Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Mark & Donna Logan

Representative at Large

After receiving Bachelor and Masters degrees in Mathematics, I began to teach in a Christian school and at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte for 3 years each. God had other plans for me and Dr. Jack Hudson, pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte asked me to become the youth pastor which I did for 10 more years. I surrendered to Missions and Church planting at a conference where Dr. Ray Thompson (BIMI director—West Indies, Assistant to General Director) was the speaker and he has been a great influence on my life.

We joined BIMI and God used me to start the Northside Baptist Church in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with about 10 families in January 1990. It grew with regular Sunday attendances near 300 people for over 13 years. We helped to start 2 other area churches, one of which is thriving in Guelph under the founder and pastor, Wayne Boadway.

In 2003, God moved us (my wife Donna and four children) back to North Carolina where I began a ministry in mostly Communist, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries where we had no BIMI missionaries. Since then I have made trips of 2 to 4 weeks about 5 times a year, teaching national pastors and working through them to reach Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and other religious people. I have had the joy of personally winning many of these religious people to Christ and seeing them baptized. Just a few months ago, I was in Pakistan where we have just established 8 new Baptist churches and beginning a 9th.

In the last 6 years many Bible studies have been started in the United Arab Emirates with a Pakistani National who is a business man. I have preached there over a dozen times in several labor camps, some in the desert outside Abu Dhabi near the Saudi border, and Dubai. These men are poor and transient and after preaching, there are a few souls saved in every meeting. They are taught each week with solid Baptist material. I have had the joy of baptizing converts in the Persian Gulf. Many will go home a new creature in Christ to their Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic and Sikh families.

Every year I have gone to Africa, the Middle East and Asia in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Cambodia, Congo, Zambia, Laos, Georgia, Mozambique and Uganda as well as many trips to each of these countries where I have ongoing ministry: Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Malawi, United Arab Emirates, Cuba and Haiti. In these countries I spend many hours teaching national pastors, teaching in small Bible Colleges and preaching open air in villages, often guarded by soldiers. I can definitely say that doors have been opened for me in many countries because of nationals that would never be open to a missionary seeking to enter and live in the country. My ministry includes translating and publishing and distributing the New Testament into tribal languages, teaching in and supplying Bible Colleges, sending funds to build churches, providing eyeglasses, clothes, food and needed funds for ministry in many of these countries.

For the last 13 years, I have gone into Malawi, Africa where remnants of two BIMI missionary works are flourishing. I spend almost a month teaching all over the southern part of the country to hundreds of pastors, deacons and their wives.

In between these overseas trips, I have the privilege of preaching Missions Conferences and Prophecy Conferences in Canada, the USA and throughout the West Indies. I am available for Missions Conferences next spring and fall. You can reach me at 828-284-2795 or at E-Mail (View Email Address)

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