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An Unexpected Blessing
Mrs. Shelby Manuel
Life is full of challenges and trials; and although we know we can expect
them at some point, they seldom announce the date of their arrival!
We say they are “unexpected.” Yet, we must not forget that life is full of
unexpected blessings as well. Our church was recently given just such a
blessing—an unexpected one!
Several years ago, a lady from Phoenix went to see her family in North
Carolina, visited a church there, and met my husband’s mother in a
Sunday school class. When Ron’s mother mentioned that she had a son
in Avondale, Arizona, who had started a church, this lady wanted his
contact information.

After returning to Phoenix, the lady called my husband and
explained she owned 40 acres of land in Avondale and was
interested in giving our church some of it! We met with her
and she decided to give us ten acres. We were amazed at how
God seemed to be working and were very excited at the prospect of
being given the land! She and Ron tried to work things out; however,
after several months, they both realized it was not the Lord’s will for our
church to have the land. She decided to sell the entire 40 acres. So, we
continued waiting on God, meeting in the school gym, trying to reach
people, and saving money until November 2016 when the Lord opened
the door for us to rent and remodel three suites in a strip mall. The
remodeling was finished in 2017 and paid for through money the church
had saved, costing approximately $40,000.