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1. Jewish persecutor whom God would eventually use in a mighty way to reach the Gentiles. There is no condition of man that God cannot heal and effectively use for His glory if the individual is willing. 2. One Bethel lesson that continues to grow in importance is the need to separate ourselves from the things of this world. Separation means a clear and distinct break. We do not need to smoke, drink, look at pornography, tell off-color jokes, or gossip to know that all are wrong. Our pastor recently relayed a story that an elder in his former church told him. The elder was approached with what was developing as gossip. He stopped the young man and said, “Answer three questions for me before you tell me the story: 1) Are you 100% sure what you are going to tell me is absolutely true? 2) Is this a subject I have valid reason to know about? 3) Have you personally discussed this topic with the individual who is the subject of the story? If any of these answers is ‘No,’ I request you do not tell me.” The eyes and the heart will mislead us. God gives very definitive guidance in Proverbs 4:14–15, Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away. Playing with sin is like playing with TNT; you usually are badly hurt before you realize the error of your ways. If we just followed the guidance found in Proverbs, how many trials and tribulations of life would we avoid? 3. Another life lesson we learned was the importance of Christian fellowship, which falls into several categories: a. Gathering as a church to study God’s Word is the primary form of group worship. Military personnel need to be careful with church selection as they move around to different assignments. This is especially true if they have young children in their formative years. What goes on at church will affect their belief positions. Do not compromise the fundamentals of the faith, even if it means driving an additional 30 miles to every church service. b. Actively seek close personal friends of like-faith. I encourage all young Christians, especially singles, to select a strong Christian to whom they can be accountable. Close sharing of life’s challenges can many times stop things that could lead to a sinful life, directing us away from God’s true will for our lives. As a singles Sunday school teacher for years, I find one major problem is dating outside the Faith. Then there are those cases where fellowship should be broken after salvation. After all, he or she has a new life, which in many cases requires new friends. Second Corinthians 6:15 makes it clear that there is no real fellowship between Christ and Belial. The Lord sets a great example for us to follow to avoid problems with our spiritual life. 4. Finally, we learned the necessity for Christian service. Christian service is not an obligation but rather a reflection of our love for the One who first loved us. We live in a world where over half the children are born out of wedlock. Carol and I are Guardian ad Litem volunteers. We are court appointed advocates for children who have been removed by the court from their parents because of neglect or abuse. Florida has over 10,000 volunteers in this program and we need more (a sad commentary on the situation of children in Florida). A large percentage of these children have never set foot in church or seen a Bible. What an opportunity for us, the children and the Kingdom of our Lord! On the manual labor side, I do the landscaping at our church and Safe Harbor. What are you doing with your God given talents? Are you using them for God’s glory? Have you ever heard the old saying, “Use them or lose them”? I hope it can be seen that Bethel Baptist Church under Pastor Rodney Parrott (BIMI); Interim Evangelist Roy Lowe, International Board of Jewish Missions (IBJM); and Pastor Chris Parker (BIMI) had a major impact on our Christian lives and their structure. During the course of a calendar year, we will have missionaries in our home for almost a month each year. Many of their children attend Pensacola Christian College and stay with us while visiting their children. This is another result of over six years at Bethel in Spain. We want and need Christian fellowship with people of like faith, especially those who have committed to full-time service. I have NEVER attended a church like Bethel Baptist Church in Rota, Spain! International Bible Institute For Military Personnel Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), has been ministering to our U. S. military personnel and their family members since 1968. Presently, more than 80 missionaries to the military serve with BIMI. Over 50 churches have been planted by BIMI missionaries among the military. In order to assist those who wish to study the Word of God and further their Christian education, the International Bible Institute has been established. This Institute is sponsored by the Freedom Baptist Bible Institute of Heritage Baptist Church, Woodbridge, Virginia, which is under the leadership of Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh. All courses are free. The International Bible Institute is designed with active duty military personnel in mind. These courses are sent by email or by U. S. mail, which allows the students to study at a time that is convenient for them. After completing each lesson, the student will be able to fill out a test paper and send it by email or by U.S. mail to be graded. Completion of the courses, along with a copy of transcripts from other colleges and military classes the student has completed, could lead to a Diploma in Theology. This diploma would be accepted by BIMI for those who apply with this organization as missionary candidates. Those who would like to register should contact Robert (Pete) Heath through email at