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New Video from the
Reseeding America
Ministry The Reseeding America Ministry, a division of Baptist International Missions, Inc.

(BIMI), is all about bringing biblical change back to America. Across this country,
BIMI Reseeding America church planters are busy starting and restarting churches.

We are convinced they are making a difference and we want to share this vital
ministry with you and your congregation.

Schedule a showing of this new video. We are now scheduling Sundays and
Wednesdays for 2020 and 2021 to show this video and introduce your church to the
BIMI Reseeding America Ministry of church planting and church restoration.

On a typical Sunday, we can do the following:
• Show the video Righteousness Exalteth a Nation in the morning service.

• Teach the lesson from the book of Acts on “Church Planting” in the adult
Sunday school.

• Show the video Seeing the Multitudes (The need for church planting in our
metropolitan cities in America) in the evening service.

• Share the message “Motivation to Reach Our Nation” in the evening service.

Contact Bob Larson, USA Director, Baptist International Missions, Inc.

at 423-605-6098 for open dates and more information.

Reseeding America – Spring 2020 7