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Brethren, Pray for Us!
1 Thessalonians 5:25
by Bob Larson
USA Director — Baptist International Missions, Inc.

As I was editing and assembling this edition of the Reseeding America
magazine, I was reminded once again of how much our USA church
planters and missionaries need and covet your prayers for their churches
and ministries. God’s work has its many challenges and blessings. Our
USA church planters and those who are restarting churches and doing
missionary work in the United States are facing things today that many of
us older preachers never had to deal with.

America’s revisionist history movement pushes forward amidst biblical
ignorance, cultural confusion, political division, and social engineering.

Please pray that our men and families in America will stand firmly
on the Word of God and boldly proclaim His truth. Pray that our USA
missionaries, church planters, and those restarting churches will be used
of God to bring biblical change back to their communities and our nation.

We are entering a new decade of ministry and we are asking churches and
God’s people across this nation to partner with us in prayer, asking God
for laborers. We are asking God to raise up church planters and church
planting families to join the Reseeding America Ministry to plant and
restart churches right here in our homeland. Please pray that God will
send us church planting families who have a heart for God and who will be
willing to go where God leads them to plant a church, including our many
metropolitan cities in the United States. Brethren, pray for us!
Reseeding America is a ministry of Baptist
International Missions, Inc., assisting local
churches and their missionary church planters
in the starting of new churches and the restarting
of churches in decline across the United States. 2
Reseeding America – Spring 2020
USA Director
Rev. Bob Larson

Metro Church Planting
Nashville Baptist Church
Signs Charter
by Bob Larson
On Thursday evening, January 23, 2020,
at 7:00 PM, area pastors, guests, and
members of Nashville Baptist Church
gathered at 865 Conference Drive in
Goodlettsville, Tennessee, to witness the
chartering and organizing of Nashville
Baptist Church. Richard Jacob and his
family, who are part of the BIMI Reseeding America Ministry, started this church in
September 2019. They were sent out of Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee,
to plant the church.

It was an historic and encouraging evening for the church and those in attendance.

Motions were made to charter the church and to officially call Missionary Church
Planter Richard Jacob as the pastor of the new church. The congregational singing
was spirited and the Jacob family provided special music. Several pastors spoke
about the importance of the Church Covenant, the Articles of Faith, and the Church
Constitution. A charge to the new pastor was followed by a closing message and the
signing of the Church Charter by those who have felt led of the Lord to join the new
church. We are thankful for the Jacob family and their desire to go to a major metropolitan city.

Nashville, Tennessee, is experiencing tremendous growth and many need to be reached
with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for them as they now take the next steps
in establishing a New Testament Baptist Church on their metropolitan mission field.

Reseeding America – Spring 2020 3