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Yokota Baptist Church provided so many wonderful opportunities for our family.

As a young and very impressionable couple, we needed sound teaching and good
people with whom to surround ourselves to help us mature and grow. Pastor and
Mrs. Frankie and the church and its members provided that for us. There are
many moments that blessed us while we were there—one that “sticks out” is when
we left Yokota for our next assignment and most of the church came out to tell us
goodbye! We are so thankful for our time at Yokota Baptist Church from 1995–
1999. Since that time, we have never been able to re-create what we had there. It
was special—Pastor and Mrs. Frankie, the church, the friends, the preaching, the
fellowship, etc. We are just thankful that the good Lord led us there and allowed
a foundation to be laid for our family to grow and build on.

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Doors Only God Can Open
By Bryan Baggett
Working with the US Military is an honor of which we are very proud. We have traveled thousands of miles and invested
countless hours in order to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ among our servicemen and women. It does not matter where
we might encounter them—in the cities of our great nation or while they are stationed overseas in various allied nations—each
time our hearts swell with pride of country and appreciation for their commitment to serve it.

We have also been blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ among military personnel of other nations.

Some time ago, the Lord opened the door to give us access to a Peruvian Colonel in Lima, Peru. Through the connections of
our host in Peru, we were able to introduce ourselves to the Colonel and share with him our desire to express our gratitude for
his service to his country as well as to share with him a message about Jesus Christ. In the beginning, he was somewhat hesitant
to allow us an audience, as he was already comfortable with his own religion. We assured him that our purpose was not to offer
a different religion but rather a relationship with Jesus Christ. In that moment, he raised his phone to his ear and requested
that an announcement be made for all personnel (save one receptionist at the front desk) to convene in the conference room
immediately. We were taken back but excited to see the hand of the Lord in this. Within just a matter of minutes, our small
group from the United States stood before 75 or so officers and gave our personal stories of the difference Jesus Christ had made
in our lives.

Among our group traveling with us were American Military Veterans. As they recounted their stories of serving their country
and then expressed their appreciation for the service of the men and women serving in the Peruvian armed forces, one could
sense a change in the crowd—of camaraderie, of understanding, of brotherhood. As the testimonies shifted to speak of our
veterans’ decisions to trust Christ as their personal Savior and what that meant to them, one could have heard a pin drop. It was
then that I stood before them and preached clearly to them that they too could experience the salvation of their souls through

of the Gospel in their own
language. All have been
given Bibles. Many, many
hundreds have given their
lives to Christ.

Jesus Christ. Their attention was palatable; there was no doubt that
this was a Divine appointment. I offered them the opportunity to
trust Christ right then and there. How our hearts rejoiced when
almost 100% of the group stood to confirm their commitment
to Christ! Among that group that stood was the Colonel! Upon
conclusion of that part of the meeting, we spent several minutes
discussing and further teaching to them truths from the Word of
God concerning their new life in Christ. We gave each of them a
copy of the Bible as they left. Many requested additional copies to
take home to their families. It was an incredible time! However,
God was not done. As we were making preparations to leave, the
Colonel asked us if we could come back the next day to speak again,
this time to an entirely different group of officers. Even though it
meant another four hours of driving, we jumped at the open door.

For the next two days, we traveled to return per the request of this
Colonel. Each day we witnessed
much the same response among
these dear men and women in
uniform. We praised God for
being allowed to be used by Him
in such a fascinating way!
Fast-forward two years. This
Colonel has now been promoted
to the position of General and
has continued to allow and even
invite groups to present the
Gospel to his troops at various
times and locations. In the last
three years, there have been
literally thousands of military
men and women who have
received a clear presentation
During our most recent
return to Peru, the General
was not able to meet with us
personally but made some
phone calls that allowed us
to visit a Special Forces base.

Once again, we testified of
salvation in Christ. Once
again, our Veterans spoke
of their experiences and of
their faith in Jesus. Once
again, hundreds responded!
As we were headed to the
gate of the base, a soldier
ran beside our bus in an
attempt to board. Now, I
have to admit, my heart may
have skipped a beat or two,
as I was unsure of what his
intentions might be. However, as he stood before us with tears in
his eyes, he told us that he too was a follower of Christ and that
helped me to relax a bit. He then proceeded to thank us for coming
and for being an answer to his and other Christian servicemen’s
prayers for their brothers-in-arms. He told us that they had been
praying that God would do something among the troops on that
Special Forces base. How humbled we were to be used in such a
way, to be an active part of the answer to someone’s prayers; our
God is simply amazing!
People ask us if we enjoy what we do. How can we not? To be
allowed to play a small part in the grand work that He is doing in
the lives of people around the world? Yes, we enjoy serving such a
great God and Savior. Yes, we also enjoy serving those who serve
at home and abroad.