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Volume 18, Issue 1
Spring 2018
First of Its Kind!
By Stuart Jellison
Do you have faith that God will do as He promises? I asked myself this question
as we left Okinawa in May 2015, beginning the trail toward the ministry to which
God had called us. We were able to catch a Military Hop out of Kadena Air Base,
Okinawa, Japan, and many hours later landed at March Field in the south end
of California. What followed over the next couple of years was a whirlwind of
the amazing provision of our Savior and the wonderfully unexplainable grace
of God. After being accepted into BIMI as military missionaries and moving to
Indiana, we began deputation in September 2015 with a meeting in the small
town of Monticello, Kentucky. Fast forward to the end of August 2017, we were closing out our deputation at a
small church in Frankfort, Indiana. Over those 24 months, God had miraculously and repeatedly shown Himself
faithful time and time again. We had been on a mission, following God’s call to begin a work on the north end of
Okinawa, Japan, and God’s grace had sustained us through those two years.

We were blessed to arrive in Okinawa, Japan, on September 1, 2017. After receiving our shipping container at
the end of September, we began the arduous process of establishing a household in a foreign country. Praise the
Lord, again, for how He guided each and every event that transpired as we put down our roots in the village of
Ginoza, about halfway between Camp Hansen and Camp Schwab. This would be our home until we graduate to
heaven or God moves us on to a new location.

After searching unsuccessfully for a building to hold
services around Camp Schwab and Camp Hansen, we
decided to be still and wait for God to provide. As we were
waiting, I recalled the advice of a dear veteran military
missionary—be patient and wait for God. After praying
and seeking the advice of several, we began services in
our home the first Sunday in November 2017. That first
Sunday we had seven visitors and the birth of North Shore
Baptist Church had occurred. This was the beginning of an
adventure that we are blessed to be a part, and we had no
idea what the next several months would hold.

Dr. Jeff Alverson, Director/Editor
Rev. Steve Nutt, Assistant Editor
Dr. James Kennard,
Military International Representative
My wife and I would regularly search the towns around
the camps looking for a church building. We were actually
dealing with a local realtor and had several prospective
facilities lined up. However, two had been rented to other
parties and the third landlord said, “I don’t want a church
in my building.” There were many other options ranging
in price from $2,500–$5,500. These rents were so far
out of our price range that we could only laugh and pray
that God would show us the place we needed to rent. A
couple weeks later, while walking around Kin Village, we
“happened” into the shop of one of the local merchants. I
asked if he knew the landlord and he stated, “Sure I do, it’s
me”! We began discussing the second floor of his building
and through the provision of God, it was secured as our
church building.

Fast forward to Friday, January 19, 2018, around 10 p.m.,
we were leaving the Customs Office after going through
the process of getting 90-day visas for another BIMI
missionary couple (John and Debbie Martin), who had
continued on left column inside…