS ABOUT OUR LIFE FOR FAMILY. 2. OUR LIVES FOR OUR HUSBANDS’ LIVES (Titus 2:4–5 and Song of Solomon 2:16) We give our lives to serve our husbands. Your husband should be the one person who feels that he is loved the most by you more than anyone else he knows. The Bible teaches us to obey our husbands but we often fail to show them that we love them. Does your husband feel that love when he walks in the door of your home? We need to be sure we are doing things for our husbands out of sincere love and not out of duty. 3. OUR LIVES FOR OUR CHILDREN’S AND GRANDCHILDREN’S LIVES (Deuteronomy 6:7) We give part of our lives to train our children and grandchildren. The best thing we can do for our children and grandchildren is to let them see us in God’s Word daily. When I was a child growing up, something that sticks out in my mind more than anything about my mother was that she spent time alone with God daily. This instilled in me the importance of having a time alone with God. In many of our Christian homes today, parents are so concerned about all kinds of secular activities for their kids such as sports and music. These things are good but we must not forget the most valuable lesson we can give them which costs no money and that is to love the Word of God. Take time to teach them to love God’s Word—Our lives for theirs. 4. OUR LIVES FOR OTHERS (Proverbs 3:27–28) Do we try to step out of our comfort zones to help others in our church, neighborhood, and community? We need to help them. There are so many around us who are hurting. Take time to listen when others need a listening ear, to reach out to those looking for someone to care, to share the Gospel with others and let them know that Jesus loves them. THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS ALL ABOUT OUR LIVES FOR YOURS. The GI BANNER needs your help.  Each issue of the GI BANNER goes out to thousands of people. This is very important to our outreach to military missions. BIMI and Dr. Jeff Alverson would appreciate your financial contribution to this worthy cause. Would you please prayerfully consider a small monthly offering to the Military Fund or a one-time offering to the Military Fund? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Offerings for the GI BANNER should be sent to Military Fund, Account #642.