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Baptist International Missions, Inc.

P.O. Box 9
Harrison, TN 37341
continued from Faith Baptist Church – Where Christ Is Preeminent
I do not know if I would have volunteered to be the recipient of that
process. However, as we have seen God working in and through the
members of FBC, we have found that He is faithful, He is able, and He
is more than worthy of being preeminent in His church.

We have endeavored to make Christ preeminent at Faith Baptist
Church in various ways. In the ministry and philosophy of FBC, we
have sought to rebuild relationships and invest much time in outreach
and ministry. In preaching, we have seen God stir up the church body
in areas that have left us in awe at the work of the Holy Spirit. We have
sought to ensure that all has been done with absolute transparency
in financial and administrative matters. God has blessed, and we are
seeing the providential provision of God on the work here in Iwakuni.

Make no mistake, there may not be much of a surplus in the accounts,
but the dividends of souls saved and relationships mended are worth
far more than any earthly currency could afford.

It is a joy to witness what God is doing at Faith Baptist Church in
Iwakuni, Japan. We rejoice to hear that those who are involved in the
ministry and services of FBC speak of the amazing things God is doing
on a regular basis. Time could not tell of the marriages salvaged and of
the families saved member by member and of the single and unaccom-
panied service personnel who previously wandered aimlessly through
adulthood but are now zealous for the Lord—only heaven could ever
truly tell. To be a part of the work of God is a blessing beyond com-
prehension! No matter how foreign the water or how troublesome the
horizon, we have but to look to Christ and all else seems to melt away
into the distance.

Non-Profit Organization
PAID Permit No. 88
Chattanooga, TN