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David & Terrie Azzarello
Church Planters to Ventura, California
Southporte Baptist Church chartered and Pastor Clarence named
new pastor, moved to North Carolina to plant another church
John & Sandy Bailes
National Reseeding America Representative
Good doctor’s report for Sandy, safety on the road, meetings in the
West and Southwest and Northeast
Kevin & Pam Barthel
Native Americans, Globe, Arizona
Daughter’s health, 3 recently baptized, prayers for growth and
maturity of church people
Ed & Mary Beard
Church Planters in Annapolis, Maryland
Fifth anniversary of church, Mary’s dad with health problems, new
ministries and workers in church
Tom & Renee Border
Japanese Ministry in Ohio
Japanese ladies and children’s meetings continued all summer, one
Japanese lady recently saved, Japanese children’s Joy Club special fair
Scott & Tricia Crabtree
Church Planters to the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio
Bobby and Jeanie saved, 3 deaf and 1 hearing saved, 3 baptized,
church website started, church building and parking lot renovated
Alan & Sabrina Davis
Church Planters in the Bronx
Eight saved in park ministry, son going to college in Chicago, prayer
and fasting for new church building in New York City
Dana & Julie Dice
Church Planters in Queens, New York
Praying for new church building in Queens, New York, and for our
outreaches Treasa Fox
Native American Ministry, Arizona
Three teen boys taken to youth conference, growth of church from
15 to 35, Annie’s growth in the Lord
Jeff & Traci Garrison
Church Planters in Ohio
Health concerns, computer need, soccer camp, prayer for growth of
church group
Reseeding America – Spring 2020 17