How Far Will God Go To Reach One Soul
Article and testimony reprinted with permission from the Fellowship Tract League.

How much does God love each human being? How far will He go to reach out to one lost and dying soul? The Fellowship Tract League recently heard a vivid example of God’s love for an individual. On July 22, 2003, FTL shipped a container of 10.7 million tracts to Ghana, West Africa. Brother Mark Sigstad, a BIMI missionary to Ghana, related the story of the first person who was saved as a result of that container.

This particular container was unique for FTL. It was designed to go to African pastors, so instead of each box of tracts containing only one title, ten different titles were mixed together. One of the tracts was #116, I Must Tell You This. Usually, this tract only has text on the cover; however, in order to make this tract more attractive to the African culture, artwork of a young African boy was placed on the cover.

The container arrived in Africa earlier than expected and was unloaded at the shipping dock. However, the parking lot where the container had been stored was torn up for repairs, and Port Authorities were saying that it would be six weeks before the lot was repaired. To complicate matters, three containers had been stacked on the FTL container. The dock’s crane operator refused to clear the container because he feared tipping his crane over on the unstable lot. Once Brother Sigstad met with the Port Supervisor, the crane operator was ordered to clear the container. However, by the time it was finally unburied and loaded on a truck, the day was almost over and many of the port employees had gone home. In fact, this container was the final one to be inspected that day. The port closed at 5:00 p.m., and nothing was allowed to go out of the port after that time. At 4:30 p.m., the truck pulled into a giant x-ray machine to have the container scanned. However, as the truck pulled into the machine, the electrical power for the entire city went out, shutting down the machine. This presented a huge problem because it was Friday and the port was closed for the weekend. If the container was not inspected that day, it would be at least the following Monday before the container would be released. The customs officer in charge of the x-ray dock informed Brother Sigstad that the container could still be released, but they would have to visually inspect it by opening some of the boxes. Brother Sigstad told him that there was nothing they were ashamed of and they had nothing to hide, so he could look in every box if that was what he desired to do.

Every container that leaves FTL is packed as full as possible, with the final box hammered into place. On this container, FTL tried something new in order to help those unloading the container. A strap was placed around the final box to make unloading it a little easier. The customs officer told one of his employees to go ahead and pull out a box, and he grabbed the box that had the strap around it. Once it was unloaded, the customs officer took out his pocketknife and opened the box, which happened to have tract #116 on top. This tract grabbed his attention, and he reached inside the box, pulled out three tracts, and quickly put them in his pocket. He turned to Brother Sigstad and said that everything was fine and they could leave. When he walked away, Brother Sigstad followed him, and thinking that the customs officer might desire more tracts for his church, he offered to let him have more. The officer stopped, turned to him and said, “I’m a Muslim.” Fearing that he might have embarrassed him, Brother Sigstad apologized. They shook hands and left.

The following Monday morning, Brother Mark thought that he should go back out to the Port and apologize again to the Muslim customs officer. The officer happened to be there that day, and Brother Mark offered to take him out for a soda. They went to a local cafeteria, where Brother Mark once again apologized to him. The customs officer put his head down and said, “You didn’t embarrass me at all.” Brother Mark asked him, “Why did you take those tracts?” The officer looked at him with tears in his eyes and said, “I have a seven-year-old boy at home. I saw that tract, and I wanted to know what a little black boy would have to tell me.” He then reached into his pocket, pulled out a tract, and handed it to Brother Sigstad.

He had signed the back of the tract, indicating that he had accepted Christ as His Saviour! Just imagine, the first person saved as a result of this container was a Muslim!

What a wonderful story. It is amazing to think of all the “little” things that had to happen for this man to get saved. What caused us to place the artwork of the little African boy on this particular tract? What gave FTL the idea to place a strap around the box? Why did someone place the strap around this particular box ... the box that just “happened” to have tract #116 on the top?

The torn-up parking lot, the buried container, and the uncooperative crane operator all combined to delay the container until it was the final one to be inspected. These delays were all scheduled events on God’s perfect timetable. Most of the port employees had already left, so this Muslim man had to be the one to personally inspect the container. Then to think that God shut off the power to a whole city just so the container would have to be inspected by hand! All of these things were just tiny details in God’s plan to reach this one Muslim man. Multiply this testimony eight hundred million times, and you could get a glimpse of the love God has for every precious African soul.

The African continent is wide open to the Gospel. Hearts are receptive to God’s Word. The Fellowship Tract League has received countless letters from all over Africa. Many of these letters contain testimonies from Africans who have trusted Christ as their Saviour. Other letters beg for tracts to be sent to them so they can share the Gospel with those they love.

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1 John 2:28 And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

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