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Grateful for the BIMI
Reseeding America
By Andrew Kennard
Ministry Joining BIMI Reseeding America in 2017 was a vital part to our church planting
ministry. My name is Andrew Kennard and God called our family to Meriden,
Kansas, in the summer of 2019 to start the Cottonwood Baptist Church. Reseeding
America played a big role through our deputation ministry and through the
planning and organizational phase of our new church plant. In
addition, they contributed financially through the Reseeding
America Seed Bank Fund Project to purchase John and Romans to
distribute for our Grand Opening Sunday.

Our Grand Opening service for the Cottonwood Baptist Church in Meriden,
Kansas, was September 22, 2019. Reseeding America assisted us in everything from
preparing a timeline for the planning of a church plant, organizing a direct mail
campaign, and printing distribution material. Brother and Mrs. Larson (Reseeding
America Director) arrived before our opening to assist us with painting, tearing
out an old wheelchair ramp, hauling trash, landscaping, distributing materials,
assisting in follow-ups, and so much more. They had the opportunity during one
of our outreach distributions to lead a precious soul to Christ. God also used
Brother Larson to invite a man to our church who has since become our church
greeter and usher.

As a result of the direct mail campaign that Reseeding America
helped organize, the Lord brought to us several visitors on our
Grand Opening Sunday and continued to bring visitors every
week for the following seven weeks. Many of those visitors
continue to attend our services on a regular basis. They are
growing in the Lord, bringing visitors, and volunteering to
help serve within the church.

We are sincerely grateful for the investment that was made by
BIMI and the Reseeding America Ministry in the planting of
our church. Only eternity will tell how big of an impact this
vital ministry made in Meriden, Kansas.

4 Reseeding America – Spring 2020