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CONNECT Bolivia | Amazon for Christ - Full -

Dates: June 10–20, 2024 (10 days)
Location: Trinidad, Beni Province, BOLIVIA
Cost: $2050
Maximum team size: 25 - Full -
Team Leader: Sean Lunday (BIMI South America Director)
Special Requirements: Ages 16–65 in good physical health/medical training welcome but not required
CONNECT Bolivia in conjunction with Amazon for Christ continues the mission of the Great Physician. The team will travel by plane, bus, and boat with a group of medical personnel and evangelists reaching remote areas of the Amazon Basin with the Gospel message. In the jungle, medical care is often a key that opens doors to church planting. The CONNECT Team will have opportunities to work with national pastors in their new church plants and will also be helping BIMI missionary Ernesto Salvatierra to establish his first work in a town where there are no Baptist churches.

Bolivia is one of nine South American countries that shares the Amazon Basin. The Amazon region holds the largest concentration of unreached people anywhere on earth. The small towns and fishing villages of the indigenous tribes in Beni Province, Bolivia, are considered the least evangelized in the country. Efforts during the trip will be focused mainly on the city of Trinidad and the village of Magdalena where Spanish is predominately spoken.

CONNECT Bolivia will be hosted by the BIMI missionary families of Jake Wiebe, Luke Marie, and Ernesto Salvatierra. The team will also be joining in the work with several national pastors.

Each trip participant will have their flight booked from the airport nearest their home to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Additional money may be brought along for activities, gifts, or souvenirs.
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- All CONNECT Team members must abide by the stated Policies, Standards, and Code of Conduct.

- CONNECT Team members must purchase trip insurance that includes medical coverage. In most cases (but not all), this is included in the trip cost. (Please see the Important Policy Disclosures)

- The CONNECT Trip fee received as a deposit at the time of application is non-refundable unless BIMI cancels the trip.

- Additional funds donated toward a CONNECT Trip on a team member’s behalf are non-refundable within 60 days of departure.

- Each CONNECT Trip has a required minimum number of people needed. If the trip does not reach the set minimum, it may be cancelled and all donations including the CONNECT Trip fee will be refunded to the original donor(s).

South America Director

Sean & Stephanie Lunday
Read more about Sean & Stephanie Lunday. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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Pre-field Ministry Director

Jason & Mary Ritchie
Pre-field Ministry Director (Candidate School, Camp BIMI, Connect)
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