Prayer Requests

August 2017

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, Layne and Nelia Jones —They share the following report and prayer requests: "Our 2017 youth camp had almost 250 campers, and 147 surrendered for full-time service. God is so good!

There have been 25 new students move into the dorms thus far. The next semester of Bible college classes and academy has begun. Pray for us as we are providing them a free meal at noontime and work scholarships. There are 70 Bible students now. Our goal is to have 100 Bible students. Pray for our six orphans.

Please pray for the upcoming meetings. Summer Revival and Alumni Fellowship July 18–20 with Larry Gerbitz and August 8–10 with Dr. Dave Carter. Pray also for a new girls’ dorm, the painting of all our buildings, 104.5 FM, and a strong fence around our property."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia —They share the following praise and prayer report: "We praise the Lord for the pastors and churches in Georgia who made it possible for us to purchase a cargo van and convert it into a mobile medical office for medical missions. It has 15 seats for the medical team travel.

The Lord blessed the maiden voyage of our new van with 19 professions of faith and several other spiritual decisions. To God be the glory! One man who trusted Christ was the lay leader (Layco) at the local Roman Catholic chapel.

Prayer Requests: Hearts open to the Gospel, spiritual growth, safety and health, approval of Mollie’s medical permit, and end of terrorist attacks and martial law"

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, TUCUMAN, Larry and Ruth Owens —They share the following: "Please pray for a young man (30 years old) who was studying in our Bible college. His parents drugged him and had him taken to a psychiatric ward as crazy. We are not allowed to communicate with him. Another prayer request is for a lady who had been in the church for years and has cancer all through her body and is in bad shape.

Last week I was out going door-to-door and won a man who came to church Sunday. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

We are planning a renovation of our church auditorium to make room for about 100 more people. The church is growing and people are getting saved. Several are new couples.

The dorms in the Bible college are almost done. So please pray that we can complete them soon."

BRAZIL, SALVADOR, Leland and Naomi Johnson —They give the following report: "One of the things that we have asked for prayer many times is for the Lord to open the door of opportunity for us.

Everywhere we go here in Brazil, local pastors try desperately to get us to come to their city and start a church there. On various occasions, Brazilian pastors have either taken me to or talked to me about areas in their cities that need a good Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church. There is such a need for people to hear the call of Jesus to the fields that are white unto harvest. Please pray! Maybe God could use you or someone close to you to enter through this door of opportunity.

God has already put us in touch with a saved man in Salvador (the city where we will be working) who has been praying for an independent Baptist church to be started. Continue to pray because God continues to answer."

USA MINISTIRES TO HISPANICS, Ed and Barbara O’Brien —They share the following: "We asked in our last letter to be praying for a lady who recently received the Lord Jesus as Savior. We praise the Lord that her 8-year-old daughter also has received the Lord as Savior! Please continue to pray for her husband. We were also able to make contact with fellow BIMI missionary Ron Goodman, who lives about two hours from her parents. He and his wife drove to meet with her mom and witnessed to her. She has not received Christ as Savior yet, but the seed has been planted and here is an open door for them to return. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to witness to her parents.

A man, who has been called by the Lord to become a pastor, has recently preached for me on two different Sundays. He is doing a great job and showing good leadership capabilities. Please continue to pray for him and his wife as they finish up their paperwork and final test for citizenship. They are excited about becoming American citizens as well as another couple in our church who recently finished the process and were sworn in as U.S. citizens."

WESTERN EUROPE, Bavaria and Austria, The Lapato Family —They write, "In April our church was able to celebrate the baptismal service for the father of our newest church family. The family started visiting in January. In February, the husband trusted Jesus as his Savior. The change in his life is unmistakable, and he is now serving the Lord with his whole heart.

The morning of the baptism, we held our first official meeting as an organized church. We did this to fulfill all legal requirements. We voted on different positions in the church (treasurer, secretary, etc.) as well as signing all legal documents. This was a big step for many and a year overdue!

On April 30 we held our official "church founding service" in a local restaurant. Representatives attended from the other four churches involved in establishing and supporting our church plant. Our members stood before the group to publically sign our charter and then sing together. It was a great service that we will never forget.

In May we signed a contract for a new meeting place. Our need for more space has been obvious for several months. We found a space on a main road that more than doubles the space we have now."

CENTRAL AMERICA, YUCATAN, Jeff and Elizabeth Carney —They share the following: "Here are a few prayer requests to add to your list:

• The Gospel Survey has been a huge success! Many people are trusting Christ, but the truth is that we are making so many contacts that it is hard to follow them up in a timely fashion.

• Our former ministry partners continue to reach out to us regarding two church plants that need some help in Guatemala. Although I have written and sent a few materials, it is imperative for us to travel there this fall to aid them in this endeavor.

• A 15-year-old was diagnosed with cancer and was only given 2 weeks to live. We clearly shared the Gospel with her but her primary caretaker had already led her to the feet and hands of Jesus. She is staying at a home that helps abandoned elderly people who need some help with water and in becoming self-sustaining. I am working with my brother to address this need.

• The contacts that I am making within the cycling community are completely overwhelming. I have a group coming down in October to help me as we host a large cycling event. I am praying and planning for many of them to place their faith in Christ."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato —They share the following report: "We have a young sailor who recently joined Yokosuka Baptist Church (YBC) by statement of faith. We had two new church members, one from Japan and one from Canada. They both got saved and baptized in YBC! The Canadian came to visit her children and grandchildren and recently returned to Montreal, Canada. Praise God they got saved! Please pray for the follow-up, discipleship, and spiritual growth of our new converts. Pray that they will be consistent in church attendance and soul winning. Pray for new visitors to attend our church, more salvation decisions, and more Scriptural baptisms. Please pray for 20 new families to join and serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST in Yokosuka Baptist Church."

BRAZIL, CITY RIBEIRAO, Carl and Cynthia Johnson —They give the following report: "Cindy and I both finished teaching our one-on-one discipleship lessons to two deaf people. I taught my last lesson a couple of weeks ago. We ended with a practical lesson on how to win other deaf to Christ. Cindy finished teaching about a month ago. These two are excited about serving the Lord. They will be able to teach other deaf and we are excited about that. We are also excited about several deaf who will be participating in the eight-week group discipleship classes we began in July. Pray for spiritual growth."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis —"Our last prayer letter reported a small accident in New Jersey as I ran over some kind of obstacle in the road. A few weeks later in April, Sabrina had an accident and totaled our minivan. We are thankful that nobody got hurt!

During our time in the Bronx, we have had two great opportunities to purchase a facility. Of course, we cannot treat our apartment as a church, as our apartment complex is very strict. The city of New York has already given us two summons for not being legal. We must get enough finances up front in order to make a move on our desired property. Thus far, we have about 18% of our brick program, and about 14–17% of the projected down payment amount. More prayer warriors are needed to help us. Please pray for us!"

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin —They share the following: "If you have spent any time with Latinos, you know they have the reputation to not be in a hurry. This was true in one lady’s case. We met her about four years ago when her husband started attending our church. We visited them and tried to help them but she never seemed as interested as he did. She never came to visit but had heard the Gospel. A few months ago, she and her son were walking down the road trying to decide where to go when her son said to her, ‘Let’s go to Pastor Mark’s church.’ They came and a few weeks later my wife led her to Christ. ‘Better late than never,’ we often say, but in this case that was surely true."

We are about to finish the first full year of our Bible institute. It has been a challenge and we have made lots of adjustments. It has been encouraging to watch as believers become more equipped and gain skills to teach and train others. Pray for them and for God to call many."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Russell and Lisa Mackay —They share the following report: "Summer is always busy with camps. We had a great camping trip with our teens at the beginning of July and our junior campers at the end of July. Then our teens will go to Mt. Zion Baptist Camp the second week of August and we would appreciate your prayers for God to do great things in their lives. Too, pray for the Lord to give Lisa and me the strength we need.

Please pray for us for our Family Conference September 8–12. Our people need instruction and encouragement in order to build Godly families. We would really like to see God do great things during this time."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder —They share the following report: "Thank you for praying for the public school’s Religious Instruction class! Sam obtained permission to continue teaching the weekly classes instead of only coming several times each year.

Sam has gotten more opportunities to preach. John Allen translated for him to teach at the pastors’ conference. He also enjoys meeting most weekdays for Bible studies and language learning with a believer from church.

Sarah Glover has been a blessing by teaching us more Melanesian Pidgin as we meet with her many times a week. We also enjoy helping in some of her literacy classes by grading the homework and assisting reading groups. This also helps us to hear and practice the language.

Mary Beth has been helping in the obstetrics clinic on Tuesdays and with several baby deliveries. It’s a blessing to work with Lena Allen and the other nurses while ministering to these Kamea ladies. She also enjoys working with the church choir on Saturdays and Sundays. She has continued teaching a national pastor’s daughter several days a week so she will be prepared to join Tommy when he starts first grade at the end of August."

Please pray for future evangelism trips into places not currently being reached on a regular basis."

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, MASATEPE, Kirk and Kathy Bogard —They share the following report and prayer needs: "Some of our specific prayer requests for Iglesias Bautista Fe de Masatepe are as follows:

• That the new converts will learn faithfulness to the Lord’s house. Going to church more than once a week is a new concept for them.
• That God will continue to bless us with more souls as we visit the city.
• That we will have good attendance for our Family Conference August 25–26.
• That God will protect and bless Pastor Cairo and his family and grow the church."

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers —They give the following report: "We want to share with you what God is doing in the church. Last week we went to youth camp. We thank God for a great week. A total of 125 were in attendance this year. We had three young men from our church, two of whom do not know Jesus as their Savior. Please pray for them.

Sunday, July 9, we had our baptismal service. This year I had the privilege to baptize three, the young man I wrote about in our last letter, another whom April led to the Lord last fall, and another who has been coming to our church for some time and knows she is saved but has never been Scripturally baptized. We thank God for them as they grow in Christ.

This past month we had our first English day camp. There were 15 who signed up for an all-day English camp at our church. Our goal was to teach them English and prepare them for the last day of camp, which was on Sunday. During the service, I shared the Gospel with them. Please pray that the seed sown will fall upon good ground."

USA MILITARY, ITLAY, SICILY, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton —They give the following report: "We have seen three young children baptized the last two months as well as an older woman who had been a guest of a child’s family. She came under conviction. Although she had been saved seven years before, she put off being biblically baptized. She came to us for counseling and was baptized shortly thereafter. This dear lady is not attending on Sundays. There are challenging conditions for her to overcome, so please be praying for God to continue to provide for her participation in our church.

After seeing so many rotate out in the last year, the congregation is starting to see some growth from new arrivals to the base. The increase is from the high 20s to low 40s on Sunday along with the evening service growing as well. Just recently a civilian family assigned to the base school arrived. They visited our church on their first Sunday on the island and then rented the house right across the street. Active already, they rejoiced that their two prayer requests—for a church and for a house—were answered so completely upon arriving."

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, PORT-DE-PAIX, Don and Bridgitt Dryden —They share the following: "A lot of time and energy has been spent on putting a roof (42’ by 82’) on Desroulins Independent Baptist Church building. Lumber and supplies from the capital (Port-au-Prince) to Port-de-Paix. Every truss had 28 glued gussets (14 on each side) with approximately 40 nails on each side; a nail gun would have been a blessing! The trusses were built on what was the church roof and will become the balcony when put in place on top of the second story. Everything is done by hand!

The important part of church is built on prayer, preaching and teaching the Word of God! Thank God for souls saved, believers baptized, lives committed to Jesus, and growth in the faith! You are a part of that through your prayers and financial support."

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, TEMA, Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney —They share the following: "We had the opportunity to take a 17-hour trip to the northern region of Ghana to visit a new church plant in Walewale. We were able to present the overseerer a much needed motorcycle. This was made possible by Jireh Baptist Church of Pennsylvania. Pray that the Lord will open the opportunity to minister to the many street children of Tamale. As I look at the young men who will be traveling to the northern region, I realize that the age group is very similar to the ages of our young adults in Tema ten years ago. We look forward to returning and continuing the work that the Lord has begun there.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for the provision for the physical and spiritual needs of the new church in the northern region.
• Pray for God’s protection and provision for Brother D. as he prepares to go the new church plant in the northern region to preach once a month. Sister E. will be teaching and leading the Bible club.
• Pray for a lady who has completed with distinction the first three years of the seven-year medical program in Saratov, Russia. Pray for her protection and God’s provision.
• Pray for God’s provision and protection for the church as we attend the 10th Annual Pastors and Workers Conference in Kumasi at the Fundamental Baptist Church International this August.
• Pray for a safe trip to the United States with Stephen and a smooth transition as he attends West Coast Baptist College. As always, we are most honored and privileged to be the extension of your hands in bringing the Gospel to the people of Tema, Ghana, West Africa."

June 2017

MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Josue and Rebekah Ortiz —They share the following report and prayer needs: "God is rescuing sinners. Please rejoice in the fact that our God is a merciful Savior and continues to save souls here in Mexico! We started a remodeling project that turned a garage into a beautiful terrace where fellowship can occur in a relaxing environment. We had 93 people in attendance on Easter Sunday, and it was a great opportunity to share the Gospel and make good connections. At the end of the month, we had four individuals who publicly declared that Jesus is their Savior through baptism.

This weekend we will celebrate more baptisms! Two more ladies have decided to follow Jesus, and it represents the reason for the existence of the church—salvation!...Please continue to pray for our church. Pray for the salvation of dozens of visitors who are looking for the Truth. Pray for our expansion plans and pray for wisdom. Pray that God protects us from evil and that the Gospel continues to spread here in Mexico City."

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbi Brosius —They share the following report: "I recently participated in two camps. In a couples’ camp I was privileged to lead two to the Lord. Shortly after camp, a man accepted the Lord and Debbi led another lady to the Lord as well. Please pray for these new Christians to grow spiritually. The man and his wife have had severe marriage problems.

We recently visited our Jewish friend in the nursing home on the distant side of the city. We were glad to find that she continues to read the Bible since her conversion. She told us she was reading about Paul and the things he gets into! Since the Ards, our previous co-workers, left the field, we are thankful that a young man in our church has taken an interest in helping with the Jewish ministry. We plan to have another Friends of the Everlasting Nation fellowship this month."

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, GRENADA, Joseph and Donna Childers —They share the following report: "Lifeline Independent Baptist Church began officially on April 2. For our first service we had almost 30 in attendance, including about 20 from Grenville. That evening an older lady sweetly accepted Christ as her Savior. In the following weeks, we have consistently had between 25–30 in each Sunday service. Please pray for us as we look to continue reaching lost souls with the Gospel, and we need God’s wisdom as we look to increase our presence in the community. We are praying also for a larger vehicle. Our van has 7 seats, but on the average Sunday we pick up and drop off more than 15! Thank you for your prayerful and financial support that make it possible for us to serve here."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, EL PROGRESSO, Marie Lea-Wilson —She shares the following: "As I am immersed in Honduran culture, the Spanish language, the city of El Progresso, and the local ministries of my team and church, God has also consistently placed several deaf people in my path. I have learned several Honduran signs and have had the opportunity to discuss religion with one girl already. I covet your prayers for wisdom as we plan to begin a Deaf Ministry next year here at Beacon Baptist Church under Pastor/Missionary Matt Owens.

Currently, the majority of my time is spent monitoring homeschool classes and teaching a few classes (in Spanish and English) for five teenaged students in the Hope of Honduras Children’s Home. This has provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn Honduran history and geography—among other subjects—right along with them! Additionally, I have enjoyed teaching a 2- and 3-year-olds Sunday school class, teaching older children special music to sing for services and assisting with various medical questions before and after church services. I am looking forward to several opportunities this summer."

EAST AFRICA, KENYA, KISII, Luke and Tonya Shelby —They share the following: "In March we held an evangelistic meeting in the village of Kegogi where we started Calvary Baptist Church in January. We had about 30 pastors, college students, and members of our church in Kisii who helped throughout the week with visitation during the day and street preaching in the open air market areas. It was a great experience for the college students with several saying that they had the chance to win their first person to Christ! They were so excited! One of the most faithful older ladies in our church started taking college classes last year. She can barely read and cannot write very well, but she had memorized all the verses and illustrations to lead others to Christ. She was one who led her first soul to Christ. It was so exciting to see how God can use anyone who is willing to serve Him. We had over 90 people saved in the course of the week and 85 in attendance the following Sunday. On Easter Sunday, a visitor got saved and left her beaded necklace at the altar. She had been trusting in this necklace to keep her safe from evil spirits that are associated with the witchcraft that is practiced in the Kisii area. This is an amazing step that she made in fully accepting God’s protection in her salvation."

