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8 the local public schools in our area and into the main hospitals in Tegucigalpa. In addition, she is helping in our church choir and music ministry, all of which are helping to bring in more contacts for the Gospel. Then too, in May of this year, God brought into our ministry missionaries Steven and Debra Anner who will eventually take the responsibility for our Bible institute. They will also take charge of two of our church plants and help in evangelism and the preaching schedule I have prepared for our Bible students. Debra will help with our church music, expansion of our Bible clubs into more areas of our ministry, and help us form a new ministry that God has been laying on my heart for the last five years. comply with our conditions. This would bring many under a regular presentation of the Gospel while at the same time meeting a real need in our community. That ministry consists of starting a bilingual school. This ministry will be exclusively for the children of families who regularly attend at least two of our church ministries per week, one of which must be our Sunday school and morning worship service. Simply stated, the reason for this ministry is to use the growing need in our community to learn English as a tool to give out the Gospel. All parents want the best for their children but without a proficiency in English, they are doomed to fail. That is where a real opportunity for the Gospel presents itself. Only the more affluent families can afford an English education for their children. God has laid on my heart the desire to start a missionary church school where missionary teachers can offer a quality education at a minimum cost, affordable for almost all of our community. The uptake on this would be overwhelming unless there is a “catch.” As stated, any family wanting to put their children into our school would have to Even here God has been working, providing us with the use of a property that is ideal for this purpose. Last year we began the construction of our new church building that will house sufficient Sunday school rooms that can double as classrooms from Monday through Friday. Please pray for this aspect of our ministry also. We are looking for building groups to come down and help us and churches that would be able to donate funds for building materials. In order for this ministry to start, we need to form a missionary team of primary school teachers, starting with pre-kindergarten and adding one grade per year until we can offer a full program of primary education. This is where Debra comes in. She already has experience teaching and is offering to help start the school program but we need more missionaries to help. We would like to extend an invitation to all graduating or retired teachers to consider this ministry and to pray about joining our team for God’s glory. Finally, we can also use more traditional missionaries as we have the need for a youth pastor as well as Bible teachers to help cover the growing opportunities we have to expand the influence of our church into even more areas of Santa Lucia and Tegucigalpa. Let me extend to all would-be missionaries the Macedonian Call, “Come over and help us.” May God raise up a missionary team for His glory to reach the souls of men and women and the boys and girls of this area of Honduras. W