Dear BIMI Supporters,

I have been amazed by everything that has transpired the last few weeks. I have also been comforted by knowing God has everything under control. The COVID–19 pandemic emphasizes the one world part of God’s eschatological plan. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20)!

The World Missions Center of Baptist International Missions (BIMI) has continued to operate without skipping a beat. We have made a few adjustments on the way we gather and we have increased how much we use hand sanitizer, but it has been “business as usual.” The big question is how the Coronavirus will affect missions giving. The answer to that question remains to be seen. Nonetheless, we have always been a faith mission and we will continue to be a faith mission. Baptist International Missions has been Counting on Christ for the last 60 years and we will continue Counting on Christ until He comes again.

A pastor called me a few days ago and shared an idea that I would like to share with you. He mentioned that his church plans to send love offerings to those deputation missionaries who were scheduled to be with them but had to cancel because of the Coronavirus. Deputation missionaries in particular depend on love offerings as part of their monthly support. Thus, I thought you might consider helping them in this way.

Thank you for all that you are doing for missions and missionaries. Please pray one for another that we would be faithful in our prayer and financial support of missionaries around the world. It is extremely important that each of us be faithful to continue our missions giving even during difficult times. God’s grace in giving is seen in the example of the churches of Macedonia as they gave despite the great trial of affliction and deep poverty they were experiencing (2 Corinthians 8:1–4). It is important to remember that many foreign governments do not allow missionaries to work a job, even if it is for the purpose of replacing support that a church has discontinued.

I would ask that you also pray fervently for our missionaries and their ministries. Many missionaries are experiencing the effects of the Coronavirus as much if not more than those of us here in the United States. I recently spoke with a missionary who asked us to pray that God would give him wisdom in decisions he had to make concerning the effect Coronavirus was having on his church. Many churches have gone to an online format for their worship services. Due to a lack of technology on some remote fields, this is not an option for a good number of missionaries.

Again, thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support of our missionaries. There will be eternal fruit from the eternal investment you make in the eternal souls of mankind. It is through your faithfulness that many people will meet the Great Physician and experience saving health from the spiritual virus called “Sin.” May the LORD richly bless you!

In Christ,
David H. Snyder
John 15:16

President/General Director

David & Barb Snyder
Read more about the Snyders. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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