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, LEON, Miguel and Leticia Parada — They share the following report and prayer needs: "In April we celebrated our one-year anniversary of officially being Iglesia Bautista Fe de Leon. About 100 people were in attendance with three people being saved and many decisions made to serve and support the church. There was a joyful spirit! A tremendous message was brought by Pastor Rios and missionary Ricardo Portillo and his family supported with music for the day.

Prayer Requests
1. Saved souls
2. Spiritual growth
3. Transportation for the church
4. Strength and health for our continued work."

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Robert and Becky Mach —They give the following report: "At a recent Sunday morning service at our Bingerville church, we had eight people who were baptized into the membership of our church. These folks are the fruits of the prayers and financial support that have helped us here in Ivory Coast. You can know for a certainty that your efforts to help us here result in fruit that abounds to your account. These who were recently baptized send their thanks."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND, JOYNER, Joe and Melissa Marshall —They share the following:

"Ministry Update
1. Our church has now placed the Gospel into 64,500 homes so only 35,500 homes to go to reach our goal of 100,000.
2. The Bibles for Phase 1 of the PNG Bible project will arrive around the 15th of June. Please pray as they clear customs and begin to be distributed to the schools.
3. So far, six people from our church have signed up for our missions’ trip to Vanuatu in September. Please pray for this team as they prepare.

Youth Ministry
God has been greatly blessing our youth ministry. Currently, we have ten teens who faithfully attend. It is exciting to see that our teens not only attend but also are heavily involved in the church. Eight of the ten of them play musical instruments either in the orchestra or as a special. All of them have a regular ministry they serve in and are involved in regular outreach ministries. It is our desire to continue to develop our young people to serve God with their lives. Would you pray that God would provide a couple to work full-time with our youth group?"

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AM RHEIM, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung —They give the following report: "Praise the Lord with us for two teen sisters who were saved! Pray also for a few others who are getting ready for our next planned baptism to sincerely follow the Lord.

There is a group of gypsies from Romania who have been attending our services regularly for about one year. Some of them have been saved, but their lives need to be stabilized. Some live together without legal marriage. One man of the church is working with them pertaining to their spiritual needs and is also rather successful in finding work and housing for them.

Pray for a new Iranian group that started to come. They have only been in Germany four weeks. They need to be saved and need residence permits.

We praise the Lord for an unusual wedding. One girl from our church, her parents are from Africa, married a soldier from the USA. There were 250 guests who came from the USA, Africa, and Germany. The service was in three languages. I am thankful that I was able to present the way of salvation to the lost."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, OTTAWA, ONTARIO, ORLEANS, Jeff and Kim Smith —They give the following report: "Our door-to-door for months was hindered (but not stopped) by cold and snow. Now we are having unusual amounts of rain showers. Last week the heavier rain held off just long enough for us to cover the maps we had printed for the day. Some days we knock on every door, on other days we just hang the bags. Here in the suburbs, all types of soliciting and marketing go door-to-door. We find that about one in ten people will actually come to the door if you knock. Because of the amount of door-to-door in the suburbs, every other mailbox (it is legal to put things in the mailboxes here) has some form of the following: no soliciting, no trespassing, no religion, no fundraising, no flyers, no exceptions. The door hangers have a John and Romans and a church invite card. Both the John and Romans and the card have a presentation of the Gospel. Please pray that these will be looked at in the homes of people who are living the ‘good life’ but do not have eternal life."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEPAL, KTM, James and Holly Tamang —They share the following report with prayer needs: "We have been working at sharing the Gospel more. I have been encouraging believers to witness more. We saw two salvations. One was a teenage girl who had been coming with her mother. Recently, her stepfather, a Muslim, has been coming but he has yet to receive Christ. Another was a teenage boy brought by another whom you prayed for before. Now he is bringing his friends to Christ. We have been witnessing to several people. Please pray for four in particular. They are still searching."

WEST AFRICA, BURKINA FASO, OUAGADOUGOU, Randy and Tonya Smith —They share the following: "We had the privilege of baptizing three new believers on the second Sunday in April. The following week we had two submit themselves for baptism, so we are having another baptism service this month as well. Praise the Lord!

While soul winning last week, two university students accepted Christ as Savior. A third young man who comes from a Muslim background asked some very good questions. While he hesitated to ask Jesus to save him, he committed to seriously thinking about the Gospel. I believe that this young man will give his life to the Lord. Please be in much prayer for his salvation as well as the students that they will grow in their faith. We are excited to the see the Lord work in response to prayer. Thank you for the many years of faithful praying for us and financially supporting the work to which our Lord has called us to do here in Burkina Faso. May God measure out barrels of grace to you!"

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson —They shared the following: "Grace Baptist Church continues to make progress in her ministry. As mentioned previously, our church is located in a small community, thus, making progress slower than in other areas. We have an average attendance of 28 neighbors. I remember at our first official service four neighbors came and we wondered if we made the right decision to start the church. In our next prayer letter, we will have some very exciting news to share about our church.

Two nights a week we are involved with our seminary teaching, The Life of Christ. Our students are doing well in spite of the amount of information that is introduced. Several of our students make great sacrifices to participate in the seminary. We appreciate their efforts."

BIMI/ARM PERSONEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire —They share the following: "I am writing this letter from the Cayman Islands where I am substituting for the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. I am also able to use the three-doors display here. On September 2 we will be flying to Barbados to substitute for BIMI missionary Robert Smith and his family while they return for a short furlough time. We will be there until December.

Any time we are in the States and close to home, we remain active witnessing in the markets in Georgia and Alabama. Praise the Lord, we had five souls saved in our last two outings and two others saved on my birthday in March! What a great birthday gift from the Lord!"

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato —They share the following: "The majority of our church members will move one day; it is the nature of US Military Missions. We still serve the best Sailors, Marines, and civilians close to the US Naval Base, Yokosuka, Japan. Twelve families and individuals will be leaving sometime in 2017 and five families and individuals have already left. That may seem like bad news! Just pray that they are following God’s will."

The good news is: we have the Good News to preach! Between March and April there were 22 professions of faith and several baptisms! My wife Elvie was brokenhearted because 10 of her relatives passed away in less than a year. Some of them were not saved. She prayed to go back to the Philippines for three weeks. The LORD JESUS CHRIST used her to lead nine souls, mostly relatives, to CHRIST!"

May 2017

CENTRAL AMERICA, ARGENTINA, Alan and Becky Jackson —They share the following: "Earlier this month, Bethlehem Baptist Church celebrated their 5th anniversary. It is amazing how time is passing! We were praying as a church that God would move in a great way and He did. Around 385 people came to the service and several decisions were made for the Lord! Several of the visitors with whom I had a chance to talk with enjoyed the service and are planning to return.

We still have a need! I shared in February of a need that we have for a bus. Several people have responded and have given toward the purchase. However, if you have a bus that you would like to donate to the ministry here in Honduras, we have a church member who is in the States and can get it to us.

Thank you for praying for the marriage classes. We have around 35-40 couples who come each Sunday morning to participate in the class. However, I think some come for the donuts! God is teaching us so much through His Word. Thank you, LORD!"

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, El Progreso, Matt and Dallita Goins —They share the following report: "Before V. and A. were exposed to the Gospel and were converted to a new life in Christ, they both struggled with alcoholism. They both shake their heads as they tell stories of a wasteful, disorderly, and belligerent lifestyle. They brighten when they tell of the change that Christ has made in their lives—A. in 2007 and V. in 2012. Both of them recognized C. when she visited our church in El Progreso for the first time. C. was the owner of the "cantina" where V. and A. would go on the weekends to drink. She served them the alcohol and when money ran out, she would extend credit if they would agree to buy her a drink. C. has trusted in Christ as well, and now they all meet in a new location—at church! Now, A. is an ordained pastor, V. is a Sunday school teacher and head usher, and C. serves in the nursery ministry. All praise to Jesus Christ!"

WESTERN EUROPE, GREAT BRITAIN, Graham and Melinda Forbes —They give the following report: "I reported last year about the glorious salvation of S.—from drug user and dealer to turning to Jesus. He continues in his faithfulness to God and has just announced he is getting married! Yes, he found a beautiful Christian woman and they are planning a wedding in September. After a year and a half of salvation, he still cannot get over what the Lord has done for him. He is now also an assistant teacher to his Life Group and also part of what I call Leaders for the Future (LFF) team.

LFF is a group of four men with whom I meet regularly to talk about leadership, responsibility, and spiritual growth. It is a relaxed format where actually we mentor each other while holding each other accountable. Growing leaders takes time, but I have earmarked a period of time for each of them to step into leadership.

Pray for Melinda and me as we meet with S. and his soon to be wife for pre-marriage counseling. Continue to pray also for him and the changes he is making. At the present, he is working in construction, which is a hard living for a week's wage. Before, he would have been able to sell enough drugs in an hour compared to what he is paid for a week's work."

TENNESSEE, CHATTANOOGA. PAPUA NEW GUINEA BIBLE DISTRIBUTION PROJECT, Alan and Donna Brooks —They share the following exciting report: "For the last two weeks Steven Maldoff and I have traveled all across the country of Papua New Guinea, sharing with pastors and churches the tremendous opportunity that will soon be on their shores. Working on the logistics of transport and distribution of the Bibles was also a part of this very important trip.

On one Tuesday during the trip, we traveled to the largest public school in the capital, Gerahu Secondary School. As we met in the principal's office, the rain began to fall. I immediately sensed an urgency to pray for the rain to stop, knowing that it would cancel our meeting with the over 2,000 students as the assembly of that capacity could only be held outside. I then asked the principal if we could pray and as the five of us bowed our heads, I began to pray aloud but the rain seemed to increase in intensity. For a brief moment my faith wavered. Then the Holy Spirit calmed my fears as I sensed that there were others in the United States and in other countries as well who were praying for the project. Over 2,000 students listened as I gave my testimony and presentation of the Gospel. What a mighty God we serve! They have asked to be the first school in Papua New Guinea to receive the Bibles. When it was announced that we would be back the end of May with the Bibles, they cheered loudly like those at a ball game in the States. It is hard to imagine teenagers from 9th through 12th grades cheering about receiving Bibles but they did!

Your prayer support and financial contributions have enabled us to do what seems to be an impossible task. Please pray as the first containers are on their way to Papua New Guinea. We have a total of 330,000 Bibles on the way, which is enough to do all of the secondary schools (PHASE 1) and a portion of the elementary schools (PHASE 2). I will be returning mid-May to receive the containers and to begin the distribution. Our plans are to do as many as possible until June 24 when all schools close for two weeks and the government votes to elect their new government. We will be able to continue after July 8 until we are finished. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!"

CENTRAL SOUTH AFRICA, BOTSWANA, GABORONE, Mike and Cindy Haley —They share more exciting news: "Our church attendance has grown from an average in the 20s to an average in the mid-70s in just six weeks! One month back we relaunched the church on Kick Off Sunday with a new name, Grace Bible Baptist Church, a new location, and a new pastor, but with the same Gospel message! Since then, we have had 67 first time visitors with repeat visitors starting to bring visitors on their own. Many have been saved and we will schedule a baptismal service soon. Africa is plagued with Charismatic doctrine and people are literally starving for the truth found in God's Word. Truly, there is a famine in the land, not of bread and of water but of hearing the Word of the Lord.

Recently, I was out knocking on doors and training my partner, one of the older and more faithful men of our church. Six doors into an apartment complex, we met a 23-year-old hair stylist. She is from Botswana and was raised by her father, a German born atheist. She readily heard the Gospel and was gloriously saved, and she did rejoice! She had to work the following Sunday so that evening we took her a Bible. She met me at the door, all smiles, and said, 'Today I asked my boss if I could be off on Sundays to go to church and she said, YES!' This past Sunday she walked into church with TWO OTHERS—her older sister and her male cousin."

A GREAT OPPORTUNITY—PLEASE PAY WITH US! We have been asked to teach religious education (Bible classes) in both public and private schools with access to literally hundreds of students each week. These schools offer an opportunity to reach a younger generation with the Gospel before they are adulterated with false doctrine. PRAY!"

USA MINISTRIES, NEW MEXICO, SHEEPSPRINGS, John and April McDaniel —They give the following report: "We have had four churches to take on our support in the last few weeks. However, we need 20 more supporting churches. It means we will need to be in at least 100 more churches to present our mission field. I was able to book several meetings and a conference in the fall in the past two weeks.

We appreciate your prayers and support! We know that God is blessing because people are praying for us regularly. We hosted the 'End-Of-The-Month' at Naschitti Baptist Church and a Navajo lady accepted Christ as her Savior. The meeting is basically a fellowship meeting with other Navajo Baptist churches on the Reservation and on the outskirts. We had people come as far as Montezuma Creek, Utah; and Winslow, Arizona. There were several preachers and the messages were excellent and God blessed in a great way!

1. Please pray for our deputation ministry. Pray for 20 more supporting churches.
2. Pray for safety and grace on the road.
3. Pray for April's pregnancy.
4. Pray for witnessing opportunities and fruit."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, ST-QUENTIN, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We have been able to find a place to begin Bible studies here in St-Quentin. We have access to a conference room at the public library. Praise the Lord for opening doors in His perfect time. It is our first step of the ultimate goal of planting an indigenous church. Please pray that folks will come to our meeting and souls will be saved.

We received some good news from the church we started in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. They just voted to build a temporary building on the land that they were able to purchase several years ago. After years of saving, they are in the position to start building this structure. The church is organizing soul winning on Saturdays in this growing neighborhood. Praise the Lord for answering prayer in this area as well!"

Thank you for your faithful prayers! With your prayers and God's blessings we hope to make a difference in an area that is blinded by religion and the things of this world."

USA MILITARY, ITALY, SICILY, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton —They report the following: "A new family began attending in January and the couple soon realized they had never been scripturally baptized. So the baptismal at the base chapel was reserved and we had a special evening with the couple giving moving testimonies of God's saving grace in their lives as they prepared to take that step of obedience as believers. Our congregation left encouraged.

While our numbers are down, the group that we have is remarkably faithful to the church and its services. This makes teaching the series through books of the Bible or on a particular subject especially fruitful as most of the congregation hears all the messages in the series. After every Sunday and Wednesday evening service, the church sits down together for a fellowship meal. How they will eat and visit—I am probably one of few pastors who actually has to tell the congregation to go home! Please continue to pay that many would be reached for Christ at NAS Sigonella."

BRAZIL, Bryan and Rebekah Johnson —They share the following report: "So many exciting things have been happening since our last prayer letter. We have signed a contract on a church location. We are very excited about this. We had to put down a 10-month rental deposit on the building, and it is a three-year contract. Thankfully, we were able to get a loan for the deposit. We will get it back when we are done as long as the building is in good shape. We do still need to pay back the $6,700 we borrowed for the deposit. Obviously, this puts a huge crunch on our finances, so it was a real blessing to have five pews donated to the new church start. Our opening service will be on May 7th at 6:30 PM.

Junior and Janaina, the couple who will be joining us in our start, have been a real blessing already. They have been helping us hand out the 8,000 invitations we had printed. They have also chipped in with paint and supplies for the church. We have had many people show interest in the church and already have had people contact us wanting to know times and days of services. Pray that God will open doors for us and that people will come to know Christ through our church."

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, PORT-de-PAIX, Don and Bridgitt Dryden —They share the following report: "LABORING IN CHILD EVANGELISM. I have told you how over the years Bridgitt has been able to train Sunday school teachers for children. One of these young men has been chosen by the Haitian equivalent of Child Evangelism Fellowship to train others in child evangelism. Samuel is also a graduate of our Bible School and very active in a Sunday afternoon Bible Club to evangelize children in our neighborhood. Many children feel restricted to regular services but are uninhibited to come to this informal gathering of children their own age.

LABORING IN CHURCH MINISTRY. During the first quarter, there were 15 saved. Praise the Lord! We had three teens saved at the end of one of our morning services. Then the following afternoon during Bible Club for children, two children put their faith in the Lord Jesus for salvation. That means that these children have the possibility of a different life of faith and service for the Lord Jesus as opposed to the wickedness of Voodoo and ungodliness of their parents!"

