Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Ron & Donna Bragg

Africa International Representative Emeritus

• Ron and Donna Bragg became BIMI missionaries in 1973 and served faithfully for 46 years.

• After language school in France, Ron and Donna started a work along the Sahara Desert in the Moslem country of Senegal.

• God blessed and after 16 years, their small congregation voted to buy land and begin to build their own church building in 1991 with their tithes and offerings. The African Baptist Church of Saint Louis, Senegal, continues to be a Gospel witness in a very difficult place.

• In 1991, Ron Bragg was appointed as the second Africa Director for BIMI, serving in this capacity until June 2012. He was given the responsibility for 43 missionary families across the continent of Africa.

• Dr. Bragg traveled extensively across the continent of Africa, opening new fields for BIMI and helping national pastors and missionaries.

• The next five years Dr. Bragg served BIMI as the Africa International Representative, continuing his ministry of helping the BIMI missionaries and recruiting new missionaries for Africa.

• Their daughter Hannah and her husband, Luke Townsley, served in the Dominican Republic as missionaries with BIMI. The Braggs’ son, Hiram, and his wife, April, also served as missionaries in Senegal, Africa, under BIMI. Their son, Luke, is minister of music at Faith Baptist Church, Belleville, Illinois, and Kelly and Kory faithfully serve in their local churches.

• On December 31, 2017, Dr. Bragg transitioned into the position of Africa International Representative Emeritus.

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Africa International Representative Emeritus

Ron & Donna Bragg
Read more about the Braggs. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.