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ARM Missionaries — Bob and Patsy Green

I was saved at the age of twelve and surrendered to preach a few years later in 1959. When my wife, Patsy, was saved on September 28, 1962, I also received the assurance of my salvation on the same day. On December 26, 1965, I was ordained to preach the Gospel by Fairlawn Baptist Church in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Bob — B.A. (Major in Bible) (1967) from Tennessee Temple College
M.A. (Major in Missions) D. Min. (2004) from another college
D. Min. (2010) from Baptist College of America

Specialized Training
Bob & Patsy–Spanish Language Institute, 1968-69 (fluent in Spanish)
Bob–Aircraft Mechanic’s (AP) License, Private Pilot’s License

1964–1966 Served as Part-time Pastor of Chapel
While in Bible college, I carried a full load of studies, worked full-time, and served as part-time pastor of Wayside Baptist Chapel, a chapel ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church.

1967–1979 Involved in Church Planting and Bible Institute Ministry
We were approved with Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), in January 1967 as missionaries to Central America. At BIMI’s request we served in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador during our first three years in Central America. We were involved with other BIMI missionaries in the starting and establishing of a number of churches and taught in two national Bible institutes. The nine years we served in El Salvador before the civil war were some of the most fruitful, and today there are dozens of churches that have grown out of the Iglesia Bautista Miramonte in San Salvador and el Tabernáculo Bautista de San Miguel. The seeds sown and the faithfulness of the national pastors have been used greatly of the Lord. In 1972 the Lord gave us an airplane for the ministry.

1980–1983 Served as Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Ft Pierce, Florida

As a result of the war in El Salvador, we were encouraged by the nationals to leave and return to the United States. Upon arrival in the States, we were asked to help the congregation of the Bible Baptist Church (BBC) temporarily. The church was in danger of closing its doors and only had five or six people who were faithful to all of the services. We took it as a mission project, and by God’s grace we were able to re-establish it, leaving it on good financial footing with an average of 140 in Sunday school. Realizing we would stay for an extended period of time at BBC, we resigned from BIMI in 1981 in order to avoid confusion about support. (The USA Reseeding America ministry was not yet in place.)

Because of our strategic location on the east coast of Florida, I used my aviation skills and airplane to assist our BIMI missionaries serving in the Bahama Islands. We had a 1965 Piper Cherokee 180 at the time.

1989 to Present Reinstated as Missionaries with BIMI

Sensing that God wanted us directly involved in church planting missions again, we applied to be reinstated with BIMI. We served for a brief time in Guadalajara, Mexico, and at the Texas/Mexico border before accepting the responsibility as Assistant USA Director over Hispanic Ministries in the USA. In the 13 years that we served in that capacity, we saw the Lord Jesus Christ raise up a number of Hispanic Ministries in English-speaking churches, including the Spanish ministry at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, North Carolina, and also a number of autonomous Hispanic churches. We started and established the Iglesia Bautista Getsemaní in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and we were able to turn it over to a national pastor in March 2002. They support a number of BIMI missionaries. Recently, it was my privilege to serve as temporary interim pastor for a Spanish church (Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Berea) in Greenville, South Carolina. I continue to assist Hispanic ministries.

The Lord gave to me the privilege of serving as the Candidate and Deputation Director for 13 years. I am presently the Hispanic Ministries Representative and Aviation Director for BIMI. We are serving in and out of the International Office of BIMI in Harrison, Tennessee.

The Lord has allowed me to write several books in English: The Basics of Church Planting and Indigenous Churches, the Biblical Goal of Missions. The two books are being used by our church planting missionaries. These books are now in Spanish. Also, the Lord allowed me to write the book A Missionary God Gave Wings, which tells of our aviation experiences as missionaries. Because there is a great need for fundamental literature in Spanish, I am motivated to write more.

Our prayers and plans are to continue to be active in BIMI Hispanic church planting ministries in the States and elsewhere as well as coordinate and promote aviation ministries where needed.

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Dr. Bob & Patsy Green
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