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis —They share the following: "Recently Sabrina and I loaded a total of 12 people in our two vehicles for the purpose of traveling over to a sister Baptist church in Long Island in order to baptize five of them. Each of them professed Jesus Christ as Savior. Each of them was also given an opportunity to share a short testimony with the people, and every one of them did so. It was a blessing to hear them testify, especially the younger ones.

P. and M. have been asking to be baptized for many months. Their mother was hooked on drugs and forsook her responsibility as a parent. So, the state stepped in and eventually gave them to A., her mother who was a Christian. Both children thanked their grandmother for raising them when they gave a public testimony. M. recently came up to me and quoted a Bible verse. A. has certainly done a good job with them!"

FAR EAST, HONG KONG, Andrew and Elena Au —They report the following: "This first quarter has been so very fruitful! Through the ministries of Ka Fuk Baptist and Liberty Baptist Church, we have seen souls saved and attendance increased. During our Faithfulness Rally one weekend, our church family went out passing our tracts and visiting. The Lord led us to people who just happened to be 'waiting for their acquaintances.' It is not a regular occurrence for people to just be sitting around because this is a fast-paced city. But that afternoon, we were able to lead five souls to Christ. Please pray for them to continue to come to church and for them to grow in their faith.

Our oldest son, Alexander, was excited about seeing souls come to the saving knowledge of Christ. That soul winning fervor led him to share the Gospel with two students at school. We thank God for this burden in his heart to share the Gospel with his friends, and we pray that he will continue to be a light wherever he is.

Prayer Requests:
• The Education Department Bureau's favor to allocate a new preschool. We are asking for new facilities to start a new preschool.
• The results were supposed to be announced in March but were delayed until April.
• Upcoming baptismal service,
• God's power and protection upon the ministry, and
• Believers to mature and lead the ministries/laborer to surrender."

MEXICO, HUIXQUILUCAN, SAN FERNANDO, Nick and Patty Sutmaier —They report the following: "I had one of our young preachers who is in our institute with me when we visited a 47-year-old man named H. who has cancer in his liver and right lung. My heart was broken for him and his family. Seeing this man for the first time, he had an oxygen tube in his nose that was connected to an oxygen machine. As I sat and talked to H., his wife, M., was right at his side. He told me that he was Catholic and I kindly replied that it did not matter to me what his religion was. I did say that where he would spend eternity was more important than the church he attended. He and his wife agreed.

As we went through the plan of salvation, H. said that his church had never shown them those verses about getting saved. H. and M. both bowed their heads and asked Jesus to save their souls. Then H. told me, 'Now, I have real peace in my heart. Thank you for telling me how to be saved.' The ladies of our church bring in food items for needy families and the Lord laid on their hearts to go back by with a bag of food to revisit them. Tears were in their eyes when they realized the bag of food was for them. Because of all the treatments and going back and forth to the doctors, they did not have money for food, but God made sure His new children were taken care of. PRAY FOR THEM! They have three children between the ages of 15 and 23 years old."

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez —They share the following report and prayer needs: "After five weeks of classes on church membership, we had seven believers join our church! Everyone was excited to accept new members into the congregation. We pray that God will continue bringing more people who are in need of salvation through Jesus Christ.

As in previous letters, we want to emphasize how urgent it is for us to find a larger building for our church. No matter how many buildings we look at, we keep coming back to one that is only one block from our present location. It is three times larger than our present building and is in a very strategic location with parking spaces also. Please pray that God will continue to lead us as we inquire into the possibilities of buying this place. We do not have the money, but we know that God will proved if this is the right building.

Please pray for the following people to know Christ as their Savior. They have been coming to church or have been witnessed to: F., P., F., D., and J."

March 2017

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NAGUA, Chad and Cynthia Pape —They share the following report and prayer needs: "Our ministry here in the DR has turned many chapters and is about to turn another. We have enjoyed being part of the ministry with the Jordan and Wesson families for the last year and a half. During that time, God has allowed us to see children, teens, and some adults saved. This last Thursday night out soul winning, I had the privilege of leading a mom and her two children to Christ! Just that morning I had been praying that God would bring someone my way with whom I could share the Gospel. God wants people saved more than we do. During this time in the capital, the Lord has also helped me to refine my ability in the Spanish language. But now as we draw to the end of this time with them, we are both saddened to say goodbye and yet at the same time excited for what the Lord has for us on the north shore of the island.

Prayer Requests
• Smooth transition as the Jordans return
• God's blessings on our meetings/furlough
• God to work in our children's hearts as they prepare for another major move
• God to prepare Nagua to receive the Gospel
• Wisdom regarding our vehicle
• To find good housing in Nagua"

SOUTH AFRICA, BOTSWANA, GABORONE, Mike and Cindy Haley —They share the following report: "We landed on January 19, and it has been 'to the wall' ever since but 'like a dream' as we have experienced showers of God's blessings and favor on every side…. A week seems like a month here, and we are looking forward to a more 'normal' pace once we are through this transition stage of setting up shop. I cannot begin to tell you what God has done and is doing literally on a daily basis.

Already fruit is abounding to your account. In two weeks I have personally led four precious souls to Christ. It has been amazing! Attendance at the church is growing right out of the gate. The first two Sundays here we had 28 and 27 with first time visitors each week. Our third Sunday (after a blessed afternoon of knocking doors and witnessing on the streets) we had 40 with 14 first time visitors including two new families!

Pray for our personal walk with God to remain strong during this busy time of transition. Busy is good, but we need to operate in His power—not ours."

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, TERRYVILLE, David and Annette Townsley —They share the following: "D. PRAYED TO GET SAVED! E. said that her friend had been attending Riverside since the spring and D's daughter got saved at church. But when E. and D. were together one day and the topic of salvation came up, E. was able to lead her to Christ! Praise the Lord that God is still saving souls! This was exciting because E. got saved through Riverside and was now leading someone else to Christ! I praise the Lord for how God is working in these two families. In the building, the whole electrical service is being rewired. In addition to making the building safer, we have been able to make several changes that saves us money on our electricity bill! Praise the Lord that the insurance company has been accommodating with these changes so Riverside has not needed to put in extra money toward their building! Also, one wall of the apartment had mold from damage unrelated to the fire, but the insurance company replaced this also!

Please pray for the following:
1. Provision to expand the new radio station ministry
2. Complete healing for Annette from Lyme's disease and the herniated discs
3. Reconstruction of the building since the fire
4. Completion of the new radio tower project"

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez —They share the following report: "The last two months have been very busy in the work here. The Lord has brought several new people and because of that we keep busy with discipleship classes. Last month we began New Member classes for many who want to join the church. Our two men who are preparing for the ministry are in charge of teaching this class every Saturday evening. Lord willing, we will have several get baptized soon and join the church.

I met a Peruvian man in a coffee shop back in December and I shared the Gospel with him. I went back three times and continued witnessing to him. He told me he would come to church to talk, and after sharing the Gospel once again, he trusted Christ as his personal Savior. Please pray that he will grow in the Lord and that his wife and children will also get saved."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross —He shares the following: "This last month Cornerstone Baptist Church has had several visitors come to services. Some are Christians and some are not. It is good to see new faces and know the Gospel is reaching the lost. A couple visitors were brought by current members. It is very encouraging to see Thai Christians evangelizing other Thais.

Our Wednesday night Bible study of the book of Genesis is going well. Many Thais are not very familiar with the Old Testament, so this study has been eye opening for them. Several have expressed thanks and shown a stronger desire to study God's Word. Our goal is to teach Bible doctrine as a set of beliefs that governs how we live our lives and looking to the Bible as our final authority over an individual or religion.

Prayer Requests
• Salvation of several
• Learning language & culture
• H's father and family to be saved
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts"

WEST AFRICA, BURKINA FASO, OUAGADOUGOU, Randy and Tonya Smith —They share the following: "'Pastor, I believe that my family is cursed.' A. had been troubled for several months as he considered how many problems he and his family had encountered over the course of his 21 years. He spoke to his older sister about their turbulent home life. She explained that since their father and mother could not have children, they sought the help of a sorcerer. He used fetishes to treat the problem and soon after the first of their seven children were born. The family now believes that because of this, their entire life is cursed. I had the great joy of showing him the truth that we are all under the curse of sin, but God provided His Son Jesus to break the curse and offer us new life. He prayed and accepted Christ as Savior and is willing to be baptized. We are planning a baptismal service and will be baptizing four new converts in March. We have prayed for the salvation of this young man now for eight years. Among Muslim people, it often takes a significant investment in time, labor, and love before one will receive the Lord. I have had the blessing of personally discipling him each week and seeing significant spiritual growth in his life. Pray for him as he faces much temptation."

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, BOVES, Carey and Susan Abbett —They share the following report: "The church here in Amiens is still shining its light, doing our best to reach the lost for Christ. This past year, we have had several people come and visit, but we do not have any new members as there have been no adults making professions of faith.

We praise the Lord that there have been a few children who have accepted Christ as their Savior, and we pray they will grow strong in the Lord and be a witness to their families. The Children's Bible Club has a lot to do with that as well as the personal testimonies of our children and the children of our co-workers.

Susan was able to share clearly the plan of salvation with one of our neighbors. Please continue to pray for him. I am thankful the Lord enabled me to help a good church in the south of Paris during the month of January. The pastor needed to be gone for the month, and I truly enjoyed preaching, teaching, and the overall fellowship with those dear believers. After all, the ministry here is as much church planting as it is church helping/growing.

The Bible institute needs much prayer. I need much wisdom in helping to give the school the right direction and help."

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, Jeremy and Michelle Blanz —They share the following: "Last month was a very busy month, but a profitable one. Every Sunday we are always packed in Sunday school. Over the last few months, Jeremy has preached on the importance of serving in the local church. Several members expressed a desire to begin helping as teachers and assistants in Sunday school. We conducted two training sessions to prepare them to teach the children's classes. We now have several new people who are beginning to serve. The ladies from our church attended a ladies' conference in another Baptist church in the next city over. It was a blessing to many. Jeremy stayed busy preaching both in the San Marcos church plant as well as another nearby local Baptist church. Near the end of the month, we held a church business meeting and the church voted to increase the salary of the national pastor and appoint the first deacons. God is blessing and strengthening His church! We also discussed plans to begin moving forward on the purchase of a nearby lot of land where we hope to construct our first church building. Jeremy also worked on several other things, including acquiring the documentation need to extend our legal residency.

This month we intend to make some very big decisions, particularly regarding the steps moving forward for the church plant. Our goal from the beginning was to plant a self-sustaining, indigenous, Baptist church. The national pastor whom we are partnered with is doing a great job, and we are thankful for all God has done each step of the way. We look forward to making several transitions as we approach our first furlough next year. This month, please pray:

1. That God will continue to help Michelle and our new baby through the pregnancy.
2. That God will continue to save souls and build His church here in Nicaragua.
3. That God will help our residency extension process to go smoothly."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace —They share the following report: "Our annual Missions Conference and anniversary were celebrated again by focusing on our responsibility of getting the Gospel into the world. This year we had added two more to our mission family. Victor and Gildeny with plans to go to Mozambique and Pamela on her way to Europe to work with the Muslims.

Victor is an engineer who accepted the Lord as Savior about 15 years ago. He was a bachelor and some might think lost all hope of getting married. After all, he was near 60! After working during the day, he would go to seminary at night to prepare to serve the Lord better. One summer he went to a port city on the edge of the jungle where he served in one of the churches. While there, he met a Brazilian widow who was also serving as a missionary. You can fill in the details; they were married and have been working in a church here in Lima while preparing to go to Mozambique. They have gone to Brazil to raise more support before leaving for Africa in the near future.

Pamela is a single lady who has spent the last several years both serving with a mission group in different countries as well as studying how to reach the Muslim people effectively. She plans to leave soon for Europe."

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, LIMEIRA. Garry and Pam Tyler. —They share the following: "In November I had the joy of preaching in a four-day conference at the Deaf Church in São Paulo where we worked for a couple years. I believe that there was a boy saved. Praise the Lord! My sign language was a bit rusty but what a joy to see a great group coming for the services.

God enabled me to baptize a family that is joining our church. The father of this family is a brother to one of the ladies in our church. One of the men from Haiti was also baptized recently.

In January God blessed us with an outstanding average attendance in our Family Conference. We averaged about 80 through the week with a high one night of 93. Many decisions were made to strengthen families and homes. God has sent us more visitors in January than any month in the past year. This is so wonderful."

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield —They give the following report: "Moving onward with the blessings and challenges of starting a church all the while juggling home schooling, raising boys, and settling in a new culture. The Lord continues to amaze us with blessings and challenges both physically and spiritually.

We have a couple children itching non-stop as we have learned the hard way how to identify poison ivy!! We've caught opossums and a raccoon that killed our chickens and kittens and squashed scorpions and spiders in the house! I dug our back yard up and laid new pipes for the plumbing to our septic system, which was backing up and spilling all over the driveway. With family Christmas money we were able to get our foundation fixed. We had our first missionaries come through and stay with us. It happened to be a supporting pastor who had resigned his church and followed God into the deputation journey! What a funny swap of ministries! Having been on deputation and the field gives us a unique love and perspective toward missions! We hope to soon be supporting missionaries through this new work!!

CENTRAL SOUTH AFRICA, ZAMBIA, Brian and Amanda Collins —They give the following report: "It was a misty day as I drove with a national pastor—the road continually changing from pavement, to dirt, to walking trail. It was a sober time as I thought on this and pondered the small, empty casket that rattled in the back of the vehicle. I arrived to a large crowd of people. The women were all gathered around the house crying while the men sat off to the side. The child was placed in the coffin and placed in the center of the assembly. The opportunity had arrived to speak to the people. What can be spoken at a time like this? The Gospel! The Gospel brings hope, salvation, joy, and peace at times just like this. It was a joy to see several professions of faith.

The funeral continued as we traveled several kilometers to the cemetery that included wading across a rushing stream. There was another opportunity to expound the Gospel while men dug the grave. It is amazing how the Lord can take tragic events such as this to bring new life to people through the Gospel. It was also a great witness and testimony for the bush church that is located in this area as they also bought the casket for this child. The church has since seen visitors from this funeral and even some of them making professions of faith.

It is a blessing to serve the Lord where He has called us. As you pray for us, keep the following in mind:
• The weekly Bible study with pastors
• Souls saved and people surrender to God's call on their lives
• The power of God on our lives as we share the ministry
• Our kids to see the love for God as we obey Him
• For the salvation of our younger children
• The South African Bible Study."

February 2017

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson —They share the following report: "'I am such a good man. I help so many people in our community. I just know that when I die God will receive me into His kingdom.'" These were the words of our 75-year-old church neighbor. The inside patio of his home where I visited him includes an altar with an idolatrous statue. At the time of our visit, we were unaware that he was ill. From that point on, I was never able to speak with him again. On December 26 this gentleman passed away. The 'works based salvation' mentality of this man typifies the philosophy of many with whom we share the Gospel. Recently, we were able to meet up with his widow and have prayer with her.

Previously, we mentioned that we spent time witnessing to two couples, one of which asked what was necessary to be saved. During the visit one of the children bit another child, thus, causing the visit to come to an abrupt end. One of the couples has been attending services on a regular basis. Each week we are meeting together studying what the Bible says about salvation. It is still difficult for them to understand their own spiritual need.

Recently, classes resumed at the BIMI seminary. It has been a privilege to associate with this great institution since our arrival in 1999. This year our seminary turns 20 years old. For 20 years the BIMI seminary has been preparing servants to serve. Over 20 of our graduates are starting or pastoring established churches around Bolivia. This trimester I am teaching the Gospel of John to six students, one of which is from our first church."

BRAZIL, RIBEIRAO PRETO, Carl and Cynthia Johnson —They share the following prayer needs, "We moved to Ribeirão Preto with the vision of establishing a deaf work—a church within a hearing church. We wanted to make sure the hearing church was established first and also train some interpreters to help in the deaf work. The Lord's timing is best and several deaf adults heard about our plans and started attending the services. Obviously, I interpreted each service they attended. Hence, we felt led to officially start the deaf work sooner than expected. We now have separate preaching services for the deaf on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. We meet with the hearing church for the Sunday evening services. Please be in prayer for this new work; we especially need men interpreters who can help with the preaching in the future.

