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By Michael Hinson Georgia is a small country about the same size as South Carolina, tucked between the borders of Turkey and Russia. Currently, we are living in Tbilisi to learn the language and culture. About one quarter of the five million people who live in Georgia reside in the capital city of Tbilisi most of the year. Tbilisi has a growing population as young people from the villages seek the opportunity a metropolis affords. Students come to study at colleges with equal scholastic standards for a much cheaper price, and foreigners continually cross the border to enjoy the cheaper standard of living. Many people from surrounding countries come because Georgia offers freedom and safety. By contrast, the average Georgian cannot save enough money to travel abroad since his salary is not equal to the cost of living, though he may wish to go to New York City or some other place in the United States. Georgians view church differently than we would. It is hard to explain exactly what we do, for if we say we work at the church or are missionaries, it is assumed we are Orthodox. Though they do have a word for Baptist, it is synonymous 10