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The work of missionaries and their sending churches through Baptist International Missions, Inc., as an organization, is carried out through a partnership of faith. I once heard the following statement, “It is criminal to give missionaries money and send them to the field and not pray for them.” (Author unknown) Who are the readers of BIMI WORLD? Well, for the most part, the answer is pastors, missionaries, and donors. In an informal poll, I posed the following question to several missionaries: What percentage of your donor partners faithfully communicate with you outside of contributing financially to your labor? The answer was an average of about 18 percent. The missionaries I spoke to were quick to assume personal responsibility, stating that if they would do a better job of communicating, then most likely, so too would their donors. It is by grace and our obedience that we participate together in the work of missions. William Carey said, “I am in a strange land, no Christian friend, a large family, and nothing to supply their wants.” He also said, “Bless God, I feel peace within and rejoice in having undertaken the work.” (Howell, Clifford G. The Advanced Guard of Missions. Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press Publishing, 1912) In this age of technology and advancement with multiple ways to save time, it appears that not much has changed. Can you imagine, William Carey, the father of modern missions, felt as if he had no Christian friend? In spite of the fact that pastors, missionaries, and donors are busy and that neither is less busy than the other, there remains a practical challenge of how to build a level of communication. How can this happen? For the missionary, it is to keep our donor partners informed. For the pastor, it is to keep missionaries’ names and needs before the congregation. For the donor, it is to get to know the missionaries. What will be the result? Pastors, missionaries, and donors who encourage and pray for one another will inspire the other to remain steadfast in his commitment to the task at hand. What is your response to this need? W 18 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2017 kh art obtained a good report. It is through faith that these and other saints, such as missionaries, continually look to God while being obedient to their call and service. Likewise, God has you in a particular place at this precise moment. While we look to others and see their faith, we are able to be encouraged to continue in spite of difficult circumstances. Every day I live, I am proclaiming a message. It is proclaimed in what I say, in what I do, and in how I am responding to others. Lo r a ri K Mark & c