D. and Z. are the first deaf people whom I had the privilege of leading to Christ in Ribeiro Preto. I listened to their life struggles and problems and then explained that Christ is the only solution. In their living room that evening, they both got down on their knees and asked for forgiveness, trusting Christ to save them. D. has been involved in drugs and it is his biggest struggle. Please pray that he will have the strength to avoid the worldly friends and places that allure him into drugs. His has a desire to do what is right but needs to learn how to lean on God for help."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, TONCONTIN, Charles and Brenda Arnold —They share the following: "Brenda and I have a couple of prayer requests concerning a bad situation of Daniel Flores. He has been pastoring longer than any pastor we have; however, he lives in a dangerous location of Comayaguela, Honduras. First of all, he had several items stolen from his pick-up truck. Please pray that God would intervene in this situation. Second, the Sunday school rooms in the church where he pastors have been in lack of complete repair for a couple of years. They lack doors, lights, and a complete wall of rooms on the right side. The termites had pretty much destroyed the wood floor, which is something we don't want to do the second time.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Bahamas. I had the opportunity to visit three years ago in soul winning. This time also I did some soul winning. A young man, 19 years of age, asked Christ to save him. He listened attentively as I shared God's Word with him. The next day I visited in a residential area named Pen Point. In one of the homes that I visited, I had the opportunity to share the Good News with a lady, and she asked Christ to save her. She looked to be maybe in her middle 40s. Remember these in your prayers."

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe —They share the following report: "Ministry Team training: We are building a team of workers who are prepared to pray with those in the services who request prayer and also to pray and to minister in the homes of those seeking help. We see many desperate people whom God wants to and will help through our prayers!

Refugees are being sent back in large numbers from Germany now. We have several refugee families who are believers and are desiring to stay here in Germany. A representative from a mission to refugees spoke in December in the church and encouraged us to continue to reach out to the stranger (foreigner) and the helpless in the land. Please pray for them!

Culture exchange: An Iranian refugee and former Muslim whom we baptized two years ago married a local German girl. The wedding was fun with a big contrast between two cultures but both united in Christ. Our youth minister preached at the wedding and did a good job."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, VISTA DEL VALLE, Eric and Holly Johnson — They share the following: "This Christmas season was once again very busy with many outreach opportunities in our community as we celebrated the birth of our Savior. Our church celebrated the season with a Christmas craft night, our annual presentation of 'The Nativity' movie, and church-wide caroling to our neighbors, during which we invited them to our Family Christmas Photo Day and Kids' Christmas Presentation. We had many visitors during the season, and we believe many heard the Gospel for the first time. Pray with us as we seek to follow up with those who have visited and need to be saved.

Prayer Requests
• Salvation of visitors
• Continued good health and spiritual growth of our family
• Spiritual growth of believers in the upcoming year
• New church plant/Community Center—provision and construction"

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Ryan and Sarah Case —They share the following report and prayer needs: "Thank God for His blessing on our church and the growth we have seen! However, growth was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Services under an aluminum roof and steel frame became difficult. Cold and crowded, the church members prayed with me for a solution. We decided to have a special offering to pay for an expansion of the frame and some more aluminum panels. I was delighted to learn that the church had raised enough money to complete the project, but what took place next took us all by surprise.

Our landlady, who is a member of the church, told her husband what had happened. While he is not a Christian, he wants the church to remain and continue to rent the space, maybe even purchase it in the future. He was concerned when he learned of our plans for a new place for the church after we return from furlough, so he offered to put up half the money to roof off the entire property, tripling the size of the space!

Please pray for two things regarding the building. As the project continues, funds are still needed for completing the structure and finishing it off. Also, pray for the soul of our landlord that he will be touched through the testimony of the church and his wife, who is our sister in Christ…. Finally, we have one very special prayer request. Mexico is going through a time of trouble. The peso is falling at an unprecedented rate. In addition to inflation, the government has raised the price of gasoline, which is setting off civil unrest. Please pray for Mexico and for the churches in Mexico during this time. We are praying for peace and for God to work through His people."

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth —They share the following: "The last two months of 2016 were full of blessings. We saw more people come to Christ. One of them is a youngster in our children's ministry. Late one Sunday evening, her mom texted Tiffany saying that her daughter was asking her how to be saved. Even though the mother knew how to present the Gospel, she was nervous because it was here own child. So Tiffany was able to help her present the salvation message to the daughter and she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior. This is a wonderful testimony because the husband is not saved. I have talked with him about Jesus but he told me, and I quote, 'If I receive Jesus, then I'm going to have to give up some things in my life and I don't want to give them up.' He has even separated from the family in the past. Please pray with us that he would give his life to Christ.

Another person who received Jesus is through the small church plant in Buin. The Chilean leader in Buin works with him. They have been doing weekly Bible studies. One day, he recognized his need for the Savior and prayed to receive Him. We are looking at possibly starting another church plant in a coastal city called Isla Negra. It is about one hour away from the church in Maipu. It is currently in the planning stages as God continues to reveal what He has in store. But for now, I can tell you that one person has been saved. Unfortunately, it also involves sad news. This man that received Jesus died suddenly last week. For now, we ask you to pray that God would guide us in this possible new endeavor and that he would work in the hearts of all the people who will be involved."

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, MAINZ, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung —They share the following report: "Last Sunday, our Lord gave us a blessed service with a powerful message from God's Word both for the lost and saved. There were three first time Russian visitors. Also for the first time was a young family of three from Romania and other visitors from various countries. Our Christmas services were well attended; we had a full house with chairs in the gangway. The people were joyous, reverent, and worshiped the Lord and brought their gifts to the manger that was put up for that purpose.

Our church, the Freie Baptistengemeinde, is located in the inner city of Manz with a very busy street in front of the church. Every street car and bus has to stop in front of the church. There is also a wide sidewalk with a constant stream of people. It presents a great opportunity for evangelism in various ways. On two Saturdays before Christmas we had information tables in front of the church on the sidewalk. We distributed over 900 calendars in 19 different languages with good Scripture and information about salvation. Also, of course, there was other literature. We spoke to many people and the Lord blessed the following Sunday with visitors.

A retired couple was baptized on September 25, 2016. They took a trip to the Black Forest and to Northern Germany to visit their long-time friends and to lead some of them to the Lord. Praise the Lord, they led six of their friends to the Lord!"

USA MILITARY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and Lou Anne War —They share the following report and prayer needs: "During the Christmas season Lou Anne and I went to visit several of our Italian neighbors. One of our Italian neighbors told us that he does not go to church but he believes in God. Then he said that he would be very interested to learn about God. I told him that I would love to help him. At that time there were several other people in his house visiting and I could not get him alone. We are planning on inviting him to have dinner with us and then introducing him to the Jesus of the Bible. Please pray for his salvation.

Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Aviano, Italy, as we continue to spread the Gospel to the Aviano Air Base and the Italian community. Please pray for a missionary family to come and start an Italian-speaking independent Baptist church in our area. Please pray for our family in the States and as always pray every day for our troops and their families to come to Christ."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin —They share the following report: "We were contacted by C. while on furlough about E., a professor from Medellin who had accepted Christ while in Georgia at an academic conference. C. was desperately hoping we could meet her and disciple her. I met E. by way of Skype during a Spanish Bible Study at a Christian's house in Georgia. We were very encouraged and agreed to follow up with her in Colombia. We contacted her once we arrived and found out she literally lives across the street from us! Katie is now disciplining her and E. is so excited. Only God can do that!

The most encouraging news we have had since returning is the work the Spirit did through the team of leaders who helped during our absence. We have had the opportunity to baptize six people since being home. Some were saved during our furlough while other Christians were just impressed to take the next step of obedience. God worked and used our people—A very good thing!

Prayer Requests
• The few that have strayed would come back to the fold
• God would continue to build our church membership
• E. and N. would grow
• More souls saved and more baptisms
• God to call and raise up more national leadership"

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin —She shares the following incident in her life as a medical missionary: "The days have flown by as I stepped right away into a busy schedule…. It was a wonderful day, but it started out with a few 'bumps in the road' that the Lord helped us through. First, I had my SUV all loaded and ready to go when my key broke in the ignition! A pair of pliers, a quick prayer, and it came out. Then, about halfway down the village road, the dirt quickly turned into deep mud, and I was completely stuck! We put the SUV into 4-wheel drive, and six Africans 'came out of nowhere' to push me out! It's funny how they can just 'appear' so quickly here! Windows were down, tires were spinning, and mud came flying into the car. I was so muddy by the time we arrived that we had to wash off before the first visit. But the Lord was with us, and He gave us the grace to persevere. We had four visits to make, and they were some of the sweetest visits that I've ever made here in Ivory Coast. We shared praises and prayer requests, had a Bible study on John 14:1-4, held a new baby who was named after me, and enjoyed fresh milk from coconuts by the lagoon. The last visit was with a couple who were saved just before I left for furlough. Their baby boy was sick with malaria, and we had the medicine that he needed with us. After treating him, the couple gave me a live chicken! A chicken is a fairly large sacrifice for our people, and this is the first time that I've received one. Thankfully, he carried it to the car for me! At the end of all of this, my heart was so full! It is so rewarding to hear story after story how the Lord is working here. What a testimony of the Lord's power in our lives! There is now a strong core group of believers in Anan, including a regular Bible Study led by men in the Bingerville church."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUNEDIN, Bob and Diana Rutta —They share the following report: "Two weeks ago I heard of a church that was about to close, so I called the pastor to ask if they would consider selling their building. He said that they did want to sell and invited me to come and take a look. The building is not anything fancy, but it will meet our needs and has some room for us to grow. We made the best offer that we could, our entire Building Fund balance of $150,000, for the building and everything in it—chairs, tables, benches, pulpit, Lord's Supper table, piano and all. They accepted our offer. This is an amazing price, especially considering that they could have sold it for much more on the open market! The only thing they wanted to keep was their sound system. What is even better is that we can pay for this with cash so we will be mortgage free! Our people have faithfully given to missions and running costs of the church, while also saving all they could to someday have a building. This will pretty much empty our accounts, but Lord willing, we will be in our own building at the beginning of February."

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, PORT-DE-PAIX, Don and Bridgett Dryden —They share the following: "Grace Baptist Church of Moreau is growing. We made five 8-foot long benches in October. I baptized three adults in October and two in December as testimony to their trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Here in Port-de-Paix at Independent Baptist Church, we baptized six in December. Recently, while preaching at Maranatha Baptist Church at Aubert, the father of the pastor was sitting there. He was to be baptized. The background of this man was voo-doo and praying for the dead. But, earlier this year when doctors told him he was near death, he got saved, and is no longer involved in the works of darkness. He has the light of the Lord Jesus in his soul now and joy on his face!

For those who contributed and/or prayed for Haiti after HURRICANE MATTHEW, please read the following:

Thank you so much! Though few and small words, they convey such gratitude from those who received your gifts. The majority of the USA do not know personally what a natural disaster can do. Hundreds of Haitians lost their lives and thousands their livelihood to Category 4 Hurricane Matthew. In another letter we will be able to share with you how you helped those who are suffering and how your gifts have done more that give relief, it has helped them restore their lives and losses."

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, KAMPALA, Dan and Amie Dwire —They share the following: "Although we had been coming to the capital city for the last 12 years for supplies, so much here seems so new to us: new home, new community, new neighbors, new language group, new culture, new ministry opportunities and responsibilities, etc. But we do still have some of our 'old ministry' opportunities as well. We have been blessed to have talked with several of our friends from our Soroti church, and we sure do miss them. One of our Soroti church members is in rehab in Kampala, and Dan was able to visit with him as well as with one of our village pastors from Soroti whose 10-year-old son has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment in Kampala. In January Dan was back in Soroti to help teach in the Bible Institute module and retrieve a few more things we had to leave in Soroti on moving day.

• Safety and protection during the move
• Friendly neighbors and the new community to which He has called us

• Wisdom in reaching the people of Wakiso District with the Gospel
• The sale of the radio land in Soroti and progress on expanded licenses

FAR NORTH, CANADA, TORONTO, Cory and April McTague —They recently changed fields and give the following report, "God has answered many of your prayers in regard to our transition. Our faithful supporters are being very supportive and our calendar through March is full. We are still looking to fill May through September. Your prayers concerning this are much appreciated and needed!

Lord willing, we plan on starting a new church in Toronto sometime in the fall of 2017. We will need everything for the new building, including but not limited to, a pulpit, pews or chairs, offering plates, a piano, and hymnbooks. We will most likely need funding for paint and repairs to whatever facility the Lord provides for us. Please keep these needs in prayer.

The week of January 23, I went alone to Nepal for one week. The Lord had impressed upon my heart the necessity to continue teaching and supporting the Himal Baptist Church in Kathmandu.I have been able to regularly communicate with them. They are doing well and staying strong, spiritually. Please keep them in prayer as they endeavor to follow the Lord in making Himal Baptist 100% indigenous. This make take a few years and by God's grace, we are committed to following it through."

USA MINISTRIES, CALIFORNIA, LANCASTER, Mike and Wilda McCombie —They share the following report: "In the months of November and December the Lord opened some foreign doors to churches in New Zealand to allow me to preach in three churches a total of 25 times. My wife taught five times. We began and spent most of our time in the city of Christchurch at Lighthouse Baptist Church. It is a new church that is currently waiting for one of our deputation missionaries who is to lead that church beginning in early 2017. Our pastor asked us to go through that opened door to teach on Baptist distinctives, doctrines, and soul winning for four weeks. My wife taught a ladies' class and a salvation lesson at a ladies' Christmas dinner. We were welcomed to New Zealand on our first weekend and awakened at 12:02 AM on November 14 by an eight minute massive, 7.8 rolling earthquake. Then we were evacuated because of a tsunami warning—what a rude awakening and welcome!

Prayer Requests for 2017: For a full schedule of meetings (please contact me if you would like to schedule us for a meeting and/or present the PNG Bible project); we need God's provision for health, safety, and God's power and liberty to preach and teach God's Word; for Phase 1 of the PNG Bible Distribution Project and how your church can be involved."

January 2017

SOUTH AMERICA, ECUADOR, GUAYAQUIL, Raymond and Anita Bradley — They share the following praises and prayer needs: "I was invited to preach at the Bible Conference in Efata Baptist Church for the Deaf in Lima, Peru. Pastor Jorge Pozo was one of our students in school and the Bible institute while we served with Pastor Vernon Miller in Efata. At Jorge's request, we went to tell his parents about Jesus 30 years ago. They were not very interested in the things of the Lord then. Jorge and his wife are deaf missionaries to the Deaf in Huancayo, Peru. They were at the Bible Conference with three deaf ladies from Huancayo. It is our joy to see what God is doing with this family. Jorge asked us again to visit his parents as he has been praying for their salvation. His dad is blind and bedridden; as my wife interpreted the salvation message we shared with him, he wept. Every time we told him God loved him, he sobbed out loud. We asked questions as we shared the Gospel with him to make sure he was understanding, and he was. He said, "Yes" that he wanted to receive the Lord. Praise God! Jorge's mom said she had received the Lord last October. Do not give up praying for your loved ones."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassy Tate — They share the following with prayer requests: "Each Wednesday we have the opportunity to preach the Gospel to those who serve as police in our region. This is a mandatory service for all those scheduled for duty! Last week a detective stopped me on my way to the bank to encourage me with what God is doing in his life. Please pray as we try to reach these men with the Gospel.

We were able to finish construction of the new chapel in Los Robles. We are praising the Lord for the nearly 80 who came out to participate in the dedication service that was held the last weekend of November.

Prayer Requests and Praises
1. Praise for six baptized in Danli
2. Praise for 15-passenger van that God provided for our family!
3. Pray for the work in Danli, Ojojona, El Ocomupe, Talanga, and La Esperanza.
4. Pray for the adoption of the twins.
5. Pray for $1,500 need to finish the repairs to the retaining wall that fell during the last major storm that hit Danli."

SOUTH AFRICA, HILLCREST, Jeff and Robbin Demarest — They share the following report with prayer requests: "This past week the printing press we have been praying about arrived. We are anxious to get it set up and see it running. We will be printing literature for the RU Recovery program along with Scripture portions and tracts. We are excited as two of the RU booklets have been translated into Zulu. There is a real need for literature, and we are glad that God has opened the door for us to start a printing ministry. Praise the Lord the press is paid for, but we still need to purchase the plate maker, folder, and a container for storage. PRAY—PRAY—PRAY!

