Baptist International Missions, Inc.
The Lord has given a clear call to take your place in the continuing missionary endeavor—to enlist—to participate with God as He accomplishes His redemptive task among the nations. Consider those whom He has called.

William Carey — a shoemaker destined for obscurity, now appropriately designated the Father of Modern Missions
Adoniram Judson — a preacher's son from Massachusetts who became America's first foreign missionary
Amy Carmichael — the daughter of a prosperous flour mill owner who became a Christian witness and mother in the land of India
Jim Cooper — a student who willingly accepted God's invitation to serve as a pioneer missionary in the Bahamas
Joe and Tanna Collins — a young married couple with children who loved a people unloved and sought a people unsought in the land of Nepal so that Tibetans may come to know Jesus Christ

Each of these served their own generation. As God changed their lives, He changed our world. And still He invites, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" WILL YOU?

General Qualifications

The general qualifications for missionary candidates to be accepted for appointment under Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI) are as follows:

• Salvation through the person and work of Jesus Christ
• A testimony of a separated, consistent Christian life
• A definite missionary call from God
• Membership in an independent Baptist church
• Adequate training in an approved institution

It is imperative that candidates subscribe to the published Doctrines & Standards Statement in its entirety. To review this, see our Statement of Doctrine. Missionary candidates must have complete confidence in God for their financial, material, and spiritual needs. Candidates should give attention to their testimony in all areas and possess a disposition of humility and service.

Education Requirements

Education requirements are graduation from high school and an approved Bible school or college or seminary. Occasionally, upon recommendation of the Candidate Committee and approval of the Board of Trustees, higher education requirements will be waived in lieu of specialized training or life experience. BIMI does offer an online educational program to help candidates meet the educational requirements.

Procedure for Application

STEP 1 — The Pre-application
Follow instructions on Online Application link. Upon receipt of this completed inquiry, we will contact you. The information you provide will allow us to determine the next step to be taken.

STEP 2 — Read and sign BIMI Doctrinal and Standards booklet (online).

STEP 3 — The Application Packet
Qualified inquirers will be given approval to proceed to the formal application. This process with include both online and printed forms. In the case of married couples, both husband and wife must fill out all forms.

STEP 4 — The Invitation
When the file is complete, the applicant will be notified of a date to come to the BIMI World Missions Center in Harrison, Tennessee, for a personal interview with the Candidate Committee and Board of Trustees. Approved candidates will be invited to attend the annual Candidate School held in June at the World Missions Center. The Board of Trustees has the final approval of candidates. The Board meets in December and June of each year. All candidates are subject to a doctrinal examination. Final acceptance of a prospective candidate is contingent upon but not limited to BIMI receiving all application forms, a signed Doctrinal and Standards Statement, and completion of the two phases of Candidate School.


If you have questions about our application process and requirements, contact our Candidate and Deputation Director Dan DeLong.

Rev. Dan DeLong
Candidate and Deputation Director

Candidate & Deputation Director

Rev. Dan & Sandra DeLong

Read more about the DeLongs. He may be contacted through the BIMI office at (423) 344-5050.

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