Missionary Name: Spouse: Furlough Address: Suite/Apartment: City: State/Province: Zip/Postal: Home Phone: Cell Phone: Email Address: Child's Name(s) of those attending Age Age Age Age Age Age
BIMI Account #: Director's Name: Field of Ministry: Year Accepted with BIMI: Please list musical abilities of you and your family (instrument, voice, etc.) Please reserve a room: I will provide my own lodging: Comments/Special Needs:
Eligibility Requirements:
  • $50 registration fee per family (will be charged to your account).
  • Furloughing missionaries only attend once every three years.
  • Retirees may attend every year, but we cannot provide lodging unless space is available.
  • Door prizes can only be won by furloughing missionaries.
  • Extras (such as gifts, recreational activities and shopping) will depend upon the money available; otherwise, we will play and shop at our own expense.