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resulting cheer sounded like something from an American football game! This truly is a “God Project,” because only God could put that type of hunger for His Word into the hearts of thousands of young people. At the time this magazine was sent to press, we have officially launched the project in the capital city of Port Moresby. One container has been received and is being distributed. Workers are here from New Zealand and Australia to assist. Lord willing, by the time this article is read, six containers with a total of 330,000 Bibles will have arrived. The task is to ship the Bibles to distribution centers we have set up. To move that many Bibles across the country will involve trucks, boats, and planes. God has graciously provided contacts who have committed to help in multiple ways. Will you pray about the continuation of this project? In many ways we have just begun to “touch the hem of the garment” as far as reaching the young people of PNG. We still have the remainder of the phases to accomplish (Phase 2—elementary schools, 4th–8th grade with 900,000 and Phase 3— primary schools, 1st–3rd grade with 1,000,000 students). It is amazing what God has allowed us to accomplish in the last few months but there is much more to be done! Please share this project with everyone you know. Rarely has an open door like this been thrust upon us as believers. Remember “You cannot expect a harvest if you do not sow the seed.” One of my constant prayers is that the Lord would allow me to have a leaky Seed basket. God has opened the door in Papua New Guinea as He did in Fiji. Let us all pray that God would do a mighty work in PNG! W 15