by Doug Cunningham

There is no doubt that many things have greatly changed in the last 50 years. While many things at BIMI have changed, one thing has always remained the same; the Finance Department's commitment to serve the missionaries. Computers and technology have altered the methods we use, but the fervor of our service is unchanged. Our commitment at the home office is to make the job of the missionaries as easy as possible by handling as much of their financial needs as possible.

The Accounts Receivable Department processes several hundred checks a day. Two full and one part time staff post more than 3 million dollars to our missionary accounts each month. We receipt donations from an average of 8,000 donors per month. During the course of the year, we receive donations from some 13,000 different donors. Each donor is given a receipt showing the amount of the gift as well as where the money was distributed.

BIMI's Accounts Payable Department does much more than pay bills for the Mission. We also pay many invoices for the missionaries so they don't have to worry about bills getting lost in the mail or arriving late to their destinations. This takes a great burden off them so they can focus more on missions and less on finances.

Missionary banking is also administered by our Accounts Payable Department. Many missionary checking accounts are set up locally to allow us to manage any problems that may arise. We also are able to transfer funds by wire to many missionaries. This makes it much simpler for them to get their money overseas. If a missionary chooses not to have a bank account locally, we can send money by direct deposit to the U.S. bank of their choice. The accounts payable staff consists of two full time individuals.

Other financial services offered include preparing the missionary income tax returns, assisting in acquiring mortgages and helping answer questions about FAFSA forms that are required to get college funding assistance for MKs. A host of other financial services are available as needed.

The home office even offers missionary support services. This can include anything from helping to purchase or locate goods for the missionary to keeping information that the missionary needs to get the best deal on airfare, container shipping or just about anything else. The missionary may not always know where to look for things so we are here to assist in every way possible.

One area that has greatly enabled us to do a lot with little is the Computer Department. While many organizations our size would have three or four computer professionals, we only have one individual in this department. Our custom programs are efficient and meet our needs on a daily basis. We often take computers for granted but if something goes wrong, we immediately realize how much they allow us to do.

National studies show it is reasonable for nonprofit organizations like BIMI to use 15% of the money contributed for administration. BIMI uses less than 4% to pay office salaries, utilities and other operating expenses. Some home office staff raise part of their support to help out with expenses.

As you can see, the volume of work changes over time and the technology used changes over time, but the commitment of the staff to serve the missionaries and the Lord does not change. It is still our desire to see the Gospel carried out to the uttermost parts of the world.

Left to Right: Doug Cunningham (Business Manager); Laverne Nolen (Accounts Payable); John Ramsey (Comptroller); Jackie Fuller (Accounts Receivable); Jan Prairie (Accounts Payable); Alan Robinson (Missionary Services); Ann Trail (Accounts Receivable)

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