Please pray with us about our visa situation. We are waiting on a waiver so we can apply for a work permit. We then will be able to apply for permanent residence in a few years."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, Dave and Debbie Board — They share the following report: "Two weeks ago we took up a special Christmas offering that was used to purchase a cow that will be distributed to around 45 Muslim families in a particular village. We challenged each member of the church here in Phnom Penh as well as our village outreaches to be involved in the offering. We are so happy to report to you that the total amount given in the offering was $793.05. The overwhelming majority of this offering was given by folks who had to make great sacrifice in order to give. Nine out of ten folks who gave in this offering could never afford to actually purchase beef for their own families. It is humbling to see their love for the Lord and for the lost. After I announced our total on Sunday evening, one of our men remarked that this offering reveals the spiritual maturity of so many of our people. I agree. The beef will be distributed by our Cham believers who were saved out of Islam and who, in many cases, have experienced great persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ. PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS LOVE OFFERING WILL BE USED OF THE LORD TO PLANT SEEDS THAT WILL RESULT IN MANY MORE CHAM PEOPLE COMING TO CHRIST.

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SAMAIPATA, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They share the following praises and prayer needs: "We recently returned from Sucre to attend another wedding, the third in eighteen months. All three brides were sisters! The girls' parents reminded us there are two remaining daughters and they are expecting us to be available for their weddings. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration with believers from Iglesia Bautista Cristo Viene. We rejoice with the church for the newlyweds and their dedication to the Lord. We look forward to them continuing to serve the Lord and establishing a Christian home.

The church in Sucre is doing well and is growing. While praying and waiting on the Lord to supply them with a pastor, the young men in leadership are doing an amazing job. I had the privilege to baptize seven who had received Christ. Two were a married couple, parents of two students who started coming to church as small children. Today they are college students! Years ago I had the opportunity to witness to their mother and was thrilled to hear two of the men were able to lead the parents to the Lord.

Here in the village of Samaipata, we are preparing for VBS the second week in January. As you know, it takes a lot of work and energy, and we would appreciate your prayers. The theme this year is 'The Soldier of God' and we are looking forward to teaching some wonderful lessons to boys and girls."

USA MINISTIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following report: "Our Grand Opening was very well attended; 49 people were there! At the invitation time a man walked the aisle crying. When he reached the front, he said, 'I need to be saved!' As he was being shown from the Bible how to receive Christ, his 14-year-old son also came forward as well as another man! Thankfully our BIMI Director and his wife (Bob and Jennifer Larson) had driven in to help—we needed soul winners! A week later we had our first baptism as father and son followed the Lord together. We bought a cattle trough and sump pump and were able to have our own baptismal.

We have had numerous visitors as we are the 'new thing in town.' A few families have joined us as attendance has ebbed and flowed. We have had the opportunity to entertain each family in our home for dinner. We've met neighbors and befriended sales clerks and bank personnel. We've hosted home school events in our home and participated in a few home school groups nearby. Here are some prayer requests:
• Money for portable Sunday school/fellowship hall building
• Health (the cold season has hit us as well; however, Stephen's lungs are still doing well)
• Wisdom in ministering to hurting hearts
• People to desire spiritual growth
• Acceptance among the people here
• Repair of our personal home's foundation (Texas is notorious for cracking foundations)
• Fruit for our labor (more laborers in the church)"

FAR EAST, MONGOLIA, ULAANBAATAR, Bradly and Ashley Kubik — They share the following report and prayer needs, "We are excited to see opportunities continue to open in Mongolia to share the Gospel with the lost people here. Tibetan Buddhism and communism have kept these people from meeting and trusting Christ as their Savior, but through the change in government and the technology of the day, God is opening the eyes and hearts of the Mongolians to their lost condition.

There is a new group of people emerging in this new society of Ulaanbaatar. The millennial generation who have never been forced by the government to believe a certain religion are separating themselves from the traditional Mongolian lifestyle. They are separating themselves from the nomadic lifestyle and dedication to Buddhism, and they are moving to the recently advancing capital of Ulaanbaatar. They are moving here in search of a new life—something different from their past generations of families. They do not know it yet, but God is sending us there with 'something new' they are searching for—the Gospel of Christ! This group lives in a lower-class community surrounding the city and most of them already speak English. We can start working with them right away when we get there while we are still working on learning the language.

Prayer Requests
1. Churches invite us to meetings and join with us in monthly support so we can quickly get back to Mongolia.
2. God's continued protection as we travel the country on deputation until God provides our needed support.

1. God has continued to show Himself faithful in taking care of our needs and keeping us safe!
2. We are now at 36% of our needed support with 27 supporting churches!"

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC/CUBA, Michael and Anna Doering — They give the following report: "During October and November, Michael was in a nearby country teaching church planters. Since initiating a new curriculum in January, there have been amazing results in the number of small house churches that have been started. There are many cases where a church planter has been able to start a new church, and with the believers who have been won to Christ, they take the message of the Gospel to another part of the country and start over. Churches are being started across the country and the message of the Gospel is reaching the people who need to hear. At an evangelistic meeting in October, a man visited who had been an alcoholic for over 40 years. We had invited R. to be our special guest at the meeting, and he showed up early, dressed in borrowed clothes. Before the service even began, Michael translated the testimony of one of the team members who had also been an alcoholic. After hearing this man's testimony as well as the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, R. repented and accepted Christ that evening. He still has a long way to go after forty years of alcohol abuse but he is now trusting Christ daily for strength to live for Him. What a joy it was to see another life transformed by the power of Christ!

As we close, please continue to pray for the following requests:
• Pray for Michael's mother, Linda York. Michael's stepfather Glen York succumbed to a slow battle with Alzheimer's disease on November 18. We were all able to travel to New Jersey to be with her during her loss.
• Pray for the Grace and Truth Baptist Church as we strive toward being autonomous. That has been our goal since we began.
• Pray for the spiritual health of our leaders and our membership.
• Pray for a fresh focus on winning the lost and training those who are believers."

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, MADRID, Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following: "Over the past few months, God has brought several new people to the church who are hungry for God and His Word and whom we have been able to disciple in helping them to grow in the Lord. Because of this blessing, we are in desperate need of a larger building for our church. Please pray as we search for one that is the right size in the right location for the right price. This is easier said than done, but we know that God has the perfect place for us. We have already looked at several buildings, but so far, we have nothing definite. There is also the possibility of renting an unfurnished building, but we would have to put in floors and ceiling, plaster the walls, put in restrooms, and separate rooms for Sunday school and a nursery.

On November 5 our daughter Deborah was joined in marriage to Flavius Tabardau! Their wedding was a testimony of what God has done in their lives and we were blessed to have over 120 friends and family members attend. Please pray for Flavius and Deborah as they work alongside us in the ministry and as Flavius continues his Bible training. He already teaches the teen Sunday school class, the monthly teen meetings, and the Wednesday night Bible Study!"

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, ST. QUENTIN, Dan and Jennifer Post — They give the following report and prayer needs: "'That is something that religion did not teach me!' These are the passionate words I heard after sharing the Gospel with a young man who is in his twenties and aspiring to join the Canadian Football League. I had given him a book that explains the difference between religion and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After carrying the book with him to work and reading it anytime he could, he said that the best part of it were the Scripture verses and that he learned that 'the wages of sin is death.' This conversation took place during our boys' football practice. We must have done ten laps around the field as we talked of his physical condition and spiritual need. I sure look forward to talking more with this young man! We have been praying for his salvation for quite some time now.

The Lord is giving us more contacts and opening doors for us here. This is a very active community that has provided many opportunities to meet new people. The other day I was able to answer some Bible questions of an elderly gentleman. I quoted John 14:6 in French where Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.' During this Christmas season we are praying that God will give us more opportunities to share the Gospel—the real meaning of Christmas.

Please pray for the salvation of the folks we mentioned. Also pray for us as we start our paperwork again for permanent residence here in French-speaking Canada."

USA MILITARY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and LouAnne War — They share the following report: "I had the great privilege of baptizing six people in November, two of whom were the Air Force mother and son who trusted Christ as their Savior during our Italian Appreciation Day. The other family is also an Air Force family who started coming to our church a couple months ago. They are a very good family and all profess to be saved. They had been out of church for a while but are excited to be back in a good church learning and growing in Christ. They told me that they did not want to come to Aviano but had no choice. They also told me that they now understand that God brought them to Aviano so that they would work on their relationship with the Lord. Both families have been faithful and both will be here for another year and a half before they transfer. Please pray for those who were recently saved, baptized, and added to our church, but also please pray for the many who are not in church and not saved in our area.

Please continue to pray for LouAnne and me and also our family in the States. Please pray for our church here in Italy to be a beacon of light to the lost on Aviano Air Force Base as well as our Italian neighborhoods. Please pray for the salvation of military folks and their families here in Italy and around the world. Remember to pray for the country of Italy that the Gospel will spread far and wide and that a multitude will trust Jesus Christ as their Savior."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He shares the following: "We have an ongoing tract ministry here in Thailand and recently finished a new batch of tracts. We printed 10,000 tracts and have sent several thousand to other churches as well. There is another missionary who does an excellent job bringing in Thai Bibles. So, we are blessed to have a good supply of God's Word to give out. Sowing God's Word is very important to us; therefore, we try to give God's Word to as many people as possible. It is my prayer that this will be fruit to your account. Thanks again for your prayers and may the Lord bless.

Prayer Requests
• Salvation of three • Learning language & culture
• A father & family to get saved
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts"

November 2016

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following report: "We are planning some changes in our ministry by the New Year and will give the full responsibility of the church to our Peruvian pastor, Fernando del Campo. We have worked side by side for the last 16 years and he is a very capable young man and leader. There are two other pastors who will continue to serve in different ministries with him, one working with the Senior Citizens, the other with the youth. We will continue to serve the Lord in Peru and are praying for His guidance.

"The Lord has opened an unusual door of opportunity for Carolyn and six other ladies to go to eight branches of Senior Citizens' Activity Centers in our area to teach the Bible. This has been exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). We ask you to pray for the salvation of those who are hearing God's Word, as well as the privilege to continue. The original agreement is until the end of the year.

"Please pray for us during November, our missions month. This year our emphasis will be on reaching the Deaf, both here in Peru and around the world. The Deaf must 'hear' the Gospel as well."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, CHICLAYO, Lee and Eva Johnson — They share the following: "J. M. was one of the first teenage deaf people who came to know the Lord back in 1995 when Eva and I arrived in Chiclayo. Sad to say, he did not commit but drifted away from the Lord in the year 2000. He asked me to visit him and he shared with me that he is tired of the world and wants to come back to the Lord. Praise the Lord! After 16 years he did as the prodigal son did in Luke 15:17a "And when he came to himself." The world never beings happiness.

• Eva's paper work for becoming a U.S. citizen
• Spiritual growth for D. and N.
• For R.'s situation
• That the parents of the children of our school would really take an interest in their children
• Spiritual growth of J. M.
• That A. will grow in the Lord
• For P. and his family
• God's guidance for Melanie as she starts a new school year
• For continued blessing and guidance in our new church building"

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, EL PROGRESO, Matt and Dallita Goins — They share the following report and prayer needs: "In Honduras, as in many countries of this world, owning one car is a luxury. The most common form of transportation is the bicycle—or the legs. In a sprawling city of over 200,000 people such as El Progreso where we minister, we maintain buses to bring entire families to church. Around 60% of our congregation uses the bus transportation that our church provides in order to get to church. Our people brave the sweltering temperatures in this sub-tropical zone as they wait along the bus route. Temperatures are compounded once they climb inside the bus. They smile and talk as the bus winds its way down dirt roads littered with pot holes to pick up the other churchgoers waiting along the route. They do not mind the conditions; they are just glad they have a ride to get to church.

• Thanks for praying for our teammate, Marie Lea-Wilson, as she has been on deputation. She has raised her support in record time and plans to join the minister here in January 2017 to pioneer a Deaf ministry and help with medical outreach.
• Pray for a four-month old infant born with a cleft palate and other physical difficulties. He was placed in the care of our children's home ministry, weighing only three pounds. We are working to keep him healthy and get him to the U.S. for treatment. A hospital has offered to do the entire procedure without cost. Pray we can get his visa."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINCAN REPUBLIC, Mrs. Joy Wesson and Children — She writes, "These last weeks and months have brought about new ministry opportunities, and it is exciting to be a part of what God is doing….We had the privilege of having Brother Justin Watters (Deaf Pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City) and his sister, Andrea, visit our deaf ministry here. What a blessing to see him lead a deaf man to Christ here in our home! Through this man's salvation, we have discovered a new group of deaf whom I have started picking up on Sunday mornings. They have a very limited understanding of the Bible, and we are trusting the Lord to give us wisdom as we share with them their need to accept Christ as their Savior.

"As we prepare for the Christmas holidays, we have many different events scheduled that we use as an evangelistic outreach. One of these activities is our annual Christmas Cantata, which Stephan will be directing in Josh's place. We are praying for a good turnout and for souls to be saved. Stephen is in physical therapy for a back injury and already has several of his 'therapists' lined up to come that evening."

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, BUENOS AIRES, D. A. and Debbi Brosius — They share the following report: "Marriage problems are rampant here, as they are everywhere. Recently, we have been burdened for four families. All of these have teens who are active in our church. Some of these mothers are active as well, but please pray especially for the fathers to see the need for surrender to the Lord.

"Alcohol and substance abuse are also a huge problem here in the city. Please pray for one who is struggling to overcome these addictions. Pray also for his brother who is only 18. He left home several months ago and has disappeared. Both of these young men were raised in our church, and it breaks our hearts to see the worry and fear of their mother for them.

"Recently, we were able to lead the mother of one of our faithful young men to the Lord. We have several who want to be baptized soon now that the weather has improved….Please pray for us, our health, our daughters, and each of the ministries of our church."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, OTTAWA, Jeff and Kim Smith — They share the following: "The question we are asked the most these days is 'How do you like Canada?' The other common questions that we get are 'Where are you from?' and 'Did you leave the States because of the upcoming elections?' As is obvious by the second question, we are still working on Canadian English. As for the third question, we had some open opportunities to tell people why we really moved from the States—to preach and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! As for the first question, we are excited to be here in the city that the Lord as directed us! We are especially blessed to have a wonderful church, Carleton Baptist, to get started with here in the city. The pastors and people have welcomed us graciously and we have plenty of opportunities to serve the Lord. We like the house and neighborhood where we are renting. We have met most of the neighbors when our children play in the driveway and street….I have been reminded how complicated the first world really is. So pray for us.

• For the ministry list below
• Our children in school
• Looking for a French tutor. We are looking for one who will come to our home and teach our whole family.
• For ongoing paperwork and details for us to get settled here

Our current ministry responsibilities and opportunities for prayer:
• Saturday church setup
• Saturday door hangers and evangelism follow-up
• Singing in the choir
• Teaching midweek Bible study (Jeff)
• Teen and college activity upcoming
• Retirement home services
• Home visit with pastor
• Coffee and fellowship with the ladies (Kim)
• Kim speaking for ladies meeting in November"

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, GRAFENWOEHR/VILSECK, Chuck and Susan Sligh — They share the following report: "We experienced our normal 50% turnover this summer. After a difficult year last year, the Lord is blessing in amazing ways! Several people have trusted Christ, been baptized, joined our church and gotten involved in ministry, and begun tithing!

"In September we launched our fall program since all our traveling folks were back home for school. We began with Back to Church Sunday with a challenge of recommitment to church. Additionally, Susan started a Ladies Bible Study, and I met with the men for a prayer breakfast.

The opportunities are great here and our task is challenging. However, we are able to continue to do what God has called us to do because of your faithfulness to partner with and pray for us. And for that, we cannot find the words to express our thankfulness."

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, LIMEIRA, Garry and Pam Tyler — They share the following: "The past couple of months have been very busy. God has given us the strength to work and we have seen God do some wonderful things. First of all, I thank God for giving me two kidneys that function at 50%. I get tired at times but the Lord is our strength and help in time of need. We are both doing well. Praise the Lord!

"We have been seeing a good number of new people coming to our services in the last two months so we are doing much to keep in contact and visit them. Several couples are not saved and are having many problems in their homes and marriages but looking for answers. I went out visiting and spent four hours talking to a young couple whose two-year-old girl died last year because no one found her kidney problem until it was too late. . . . They are not saved and are having a difficult time understanding what is truth. They have been taught so much false teaching in different religious groups that they are not sure what is the real truth. Pray for their salvation. She is in her seventh month of pregnancy, but she has lost several babies before. We have had as many as six men in our services who now live in our city but are from Haiti. Several are studying with one of our men on Saturdays. Two are with us every week.

