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Reaching Muslims

There are more people living today than have ever lived in the entire history of humanity. This phenomenal population explosion presents many challenges to churches and ministries that seek to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person on the planet. There are now 7 BILLION people inhabiting the earth. That means that there are at least 7 BILLION reasons why you should pray about obeying God in missions.

Ninety percent of these unreached people groups live in what is called the "10/40 Window." This is the vast area extending from 10 degrees to 40 degrees above the equator. There are approximately 2,000 unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window, and a number of these are the people of the Middle East.

Won't you join with BIMI to pray that missionaries will enter the Middle East as witnesses for God's glory? Maybe you'll be one of those witnesses.

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It is quite probable that Muslims live in your neighborhood. All together, the Pew Forum estimates that there are between 2–3 million Muslims in the United States. This is less than one percent of the American population. However, this number has great practical meaning. In rural American states and smaller cities and towns the number of Muslims is virtually nonexistent. The percentage of Muslims in major metropolitan areas is higher, which accounts for the visibility of Muslims.

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For Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim

Use the Word of God

Muslims respect the sacred books: the Law of Moses, the Psalms, the Gospel. Their sacred book is the Qur'an. Let the Word of God speak for itself. The Gospels are the best portions to start with, particularly Matthew and Luke.

Be Constantly in Prayer
It is the Holy Spirit who brings men to Christ. Seek His guidance and power as you present the Word.

Be a Genuine Friend
Saying "hello" isn't enough. If you really care, show it by inviting them to your home, sharing your time, and helping with their problems.

Ask Thought Provoking Questions
"Do you expect to go to heaven? Do you have the assurance that God will accept you? What does the Qur'an teach about forgiveness? May I show you what the Bible teaches?" Questions like these show that you have an interest in the important things of life.

Listen Attentively
When you ask a question, courtesy requires that you listen to the answer no matter how long it takes. You'll be surprised at how much you'll learn.

Present Your Beliefs Openly
State what you believe, clearly and without apology, showing Scripture passages that support those teachings. Thus, you place the responsibility for doctrine where it belongs—on the Word of God.

Reason, Don't Argue
Argument may win a point but lose a hearing. There are some points on which you can argue forever without achieving a thing, except closing a mind against you.

Never Denigrate Muhammed or the Qur'an
This is as offensive to them as speaking disrespectfully about Christ or the Bible is to us.

Respect Their Customs and Sensitivities
Don't offend by putting your Bible (Holy Book) on the floor or appearing too free with the opposite sex or refusing hospitality or making jokes about sacred things such as fasting, prayer, or God.

Muslims have a lot of rethinking to do when they are confronted with the Gospel. But rest assured that the Word will do its work in God's good time.

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