List of Brazil Missionaries

All you have to do is take a simple glance at a map of South America, and you are immediately impressed with the size of Brazil, which occupies almost half of the land mass of the South American continent. Brazil is a large country. In fact, Brazilians themselves refer to it as "the sleeping giant." The two largest cities of Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, also find their place in the ten largest cities of the world. It comes as no surprise that BIMI has more missionaries in Brazil than any other South American country. And yet the immensity of the country creates a demand for additional missionary personnel.

The missionary presence of BIMI in Brazil goes back to the mid-sixties. BIMI missionaries started to come to Brazil in 1962 to serve their Lord in this part of the harvest field. Our missionaries have established 43 churches, 5 Bible institutes, a national mission, 3 Christian camp ministries and a national mission to the Jewish people. Our missionaries rejoice in this fruit for His glory! The Brazilian people are a very warm hearted people and very open to the Gospel. Listen to the prayer of national Christians and missionaries alike: "Lord, please raise up more Christians to come and help us!" Would you, dear reader, be willing to offer yourself to the Lord to go to Brazil?

Missionaries in Brazil

Sean & Stephanie Lunday

   Jim & Nancy Rose

   Larry & Lydabelle Barrett
   Timothy Lee & Lidia Barrett
   Daniel Lee & Rebecca Bennett
   Peter & Zirlene Doolittle
   Nathaniel Hudson
   Steven Huestis
   Dan & Gerri Johnson
   Carl A & Cynthia Johnson
   Bryan & Rebekah Johnson
   Edward M & Maribel Johnson
   Leland & Naomi Johnson
   Seth A & Susana Lunday
   Milton J & Sharon Nunes
   Chico & Shari Pinto
   John & Joyce Raehl
   Coy Wilson & Nancy Shaw
   Bethany Lynn Thompson
   Garry & Pam Tyler
   Charles & Peggy Vaughn

Special Project

The Forgotten People of the Amazon Project
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Brazil Director

Sean & Stephanie Lunday
Read more about Sean & Stephanie Lunday. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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Brazil International Representative

Jimmy & Nancy Rose

Read more about Jimmy & Nancy Rose. He can be contacted through the BIMI office: (423) 344-5050.

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