• For Christians to get involved in evangelism and for souls to be saved
• For Christians to live for the Lord
• For land and a building for our church
• For a new children's ministry using music and activities for children to keep them from the world so they will be saved and live for our Lord Jesus
• For laborers to enter into the harvest fields
• For our Bible institute. At present we have two students and two teachers but we expect to grow next semester."

EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They share the following report: "In September we started back again with the English ministry. More students have been coming regularly so far than the spring semester. This week we had 13 adults in the beginner's class and 8 students in the advanced class. A., who stayed faithfully last semester for the Bible study afterwards, has continued to stay and hear the Word of God. A new student joined us this week, and several questions afterwards he seems open to the Gospel, which was presented. Please pray that the seed that has been planted would grow and not be stolen away or choked.

"In September we started holding a weekly Bible Club at our house. Our team saw the benefit of having a regular spiritual influence in the lives of the children who live in our neighborhood rather than one week a year with Vacation Bible School. We have been using the Betty Lukens flannel graph lessons each week, which were given to us while on our last furlough. Though we have not had the number of children come that we had during the summer, we are thankful for those who do come.

"Each week after we finish the Bible Club at our house, we pack up and head to a children's home called Azimut to repeat the Bible Club for the 20 or so children there. Please pray that we will have wisdom to minister to these children effectively."

WEST AFRICA, COTE D'IVOIRE, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin — She shares the following: "This prayer letter is going out a little bit ahead of schedule because I wanted to ask for prayer for my return trip to Ivory Coast. I will be stepping into a busy schedule and will have several important decisions to make right when I get back.

• For clear direction as I look for a house (I had to move out of my house before furlough)
• For wisdom in planning and for 'open hearts' in the village and medical ministries"

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia — They share the following report: "Medical Missions. The primary purpose for doing medical missions is to help people with spiritual needs after helping them with physical needs. Several months ago, we doubled the number of people seen by offering vitamins and blood pressure checks by a nurse in addition to tickets to see the doctor. All are presented with the Gospel by meeting personally with a soul winner.

"We stay overnight when medical missions are more than two hours from our house. Usually, we travel on Saturday and Stan preaches on Sunday. The other ten team members travel on Monday and Mollie sees patients on Tuesday. On Monday on a recent trip, the pastor and Stan did a seminar on 'Scriptural Science for Educators' for 15 teachers at their Christian elementary school. One of the teachers trusted Christ the next day at the medical mission.

Salvation decisions, full schedule at Pastor's sign-up for medical mission, Mollie's medical permit renewal

Prayer Requests
Hearts to be open to the Gospel, safety and health, wisdom in all our decisions, spiritual growth of new converts"

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, NTINDA, Dan and Amie Dwire — They share the following report: "This is one of the most challenging prayer letters we have written. How can we condense what God has been doing over the last 4+ years in three short paragraphs?

"For nearly 12 years we have lived here; we have seen many areas in need of the Gospel. Some we are reaching through radio. Others are being reached by other missionaries. Still more are being reached through nationals we have had the privilege of teaching God's Word.

"Over 4 years ago, one area for which we were burdened was the northeast suburbs of Kampala, Uganda's capital city with over 3 million people in the metro area. New housing developments and schools indicate the area's population growth—and the need for a church. Since our return from furlough in 2014, God has been preparing us, the ministries in Soroti, and that area for His next step for us. God has put so many details into place and aligned so many event time lines; it is truly in His miracle that all of these things have come together.

"Dan will continue to teach in the monthly Bible institute modules in Soroti, which will be one way we can stay involved in the lives of the people here whom we have come to love and respect. In January we will be moving to Wakiso District, just outside Uganda's capital city, to begin a new church plant.

• His direction and leading. His ways and His timing are impeccable!
• His preparation for these changes, including provision of a house!

• Wisdom as we make this transition, especially in caring for ministry and family needs
• The preparation of the hearts of those to whom God is now leading us"

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following: "We are starting to feel more at 'home' here in northeast Texas! Gradually, we are becoming known in the community (of course, having seven little boys sure helps us stand out!!). At the church I ran wires and built a sound booth, crafted a shed door, painted, built a cross and a small platform. At the house I have replaced toilets, hung doors, made a kitchen drawer, and built a bunk bed with scrap wood we were given! It has been non-stop.

"Our Grand Opening was October 23! After thousands of flyers and door hangers were delivered by us and other local churches and with the help of BIMI Reseeding America, we restarted the Victory Baptist Church. Our first Sunday brought in 49 people, which included 43 local people. Two adults walked the isle for salvation as well as a teenage boy. We all felt during the weeks leading up to this that we were in a ripe area for church planting and the Lord sure showed us He has a work to do here! Please be in prayer for us as we work to raise money for a portable building that our kids can use for Sunday school."

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, BOVES, Carey and Susan Abbett — They share the following: "Between the deeply rooted Catholic traditions that France has been under for the past 2,000 years and the overflowing of Muslims living here, there is an incredible amount of work to be done so that these souls would finally yield their lives to Christ.

"You have heard of several terrorists' attacks in the last few months. We are thankful that we have never been anywhere near where they took place, but their effects (fear, worries, and unanswered questions) have reached our area—not in our lives of course. Our assurance is in God's caring love, but the people we are able to witness to have more questions now than before. Through God's grace we continue to share the Gospel anyway we can, even through simple gestures as Susan's offering a neighbor lady to do her laundry for her while their washing machine was broken down. We continue to have children's Bible Club on Saturdays. I continue to be involved in the Bible school near Paris as well as keeping in touch with contacts we already have in the Amiens area…. I just hope I can be a part of what He is doing and not stand by on the sideline watching."

CLAIM, TENNESSEE, CHATTANOOGA, Joe and Linda Leleaux — They share the following: "Since our last correspondence with you, we have gone on two more projects. In June we traveled to Costa Rica to assist Rick Dove and in August we were back in Honduras to help missionary Evan Williams. Both were building projects.

"As I pen this letter we are making preparations to return to Honduras. Once again we will be helping missionary Evan Williams. We have an electrician, a plumber, a welder, and a general contractor going on this trip. I will be continuing the tile work that I have been working on the two previous trips. We have already purchased airline tickets and left on November 1 and will be back in eleven days. Please pray as we go."

EUROPE, GERMANY, INGELHEIM AM RHEIN, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following: "We do praise the Lord for HIS blessings and HIS presence and working in HIS church here. Thank the Lord with us for good attendances and first time visitors at almost every service. On one Sunday there were about 30 refugees attending our Sunday service! September 25 was another great blessed day for us; there were four who professed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, wholly to live for HIM, and followed Jesus Christ in believer's baptism.

"On Sunday, October 2 we celebrated the German Thanksgiving (Harvest Thanks Festival). One couple who was on vacation decorated our church very appropriately with vegetables, various fruits, breads, and cakes. It was very beautiful.

"Another important and urgent prayer request is for Thrasilla. She has had severe back pains the past four months, making it difficult for her to walk. She had a back operation on October 26. This is followed by four weeks of rehabilitation. We pray that she will soon be pain free. Please pray."

October 2016

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, MASATEPE, Kirk and Kathy Bogard — They share the following report and prayer needs: "God has been opening many doors for us to work with several of the local pastors. I have preached on stewardship at various churches. I also had the joy of preaching an anniversary service at Iglesia Bautista Fe and helping baptize.

The first week of August Pastor Cairo and I began visiting the city of Masatepe in hopes of starting a new work. Most of the people we have witnessed to are Catholic, but God has blessed us with approximately 25 salvation decisions in the last six weeks. Pastor Cairo started meeting with a group of six believers to begin discipling them in their new faith.

Please pray that we receive our residential visas soon. Pray for more opportunities for us to work with the Nicaraguan pastors. Also, pray that God will open doors in Mesatepe for us to get a work started and for us to find a location for the believers to meet weekly. Thank you for your part in our ministry."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following report: "One year ago we held an outdoor service for the beginning of Grace Baptist Church. We are grateful for the initial beginning of our new church. The official service was held two weeks later on October 4, 2015. We are planning our first anniversary services with a weekend celebration October 7–9.

On Saturday, August 27, we held a teen outreach for the young people of our community. We are grateful for the cooperation and participation with fellow missionaries and servants of the Lord. Thirteen people who normally do not attend church participated and heard a clear Gospel presentation.

This month we were able to initiate a new Sunday school program for our teenagers. Up until now we only had a children's class. The primary theme that is being taught for the first few months deals with the believer in the present world. Our church received 1,200 John and Romans for distribution and we will do this over a weekend. We will place one copy in every home around our church. At the same time, we will take the time to explain the Gospel. Please pray with us that these copies will be placed into the hands of those who have receptive hearts.

We express our gratitude to one of our supporting churches in the Athens, Georgia, area for a sizable offering for the continued construction of our church building. A few weeks ago the floor was finished and looks really good. The next project will be to put stucco on the walls and paint.

We appreciate your faithfulness in giving and praying for us."

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, PARLA (MADRID), Julio and Andrea Velasquez — They share the following: "We are rejoicing with all that God did this summer in the church. The Lord has sent several new people who have begun discipleship classes and who are growing in the Lord. They are believers who were looking for a Baptist church, and they have been coming faithfully. We also have several who are visiting and wanting to know more about the Gospel. We continue with our 'Come and See.' A new lady has come now for classes and is asking questions. We are in the process right now of passing out more invitations, and we pray that many who receive them will come to these Bibles studies. We are still actively looking for a church building to buy, and we will inform you more about this in our next letter.

We were also able to participate in four camps this summer. We took five teens to a camp in Portugal, and then we sent two children and one young teen to the nearby Christian camp. One of the children won a trophy for memorizing the most Bible verses, and the preteen won Camper of the Week award."

USA, TENNESSEE, SODDY-DAISY, Robert and Jean Heath (Education and Coordinator Relief Missionary for Military Ministries) — They share the following report: "By God's grace we are both well and are able to stay busy in His work! During the past two months five students have enrolled in the Bible Institute. Each of these students has stated his call to serve God on the mission field and is preparing to start deputation.

We are still receiving good reports from the church in Canada where we ministered during April and May. Yesterday morning, we received a phone call from one of the members who wanted to tell us that her teenage daughter had trusted Christ as her Savior! During the time we were there, Jean had made it a point to sit down and have a good talk with this young lady about her salvation and the Christian life. So we were excited to hear of her salvation!

During the next three months we will be traveling quite a bit, so please pray for our safety. Also, pray that the Lord will use us to motivate the hearts of His people for the work of missions and to lead the lost to Christ."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND, BRISBANE, Joe and Melissa Marshall — They give the following report: "On the 4th of September, we celebrated Fathers Day in Australia. It was a great day with three first time visitors present. Also, the children and teens sang the song 'A Goodly Heritage.' It was a great service with seven fathers present. On September 11, we held a baptismal service. We were able to rent the indoor pool at the North Lakes Aquatic Center. It was an ideal location for a baptism. For this special service, we had seven first time visitors and two returning visitors. Most of the visitors were unsaved family members of the one being baptized. Please pray that his family will continue attending church with him as they have several questions. Following the baptismal service, we had a fellowship lunch. It was a great day for the entire family."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, QUEBEC, Betsey Reznor — She shares the following: "At our church, the big summer events are VBS and Back-to-School Teen Retreat. VBS went well, and we were able to use the bus the Lord provided to pick up kids. Everything went smoothly this year, and there were quite a few kids who heard the Gospel. The kids really settled down during the lesson and listened well, so I knew there were people out there praying for us. Thank you for your prayers! These kids can be a rowdy bunch, but it's such a joy to see them listening to the Bible. I pray they respond and that we see fruit in their lives.

The Back-to-School Teen Retreat was, I think, the best one we've had yet. We didn't have as many teens as usual, but there was a great spirit; everyone seemed to participate. We had at least one young man there who wasn't saved, so we are praying for his salvation. There are other teens who are hesitating between choosing to serve God with their lives and choosing to please themselves. Our theme was to endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:3). Looking out on their faces during the services, I was reminded just how much we are really in a battle for souls."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, LA VEGA. Jeff and Traci Garrison — They share the following: "Traci and I are so excited that for the first in five years we were able to have a Vacation Bible School at Vida Abundante in La Vega. Although the building still isn't completely finished it was usable for this activity. We had a good number of workers who were very happy to sacrifice their time for the children of La Vega! We averaged 70 children per day with a high day of 90! We can't wait for next year and neither can our children and workers.

Traci and I, as well as all the members of Iglesia Bautista Vida Abundante of La Vega, wish to pay a heartfelt "thank you" to all of you who sacrificed and gave to help us get into our new building. The construction is not finished yet, but it is at last usable. Now comes the work of filling it with lost Dominicans!"

WEST AFRICA, SENEGAL, Pat and Jody Russell — Please pray for the following: "Senegal — Pray for laborers to come to Senegal. Also, pray that the Lord will raise up leadership for the work there and that the Lord would lead us to the man of peace—one who is open to the Gospel like Lydia and Cornelius. Pray also as we do leadership development with the man who has been over the ministry in our absence. Pray for souls to be saved and baptized. Ivory Coast — The $6,000 that the Lord brought in has been given to the pastor and they are currently finishing their temporary building. Missionary Bob Mach is assisting us with this since we are no longer in the Ivory Coast. Please pray for the remaining 33k to be raised during this next year. Travel — Pray as we travel. As always we have a lot of luggage and we ask that you pray for safe travel. Pray that we will arrive at our home in Senegal with all our luggage."

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers — They give the following: "We had a great camp in July. We had two young men go with us this year. Both of them raised their hands during camp admitting they needed to be saved. They did not get saved during camp, but they both continued to come to church and other activities that we had planned over the summer. After one of our movie nights in July, one of the young men and I began to talk. God gave me the opportunity to lead him to Christ. Please pray for him. When we get back, we will continue our discipleship lessons.

The end of July we had our baptismal service. God blessed, and I had the opportunity to baptize three people."

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They share the following report: "I would like to share a very special thing that happened only recently. This event started five weeks ago with a wife who stormed away from our booth after she and her husband heard the Gospel. But just to show we never really know what God is doing, it was not the end of the story. Two weeks ago they came back to tell us what God had done. After an afternoon and an evening of conviction working on her, she finally asked her husband for that piece of paper we had given him. She took the tract to her bedroom, read it, and prayed the prayer to receive Christ as her Savior. The next day being Sunday, they attended church where she went forward and professed her faith publicly. Her husband followed her and confessed to the church he had been running from the call to preach for years, to which he surrendered publicly. But that is not the end of the story. As we were rejoicing together of God's grace, I turned to their son who was with them this time and asked him about his soul. With his parents weeping and praying behind him, God graciously allowed me to lead their son to Christ, thus making the family whole in the Lord."

MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH (MMO), Rebecca Pope — Rebecca gives the following report: "This has been a very busy summer! MMO has packed six international trips in three months, and I promise you there were days when I woke up wondering where in the world I was . . . literally! I'm very grateful for the Lord's protection of our team members and me in all our travels. Though our luggage didn't always fare so well, and we didn't always arrive at our destinations at the anticipated times, He has kept us safe and healthy. Thank you for praying!

While in Albania, I met a Muslim woman of Albanian descent now living in Kosovo. She wanted to practice English with me, so despite a significant language barrier, we would look for each other to share breakfast together. One morning I joined her after she had already begun eating, so I asked her to excuse me a moment while I prayed before I ate. When I finished praying, she asked me what I said to God, which opened doors for further conversations, for offering a tract, and a New Testament in her native tongue, and for telling of Jesus' amazing love as simply as possible. Before she left to return to Kosovo, she told me she had been reading the New Testament and that it made her cry. I pray the Lord will bring forth the fruit of salvation in her life!"

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, PEETRI, Rob and Angela Willoughby — They share the following: "It has been a good summer! We hosted many different families in our home and enjoyed getting to know people better and just being a blessing to those we are trying to reach for Christ. While my post was always at the grill, most of the rest of the responsibilities fell upon the hostess (Angela) who made salads and desserts, kept the house presentable, and courageously explained what the strange American foods were to our guests in both English and Estonian. We visited with unsaved friends, families who have come to our church, and even a family whose children came to our VBS.

