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James Raywas born on a farm near Fort Valley, Georgia. He was converted in a local Baptist church and entered the Gospel ministry at the age of 18. Dr. Ray is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University, Luther Rice Seminary, and Trinity Theological Seminary. Before becoming a missionary with Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), he pastored churches in Tennessee, Illinois, and Alabama. For a number of years the Rays served in the countries of Australia and England and established new Baptist churches in both places.

Mary Ray (formerly Mary Briggs) was born in Barnwell, South Carolina. She was converted through the ministry of Belclair Heights Baptist Church in Clearwater, South Carolina. She is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University and Luther Rice Seminary and holds a Master of Religious Education and a Doctor of Ministry from Temple Baptist Seminary. She has served with her husband in the pastorate, on the mission field, and now is active in the worldwide ministry of Baptist International Missions. The Rays have two children and four grandchildren.

In 1979 Dr. Ray was appointed by the Executive Board of Baptist International Missions as Europe Director and served in that capacity until May 2002. Since the fall of Communism, Dr. and Mrs. Ray have traveled thousands of miles raising funds and organizing teams to distribute Bibles in all parts of Europe. They, along with BIMI teams, have distributed over a million Bibles in Russia and Eastern Europe and other locations. Dr. Ray has organized citywide meetings in Eastern Europe that have resulted in thousands coming to Christ.

The Board of Trustees of Baptist International Missions voted in December 2001 to ask Dr. Ray to serve as President and General Director. He faithfully led BIMI for many years. Dr. David Snyder assumed the position of President of BIMI on June 8, 2010. At that time Dr. James Ray transitioned into the ministry of International Representative of The 100 Nations Ministry and the International Bible Ministry.

The Rays continue to promote worldwide missions. While president of BIMI, Dr. Ray organized the International Bible Ministry and The 100 Nations Ministry of BIMI. The 100 Nations Ministry has the goal of promoting countries and regions of the world where the light of the Gospel is desperately needed. Dr. Mary Ray remains active in ministering to ladies’ groups as well as traveling with her husband promoting worldwide missions in mission meetings and conferences.

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International Representative for the 100+ Nations Ministry & International Bible Ministry

Dr. James & Mary Ray
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