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Ed & Barbara O’Brien
Hispanic Church Planters in Hendersonville, North Carolina
Eliazar helping in the church, praying for church people to be faithful
and to grow in the Lord
Dale & Faye Painter
Soul Winning and Evangelism in Lincolnton, North Carolina
Good space at flea market, preaching in several churches, wife’s health
Chris & Dawn Phillips
Hispanic Church Planters in Charleston, South Carolina
New grand babies, salvations and revival in the church, transition with
Spanish pastor, guidance, looking for church location
Mark & Stephanie Sage
Full-time pastor in Ohio
Full-time pastor now, stepped away from Reseeding America, church now
supporting him, 200 saved since church began, youngest daughter married
David & Annette Townsley
Church Planters in Terryville, Connecticut
James in college, Annette’s health challenges, radio studio equipment
funds needed, good teen rally
Bob & Judy Van Sant
Church Planters in Pennsylvania
One year anniversary in May 2019 with 40 present, 14 visitors, senior
Bible study, looking for larger building
Wayne & Barbara Voss
ARM Native American Ministries in Montana
Taking Gospel bus on reservation and into several communities,
laborers needed, preached at camp, good health