Just like every year, the mass return to the grind of city life is an open door to us to do some serious outreach. In the beginning of October, I will be offering our Five Love Languages marriage course for the first time in Peetri. We will be running well-made Facebook ads and do our best to reach local couples in our town. Instead of an English class for adults, I will be teaching the children's Open Bible Discovery course in English. One parent has already expressed interest in such a class so that her son can be in an English environment. Please pray with us that God would fill these outreach classes."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They share the following report: "We held our annual VBS the last week of July. It was a great success. We had above 40 kids every night with a high of 46 on Friday night. Through an interpreter, I got to lead a 12-year-old Japanese girl to Jesus Christ. She came to me after the final song was sung on Friday night, desiring to be saved. We went through the plan of salvation under the dim lighting in the church parking lot. She bowed her head right then and there and asked Jesus Christ to save her soul! Praise the Lord! Please pray for her . . . I have not seen her since.

Though we lost two families, we have had visitors almost weekly. One couple came because they heard me pray at a retirement ceremony. A SMSgt asked me to pray at his retirement ceremony, and I was glad to do so and concluded my prayer in Jesus' name. A couple of weeks later, a couple at that ceremony, unbeknownst to me, was motivated to visit our church because they heard me pray in Jesus' name! There's just something about that Name! Amen!"

SOUTH CENTRAL AFRICA, ZAMBIA, NDOLA, Andrew and Jill Shultz — They share the following: "I am happy to be able to give this report on the first ever Youth Camp held at Calvary Baptist Church of Ndola! Zambia has a large number of youth (47‰ of Zambians are under 15 years of age), and part of our ministry here in Zambia is reaching the youth in our area for the Lord. With that in mind, we decided to have a Youth Camp this summer.

The Lord has blessed us with a large church property right in the middle of four large residential areas, and our camp was held on our church property. The camp was especially for the youth attending our church and was just for teens age 13 and above. It was a day camp and started at 8:30 AM and finished each day at 4 PM. Jill and I were the planning force and administrators, but the members of the church were heavily involved too. Two of our members took vacation time from their jobs in order to be counselors for the two teams of teens, and two different church ladies came each day to prepare, cook, and serve lunch to the campers. Our theme was 'Be Strong in the Lord,' and we had Missionary Dave Barnhouse preach twice daily. Many decisions were made. We praise the Lord for 34 campers who attended."

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD, John and Abby Lafreniere — They share the following report: "Door knocking still works! We recently knocked on the door of a man who thought we were politicians but was relieved when he understood we were from a church. The night before our visit, he had attended a wedding in which a groom was 'born again.' A few Sundays later, he attended our church and trusted Christ. Please pray for him as he is being influenced by his family to stay in Catholicism.

Since our last prayer update, we have been blessed by six people becoming members. Some of these are part of the family that we asked you to pray about in our last letter. Praise the Lord!

We cannot begin to express our thankfulness to all of you who have written encouraging letters to our family, as well as the churches that have taken up special love offerings for us. Elijah has grown from our precious baby to a very sweet little boy. Abby has remained encouraged despite her critical health condition. Abby's breathing has now deteriorated to under 20‰ of her lung muscle working. This has prompted hospice to be called in. The blessing of this is the extra home care that hospice provides. We now have over 100 hours of care per week. Thank you to all who have given financially for Abby's care. While this need is mostly met, we still have many outstanding medical bills that will continue to accumulate until Abby is healed. We will do not fully understand why we are going through this trial, but as we complete this update, we are thankful for a God Who can still shine His glory through adversity."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SAMAIPATA, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They share the following report: "In the village of Buena Vista, two and a half hours north of Santa Cruz, a young couple has chosen to make their home and invest their lives serving the Lord. A mother of two came to know the Lord in Sucre when she was twelve years old. She grew up in our church, and after graduating from high school, attended Seminario Bautista Independient in Santa Cruz. After graduation she continued studying in the state university and earned a degree in education. Highly gifted as a teacher, her greatest desire was to open a Christian kindergarten. The Lord has given her the desire of her heart, and with the support of her husband, she opened Centro Pre-escolar Cristiano El Reino, not only providing a Christian curriculum for little ones but also with a vision of reaching lost parents for Christ."

Lord willing, the Gregorys will be going there for a special outreach to the parents. PRAY WITH THEM!

CENTRAL AMERICA, PUERTO RICO, AGUADILLA, Steve and Ann Buchanan — They share the following: "We, as a church, have decided to expand our visitation program. I have encouraged the people not to wait for the scheduled day of visitation but be on visitation all the time. For instance, my car broke down and I had to call a wrecker. I was in the wrecker with the driver for about 30 minutes as he delivered the car to the mechanic. During these 30 minutes I had a captive audience and used it to share the Gospel with him. He did not get saved, but he heard the plan of salvation and was invited to church. The next day I went to the mechanic to check on the car. He asked me if I was a pastor and I told him about the church and since he opened the door, I was able to witness to him as well. God has challenged me and I hope my people to be on visitation all the time looking for opportunities to share our faith. Glory to God!"

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, Nate and Christine Saint — They give the following report: "We are blessed to have 84‰ of our support now and we have been able to purchase tickets to leave for Chile on December 28! With our support quickly coming in, we asked prayer for a good price on tickets between Christmas and New Year's Day, and God provided. Hannah will ride in our laps, but we still have to pay a little for her. Pray that God will provide our last bit of support in His timing.

Our last meeting ends on November 20, and then we have an Exit Interview with BIMI on November 22. We have 13 meetings left, and if we can get a meeting for October 30, it will be 14. Then we'll have a month to spend with family and take our time packing and saying our good-byes. God has blessed. We are excited."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following: "Summer time includes baptism time. A sailor who already professed salvation visited YBC. Mrs. Ruby led his wife to CHRIST. My wife led the wife's mom to CHRIST. The wife's parents visited here in Japan. Brother Eric led the husband to CHRIST. I had the privilege to baptize the sailor and his wife this summer. They are also due to transfer back to the USA next month. Pray that they will immediately attend a biblical, local church. Pray that we can follow up on every contact for baptism and discipleship. I will report to you after a short furlough.

Pray for Elvie, she is going through physical therapy due to pain in her hips and legs. Pray for our son, Eleazar, in the US Navy Submarine School. Pray for our missionary children Jesse and Lynne in Misawa, over 400 miles north of Yokosuka City."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following report: "We are planning some changes in our ministry by the New Year and will give full responsibility of the church to our Peruvian pastor. We have worked side by side for the last 16 years, and he is a very capable young man and leader. There are two other pastors who will continue to serve in different ministries with him, one working with Senior Citizens, the other with the youth. We will continue to serve the Lord in Peru and are praying for His guidance.

The Lord has opened an unusual door of opportunity for Carolyn and six other ladies to go to eight branches of Senior Citizens' Activity Centers in our area to teach the Bible. This has been exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). We ask you to pray for the salvation of those who are hearing God's Word, as well as the privilege to continue. The original agreement is until the end of the year. Please pray for us during November, our missions month. This year our emphasis will be on reaching the deaf, both here in Peru and around the world. The deaf must 'hear' the Gospel as well. Thank you again for your continued interest and faithfulness. Imagine the joy when you see the Peruvians who have come to know Christ because you cared."

September 2016

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, SAN FERNANDO, HUIXQUILUCAN, Nick and Patty Sutmaier — They share the following report: "The summer has been filled with many blessings and decisions for the Lord....Please pray for our building permits and licenses to be approved. The process has kept us very busy, running through all hoops of red tape and challenges. Our blueprints are almost done. Once we get our license for the height and use of the ground space, then we will be able to submit our blueprints for approval by the government."

Our VBS was a real hit this year with over 40 people saved! With the permission of our neighbors around the church, we closed off the road in front of the church to have Olympic races and events for the kids. Everyone loved it, and our neighbors even told us that we need to do it more than just once a year. We do love our neighbors and our community."

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, Don and Patsy Drake — They share the following: "The Lord has allowed us to put out hundreds of John and Romans booklets this summer. One Airman took a case of 300 to his workplace. We have a retired soldier who works at the post office on base and he had taken bundles of booklets. He says he is able to put them out around the post office. Pray these booklets will fall into the right hands and souls will be saved.

We had a good week of VBS with two young people trusting Christ as Savior. On the last Sunday of July, I baptized one of them. We had several visitors and we hope they will return for services.

Patsy finished her chemo on July 28 and started radiation therapy August 8. She will take 36 daily treatments. The chemo and radiation causes fatigue. She is weak and fragile, but she still goes on. As the Lord said to Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9, we can testify: His grace is sufficient! Glory be to God!"

WEST AFRICA, GHANA, KUMASI, Seth and Melissa Acree — They share the follow report and prayer needs: "Since Ghana schools are on summer break here, our church takes this time to host an evangelism outreach using soccer (or football as they call it here). Several of the men in our church and I have taken turns giving a short Gospel presentation after the exercise, and we have one more Saturday to go. Each week we have had 20 to 30 people come out with a healthy mix of current church members and members of the community. Please pray that we finish up this time and people will understand and respond to the Gospel as it is presented.

Prayer Requests
• Continued learning of Twi language
• Continuation of immigration paperwork/strike to the end
• Soccer outreach and upcoming Day of Special Studies."

CENTRAL AMERICA, COSTA RICA, ALAJUELA, ATENAS, Rick and Shannon Dove — They share the following: "It is hard to believe our church in now five months old. What a joy to see this new church being planted here in Atenas, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is VERY STRICT about buildings and code requirements. I met with the contractor this morning to find out what else we have to do to finish the requirements for our permits and came away with a list. Unfortunately, we are at a standstill because we are out of funds. Please pray that God will supply the funds needed. God has been so faithful to supply needs thus far. We must do the following to finish code requirements on our building:

• Finish work on structural damage
• $2,000 to build a handicap restroom, which is required for permits
• $2,000 to lay the concrete floor for our church auditorium
• $500 for emergency lights, signage, and fire extinguishers also required for permits

Every day we see more and more the great need here in Atenas. Please continue to pray for the Iglesia Bautista Victoria."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — Sabrina writes, "Each playground in New York City is like one massive backyard. In the summertime these 'backyards' are packed with children and adults of whom a large majority are unchurched. What a tremendous opportunity to present the Gospel with puppets and a Bible story! After one particular presentation, eight children prayed to receive Christ as Savior. Please pray for these precious folks.

Prayer Requests
• Souls to be saved and the fruit to remain
• Our desperate need for a church building
• More churches to give $25 a month to help purchase a building
• Good health and traveling mercies

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Joy Wesson and Family — They share the following: "Arriving the end of June, we got here just in time to jump right in and help in our church's summer activities. We had a great week of Bible School where we had an average attendance of 130 kids each day with around 25 workers and leaders. It was my privilege to personally give the Gospel and lead many of them to Christ that week.

Stephen had the opportunity to go to another part of the island during the month of July and help another missionary in the Bible School as well. Kimberly participated in youth camp this summer playing the piano for special music. She had the opportunity to lead two children to Christ this last week here in our home and has begun discipleship with two teen girls in our church.

In addition to taking my place as church pianist, it is exciting to be back again in the deaf ministry. Our deaf people are somewhat 'scattered,' but little by little we have been able to contact them and are seeing them come again faithfully.

We look for the Lord to continue to do great things. We thank you so much for the love and support you have shown to our family as we strive to be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, Layne and Nelia Jones — They share the following report: "While soul winning, I witnessed to C. P. at the car wash. He had been an overseas worker and now has a construction business with over 200 employees. He gladly received Christ. Please pray for a new multicab to bring the students back and forth to Catarman. Our old jeepnie gave up the ghost. The cost for a new multicab is almost $5,000. We are paying public transportation for the students to go back and forth and it is getting expensive. We still need $12,000 for a new 3,000 watt transmitter. Please consider helping with these projects. We have five acres of land beside the ocean for our Bible college campus, and we need a college classroom building. The boys' dorm is not yet finished, and we are using the second floor of the boys' dorm for classrooms.

Pray that God will give us more Bible college students. We now have over 50. We have a goal of 100."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, David and Debbie Board — They share the following report: "It is a blessing to see 22 folks follow the Lord in believer's baptism this past month. Here in Cambodia, believers are often not persecuted when they simply make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ; however, when they take the step of obedience to publicly identify with the Lord Jesus through water baptism, the persecution begins. N. was recently baptized and after baptism his neighbors immediately began mocking her and cursing her for leaving Buddhism. Thankfully, she is growing in the Lord and remains faithful. Debbie and I invest time discipling her each Monday at 9:00. She has been saved for about a month or so and is burdened to see her husband saved. He works long hours and has very little free time. We are working on setting up a time to be able to meet with him. Please join us in praying that he will be saved!"

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They give the following report: "Thank you for praying for our new tracts and our summer outreaches. We have been so blessed by how easy these tracts have been to hand out. Our church has passed out over 5,000 of them already! We rejoice that one person accepted Christ during our three-day evangelism blitz, and over 300 people have visited our website and viewed the salvation testimonies there. We continue to ask God to bless and use us here.

P. is from Iran and has lived in Canada for many years. He came to our church in June, and I had the privilege of leading him to Christ. He seems eager to grow in the Lord. Please pray for him.

A. is a teenager from Germany who came to visit his family here in Canada. They brought him to church with them in June. After he attended for three weeks, I was able to lead him to Christ. He has returned to Germany and we trust the Lord to guide him to a good church there.

This fall we plan to evaluate every area of our ministry here and analyze how we can improve everything we do. Could you pray for God to give us wisdom? We want to strive for excellence for Him, and we need His guidance."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, SANTO DIMINGO, Michael and Anna Doering — They share the following report: "Evangelism continues to be a major focus of our ministry. Monday nights are always exciting as we gather in the home of a church member. Neighbors will freely come to hear a message from God's Word. We had an invitation to go to the home of a young lady who had been attending our church off and on for several weeks. She sat and listened as one of our church leaders very clearly shared the message of salvation with her and another member of her family. She accepted Christ that evening and has been faithfully attending our discipleship classes. It is always exciting to see another life changed by the Gospel message.

Please join us in prayer about the following requests:
• Pray for personal revival.
• Pray God will give us wisdom as our church moves closer to being self-sustaining and self-multiplying.
• Pray for God to work in the hearts of those who are still backslidden.
• Pray for God's continued blessing upon the church planting movement in Cuba and for the church planting movement in the Dominican Republic."

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, OROMINIKE, David and Rose Maskey — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Youth Camp! Recently, we held our 4th SMITE (Student Mission Institute for Training in Evangelism) Conference for our youth, and this year we had a team from the States to help us. It was a great blessing to all of us not only to hear preaching but also receive teaching that prepares us to reach others with the Gospel. This year we had 130 youth from ten independent Baptist churches across the country attending the conference, and they held 27 Bible clubs during the week. It was a great success, and we are thanking the Lord for the results and praying that it will have a lasting spiritual impact upon our youth.

Prayer Requests
• The Nigerian economy. Things are still very difficult here lately, and many of our people are hurting financially. We are all learning to trust in God more, but please continue to pray for our people and peace and stability in Nigeria.

• An open door for our 5th church plant. Thank God, there was some response recently, and we are now down to $4,000 needed to purchase property for our next church."

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, BOVES, Carey and Susan Abbett — They write: "Vacation? Summer months are usually tied with the idea of vacation time. Even though it is true that our children are out of school, the ministry never stops. We did have the opportunity and privilege to go the south of France in July to attend to the camp we have been ministering since arriving in France in 2000. Last year the camp went from being a youth camp to being a family camp for the first time, and two people got saved, including one boy who followed the Lord in baptism when he got back to his local church. Even though we were only but a handful this year, my family and I enjoyed this camp and we praise the Lord for His safety and provision.

Still working!
Missions work is never done, and there is always more that needs to be done than we can ever finish. Everywhere we look we see needs and people who need the Lord. Susan recently met a lady who accepted to go on bike rides with Susan. Please pray that this will be an open door for future conversations on salvation. We also have an older couple who came to our Sunday morning service. They attend a Reformed Church in town but were curious as to who we were—they had received one of our tracts in their mailbox."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, OTTAWA, Jeffrey and Kim Smith — They write: "We crossed the border on July as planned. Other than a two-hour wait in the customs office, the crossing went smoothly, and we had a warm welcome from Carleton Baptist Church. They had stocked our new kitchen with groceries. Nothing like food in the kitchen when you are tired and hungry!

Prayer Requests
• That we will find our place in the ministry here and serve in the capacity that the Lord has for us. We have been able to serve in VBS, ordination council and service, and now the mid-week adult Bible study.
• We have learned that both of our vehicles cannot be imported to Canada for mechanical reasons. Please pray about our vehicle situation as we 'retread.'
• Please pay for opportunities for our family to witness as we meet neighbors and continue in the outreach opportunities of our church."

