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Perry & Barbara Gibson
Japanese Student Ministries in Seattle, Washington
Block party with help of local church, 40 Japanese students saved over
13 years
Richard & Leah Jacob
Church Planters in Nashville, Tennessee
Good start at new church, meeting in hotel in Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Bruce & Vicki Kelly
Deaf Church Planters in Canton, Georgia
Deaf fellowship in Chicago, July deaf camp in Florida with 5 teens saved,
booth at deaf school in Atlanta in November
Andrew & Carrie Kennard
Church Planters on Deputation in Wyoming
Seven saved in September, many helpers for church start, 23 local people
present at opening service, visitor playing piano, increase in support level
needed John & Emily Lafreniere
Church Planters in Fairfield, Connecticut
Discipleship program started, June baptism, 2 saved at funeral, funding needed
Ken & Nancy Lalman
Chinese Ministry in San Francisco, Preaching into China by internet,
Micah’s support level growing, Chinese church in Santa Clara doing well
James & Andrea Mansfield
Church Re-start in Commerce, Texas
Church doing well, need to build new auditorium
Ron & Shelby Manuel
Church Planters in Avondale, Arizona
Seventy-five-year-old man saved, death of Shelby’s father, 7th anniversary
of church with 64 present in service, health concerns
John & April McDaniel
Native American Ministry in New Mexico
Safety, construction materials and manpower to build home on church
property, souls to be saved and baptized, 3 recently saved
Linda McKeever
Women’s and Children’s Ministry in Southington, Connecticut
Teaching and discipling women and children in church, brother very ill
Jorge & Anne Noriega
Hispanic Church Planters in Las Vegas, Nevada
Three miraculous salvations, church doing well under the leadership of
the new pastor
18 Reseeding America – Spring 2020

Ed & Barbara O’Brien
Hispanic Church Planters in Hendersonville, North Carolina
Eliazar helping in the church, praying for church people to be faithful
and to grow in the Lord
Dale & Faye Painter
Soul Winning and Evangelism in Lincolnton, North Carolina
Good space at flea market, preaching in several churches, wife’s health
Chris & Dawn Phillips
Hispanic Church Planters in Charleston, South Carolina
New grand babies, salvations and revival in the church, transition with
Spanish pastor, guidance, looking for church location
Mark & Stephanie Sage
Full-time pastor in Ohio
Full-time pastor now, stepped away from Reseeding America, church now
supporting him, 200 saved since church began, youngest daughter married
David & Annette Townsley
Church Planters in Terryville, Connecticut
James in college, Annette’s health challenges, radio studio equipment
funds needed, good teen rally
Bob & Judy Van Sant
Church Planters in Pennsylvania
One year anniversary in May 2019 with 40 present, 14 visitors, senior
Bible study, looking for larger building
Wayne & Barbara Voss
ARM Native American Ministries in Montana
Taking Gospel bus on reservation and into several communities,
laborers needed, preached at camp, good health