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Sean & Stephanie Lunday

SALVATION: Sean was raised as practicing Roman Catholic, having been an altar boy in his early years. At nineteen years of age, while in his second year at Central State University in Oklahoma, someone had placed a Gospel tract, "God's Simple Plan of Salvation”, on his car windshield. Having never been exposed to the gospel in that way before, he took time to read the tract several times, until one night he knelt to receive Christ as his Savior in his home. Later he visited the church on the tract, where he was baptized, discipled and later trained for the ministry.

Sean originally studied electronics and later electrical engineering at Central State University. It was during this time that he came to know Christ and later transferred to Oklahoma Baptist College, graduating with two Bachelors degrees, in Pastoral Theology and Religious Ed. It was while studying at OBC that he met his wife, Stephanie, and God called both of them into missions, more specifically Brazil. Upon graduation they were married in 1991. God blessed the Lundays with three boys, who are serving the Lord in ministry. Seth and Susana are BIMI missionaries in Brazil. Samuel is a Christian school teacher and administrative assistant for Fundamento Cristão in Brazil. Stuart is an autistic adult serving in his local church.

The Lundays were accepted with BIMI in 1991, moving to Brazil in 1993 to serve their first term as missionaries. After language school in São Paulo, they moved to the interior to work with veteran missionary, Jim Rose, and the Independent Baptist Church. During the next ten years they were involved in church planting in that region, as well as, in teaching at Ebenezer Bible Institute, Christian camps, and a daily radio broadcast called “Dourada Aurora”. In 1997 they established the Second Independent Baptist Church, turning it over to a national pastor in 2002. This work continues under national leadership, as well as, supporting 27 national church planting missionaries. Upon the diagnosis of their youngest son with autism, the Lord led the Lunday's to move in 2003 to the capital city of São Paulo, where there began a new ministry. In 2004 they established the New Life Baptist Church in Ingá, an inner city neighborhood of São Paulo, employing various methods in reaching the community; utilizing sports, public schools, bus routes, day care and Bible Institute. The church called a full-time pastor in 2017 and currently supports 18 national church planters. In 2017 they planted New Life Baptist Church in Guacuri. The church continues to grow and has property to soon build a permanent structure.

In 2007 the Amazon For Christ ministry was establish to help our national church planters establish churches in the Amazon basin. This ministry uses primarily medical missions as a means to open doors in areas otherwise inaccessible to the gospel. Through this ministry, as of 2019, there have been eight churches planted in the Amazon bordering Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

In 2014 the Lunday's took on the role as acting BIMI Brazil Director, where they are responsible for serving some 45 BIMI missionaries to Brazil.

The Lunday's continue the Church Planting Ministry in Brazil, where they are actively involved in two church plants in the city of São Paulo and training national pastors.

The Lunday's continue as acting Director of Amazon for Christ, taking groups of medical, evangelistic, and construction teams to the Amazon basin several times a year.

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Sean & Stephanie Lunday
Read more about Sean & Stephanie Lunday. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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