USA MINISTRIES, TEXAS, COMMERCE, James and Andrea Mansfield — They share the following: "The Tuesday night Bible Studies we were holding in our home grew to the point that the people suggested that we move to the church building. We have been meeting there on a regular basis on Wednesday nights for over a month now. We are not having our Grand Opening and services on Sunday for a while yet as there is still so much to do to prepare for it, but we are building a nucleus now. There are several families coming faithfully and we are inviting others as we become more known in the community. A church here kindly offered to print 10,000 tracts and flyers with our reopening information, and our mission board (BIMI, Reseeding America Ministry) is printing Romans booklets with our church information on them! We have created a church logo and theme and will be canvassing soon. The Lord is leading, guiding, and providing; it is so exciting to see Him work!"

BRAZIL, SAN PAULO, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the following report: "As I mentioned in our last prayer letter, our schedule is pretty full until close to Thanksgiving. We have three missions conferences coming up in Iowa, Louisiana, and Rhode Island. We will be back in South and North Carolina in November and December.

We praise the Lord that another young deaf man made a profession of faith on Saturday, July 30. He has visited the church on several occasions, but it was at a birthday party that Pastor was able to lead him to the Lord. That was a huge answer to prayer and we rejoice in his salvation!

We are still planning to return to Brazil, either at the end of December or the first part of January. Within the next few weeks, we will be searching for some good ticket prices. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, COMAYAGUELA, Alan and Becky Jackson — They shared the following report: "The church in Los Robles is being built and many people have expressed interest in attending once they are finished. The services are in a house at the moment, but there is not enough room for the people. It was a blessing to see so many people for a service, but it was quite uncomfortable for those inside. They are averaging about 12 adults and 20 children in their services. There is no doubt that that number will increase when the church building is finished.

I have mentioned Pastor Dolvin and the church in Eucomupe on many occasions. New Hope Baptist Church just celebrated nine years of life. This church was started on the front porch of a house that was abandoned. Then, we moved to the front room of the house of one of the members of the church. After a short time, one of the members donated a plot of ground for the construction of a new building. The building was built and many people came to know Christ. But as time continued it became evident that the church was not adequate for the needs. So, they began to pray for a larger facility. The property next to the church came up for sale and thankfully God provided the funds necessary to purchase it. In July they celebrated their ninth anniversary and the first service in their new building. What a blessng to witness the growth of the church and see God work in the hearts and lives of Brother Dolvin and family!"

BRAZIL, RIBEIRAO PRETO, Carl and Cynthia Johnson — They share the following: "It is hard to believe our church is one year old! The Lord has done so much for us in the past year with souls being saved, lives discipled, families restored, and relationships strengthened.

We have finished the first phase of our building program, which is building perimeter walls. We have now begun work on the foundation to the educational building and main auditorium. Once the foundation is complete, we plan on building the educational building. We are trusting the Lord to supply the needed funds for this construction."

Augtust 2016

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following report and prayer needs: "The Lord Jesus Christ is still saving souls! Mrs. N. was led to the LORD by my wife. Mrs. C. was led to the LORD by our deacon's wife. Both of them are Filipinas, working in the nursing homes in Japan. They were invited to our church by one of our members. Both were recently baptized. N. was visited by her son. He is a college junior in the Philippines. His mom brought him to our church; he heard the Gospel, and my wife led him to the LORD. I baptized him shortly before he departed for the Philippines. A retired US Navy sailor helps me a lot during visitation. We had four visits that evening. The last visit was D. He was invited to our church by another church visitor. Both are US Navy sailors. That night, D. allowed me to share the Gospel and he made a profession of faith. He now attends our church. Our Japanese deacon led a fellow-Japanese to Christ. I recently baptized him. He also led his mom to Christ during a hospital visit. He and his wife and our church have been praying for his mom for many years! After I preached and gave the altar invitation, I saw a young man who visited our church with his family raise his hand for salvation. Our deacon led him to Christ.

Many families are transferring to the States soon. Pray to the LORD of the Harvest to send more laborers to HIS Harvest in our Jerusalem."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA AIR BASE, FUSSA, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They share the following report: "Please pray for our born again troops who must serve and deal with the vileness of this ungodly and abominable agenda in the military. Yet, God is still saving souls and the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. A young woman attended one Sunday morning service in June and responded to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. She is soon to be baptized.

A faithful brother in Christ and I went out door knocking in our local area. We were looking for military personnel who live out of town. As we went, we encountered a Mormon, a Buddhist, and a Jew! We talked to people from Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Sierra Leon (Africa), Minnesota, Texas, and Utah! In every situation the Gospel was proclaimed!...Thank you for your prayers and support."

USA MINISTRIES, WASHINGTON, LYNNWOOD, Perry and Barbara Gibson (serving Japanese Exchange Students in Seattle) — They share the following: "For the past 2½ months, 16 Japanese children have been taking turns, in groups of four to eight, staying in our home. In Japan they attend a bilingual international school that is near the city where we lived and where they are taught Bible stories and Bible truths in English. Their English and their head knowledge of the Bible is amazing! Here in Seattle they were participating in an English immersion program at a Christian school.

On the last three nights, 13 children and their two chaperones were all here 'camping out.' You can imagine the joy of seeing them sitting around our living room soaking up the Gospel message being explained to them in their heart language. Thank you for being a part of impacting each of these precious young lives for Christ and eternity!"

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, LEON, Ricardo and Angela Portillo — They share the following report and prayer needs: "People searching for belonging! Approximately 93‰ of our teens at church come from homes without a father. We are so excited at what the Lord has been doing in Nicaragua. God has been bringing along many teenagers and young people, hungering for the Word of God, and we have continued to see teens saved and discipled. Their zeal is growing along with their faithfulness, and we have begun to be known as the 'teen church.' They are bringing visitors, and we have had many opportunities to see people saved as the result of their enthusiasm.

Prayer Requests
• Transportation — Pray with us for a small truck and a 34-seater bus to bring in more people to church.
• Laborers — Pray with us for a trained family to come help us with the kid's ministry and to start a ministry in San Jacinto.
• More Fruit — Pray with us that more teens would continue to be saved and they would grow in their Christian walk."

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, San Miguel de Tucumán, Larry and Ruth Owens — They share the following: "A 17-year-old and a 14-year-old are on fire for the Lord. Their parents don't come to church, but they started inviting kids from school to come to church, and most of them are from Catholic families. They have had as many as seven friends from school at one service. We thank the Lord that some of the kids have continued to attend faithfully.

L. and his family just started coming to church. They have two older teenagers who were making life miserable for the whole family. They turned against their parents and were fighting them. The parents came asking for help; we set aside time with them to pray and fast. I went to the house to talk with them. One of the rebellious teens got saved. They both hugged their parents and crying asked for forgiveness. They were in church Sunday. The Lord changes hearts!

Please pray for my mom. She is hospitalized and not expected to live. She has been given the Gospel many times over the years but is still unsaved and very hard to the Gospel. Pray she will yet be saved!"

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO, LIMEIRA, Garry and Pam Tyler — They share the following report and prayer needs: "The Lord takes care of His church and we praise Him for doing just that. In fact, we are trying to let Him continue to run His church the way He wants. We have seen new people coming to church and a good number in services. We have been out sharing the Gospel with neighbors near the building we have rented, and several people have given attention to our message. It is exciting to be able to share God's Word with people who want to know the truth. Other prayer requests:

• We got word that our house in São Paulo can now be registered in our name. The cost to have it done is yet unknown but maybe several thousand dollars.

• Pray for those who have heard the Gospel to be saved."

USA CLAIM, TENNESSEE, CHATTANOOGA, Carl and Glenda Vonnoh — They share the following: "There have been 1,431 professions of faith through Medical Missions Outreach since our prayer letter in May. Praise the Lord for the spiritual provision of the soul for these precious people! There have been five CLAIM trips since our last prayer letter. Thank you for working together with us to point people to the Savior.

Do you remember A. who got saved while we were in Honduras in March? He is now in church with our BIMI missionary Evan Williams. Pray that he will grow in grace and knowledge of the Savior. Lord willing, Glenda and I will be in Honduras in August to teach the nationals and to do some construction work while there. I will be teaching in the evening to the men and Glenda to the women. Pray for God's power as we minister the Word.

Other upcoming projects include: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota; Seneca Trail Christian School, Ronceverte, West Virginia; Antigua, West Indies; Unalakleet, Alaska; Santa Lucia, Honduras."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following report: "Since October of last year, Grace Baptist Church has been faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a community that is influenced by religious ideas and customs of every kind. Such ideology includes, but is not limited to, Catholicism, Jehovah Witnesses, Charismatics, and Buddhism. The Gospel of Christ can and does overcome the spirit of error.

An encouragement to us is when our 'children walk in truth' (3 John 4). Two of the men who are helping us with this new church plant are sharing in the preaching responsibilities. This gives them greater opportunities and experience in ministry. It is humbling that they look to us for guidance and answers as they prepare their messages.

In conjunction with other churches in our city, we are planning a local youth outreach on August 27. This will be the first time for our church. We pray that we will be able to reach and minister to the young people of our community.

In the month of August, we will begin a series of messages on John's three epistles. Our desire is to see unbelievers come to Christ and gain assurance of their salvation. Secondly, we want our church to be grounded and established in sound doctrine."

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, PIARCO, Coco Chan — Coco has had the privilege in June to return to her native land after six years and she shares the following good news: "Andrew brought his brother to Jesus, and God gave me the privilege to lead my own brother to Christ too. I was in tears when my brother at the table in his living room bowed his head, asked God to forgive him, and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. AMEN! Praise the Lord!

My brother had followed my parents' path to worship all kinds of idols for years, thinking those gods of wood and stone could protect his family. Shortly after I came back, I started inviting him to go to church with me. He said no at the beginning but changed his mind after a few minutes conversation, and we went. The next week, which was Father's Day, he went again. On the way back home he had so many questions concerning salvation. I prayed so hard in my heart. Finally, I got to open my Bible and explain to him the plan of salvation, and he made a profession of faith. I thank God for opening his eyes to see the one true living God who is able to give him eternal life. He has been at church since. Please pray for his Christian walk. Pray that he will keep going to church even when I leave in September. Pray also for my other two unsaved sisters. If you have been praying for your loved ones' salvation, I encourage you to keep praying. I prayed for my brother for years, and now I know for sure I will see him in heaven someday. God is good always!"

EAST AFRICA, KENYA, KISII, Luke and Tonya Shelby — "We visited one of our rural churches about 2 ½ hours away from Kisii with David Smith so that he could see a village ministry, and we held an evangelistic meeting there. Ten adults were saved and it was a great time! David preached in English, which was translated into Swahili and then on into the Dholuo language (the tribal language in the village). So there were languages going in all different directions! It was fun. Getting there was not so fun though. It was raining when we got close to the village and the roads are not good when it rains. We were sliding around and almost slid down into the ditch. So we used the bumper jack to push the truck back up to the center of the road. At this point, we noticed that a leaf spring had broken and slid over putting a hole in the gas tank with a pen size stream coming out of it! As we continued our journey, David and some of our college students were pushing the vehicle back to the center of the road as I drove to keep us from sliding down into the ditch. When we finally got there, covered in mud, we were able to slow down the leak by putting a screw in the hole until we could get back to Kisii and fix it. I think it was a good missionary experience for David. Please pray for him as he prepares to do deputation to get to the field as soon as possible."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, MOOROOLBARK, Robert and Mary Fuller — They share the following: "For some time we have been praying about starting a new deaf work. We are seeking God for His guidance as to where we can start. In May we made a survey trip to Queensland....We got to meet with a young Christian deaf man whom we met here in Melbourne a few months ago. We had sweet fellowship with him and his parents. Through him we received some information about the Deaf community of Queensland. We will have another survey trip in the Melbourne Metro area soon. Please pray with us about this matter."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following report and prayer needs: "As we have mentioned in previous letters, please continue to pray for the church in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec. The Lord is working and is blessing the church as they look for a national pastor. They have not lost one member, and there are two families who are looking at possibly joining the church. Praise the Lord! The Lord has shown us that it is time for us to start a church in New Brunswick. It is a blessing that we were able to help two churches and were able to learn more of the culture at the same time. It has been an adjustment from Africa, but the Lord has helped us. He is good! The towns that we are looking at are very French and very Catholic, so this experience will help us.

We had quite an experience the 28th of June. I had run an errand with my boys and had just parked our truck at our house. Five minutes later I saw smoke billowing out from the hood. We tried to put the fire out but had to call 911. By the time they arrived, our truck had burned to the ground! Praise the Lord no one was hurt and the house did not catch on fire! When things like this happen, it helps to keep things in perspective. Please pray for us as we have had several major expenses come at the same time. We are counting on the Lord to meet our needs."

USA MINISTRIES, OHIO, MAINEVILLE, Mark and Stephanie Sage — They share the following report: "We were able to enjoy a men's retreat in June. We went to Kentucky for fishing and some target and skeet shooting. It was a blessing to be able to get out and teach our younger men to care for and fire weapons. I have been teaching in church that a freedom neglected will end up a freedom lost. We need to exercise our freedoms if we expect to keep them. Whether it be the right to bear arms, to assemble to worship, or to tell others about Christ. If we do not use these freedoms, we will lose them.

We just finished up VBS as well. We averaged 35 children and 10 teenagers each night. The greatest thing was that 10 young people made professions of faith in Christ. It was also a blessing to have one of the ladies, who was saved a year ago and who had just finished soul winning club training, lead her first young person to Christ. I 'threw her into the fire' in directing her to deal with one of the children—she said, 'My heart was racing for days.' What a blessing!"

WEST AFRICA, IVORY COAST, BINGERVILLE, Robert and Rebekah Mach — They share the following report: "One of the great blessings from our recent furlough is to see how well the Bingerville and Zanapledougou churches did in our absence. Given that a missionary is to 'work himself out of a job,' furlough becomes a good time of indication as to a church's ability to operate on its own. The health of the Bingerville church can be seen in the success of its ministries while we are on furlough.

Just before our departure to return to the States for furlough, the man in charge of our children's ministries moved to Abidjan, making his needed participation an impossibility. The church had to quickly designate a replacement just as we were packing up to leave. What a thrill it has been to see how well that person has assumed this responsibility! The children's Sunday school has been improved (during our absence), and plans have been made for a big children's camp this summer, inviting the participation of several of our sister churches. It is a blessing to see this advancement made by the Bingerville church while we were furloughing."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They share the following report: "We have heard wonderful news of our leaders and church members working together to achieve success. We have had new visitors, a ladies ministry begun, a youth camp put in place, members faithfully fulfilling their responsibilities, people continuing to get saved, and even inquiries about baptism. Wow! God is good and our people are stepping up!

Please note that you can view our ministry update video via our website: and select Furlough 2016 update. Please share it with family and friends and be encouraged at what God had done in Medellín, Colombia. Remember, everything accomplished has been a joint effort and that God has used all of you tremendously."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They share the following: "The city of New York has given us two criminal summonses during our time here in the Bronx, one from the Fire Department and the other from the Building Department. Even though we have some very good opportunities for church facilities, we have not been able to move on them because of lack of financial preparation. NYC is a mountain—not a little hill. We need 600 churches to give $25 per month. All contributions should be directed to account #965, which is called Bronx Building Baptist Mission.

Sabrina and I also have a personal account with BIMI. Our main purpose for being in this ministry is to see a church planted and established here in the Bronx. BIMI has financial guidelines, which we have followed through the years. The ministry does take sacrifice, and yes, we do believe in personal sacrifice. One good verse about it is Psalm 54:6 which states, 'I will freely sacrifice unto thee: if will praise thy name O LORD; for it is good.' We will never take all monies we could have taken, and whatever is not used goes into the ministry."

EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe — They share the following: "Last month we baptized a young man in the lake near our church. He has since married one of the young ladies in our church and is involved in the music ministry with her. There are others who are saved that were encouraged from this witness wanting to be baptized as well. Pray with us as there are a number of believers who come regularly but have not yielded to believer's baptism yet. May God capture their hearts with His love!

The flow of refugees to Germany has made many worried and antagonistic. We welcome them, as God is bringing a mission field to us. Last Sunday an Armenian refugee family from the war area of the Ukraine joined our church. They had been in Denmark as refugees for over a year then were expelled and made it to Germany. In Denmark they were members of a Baptist church whose pastor is a child of missionary parents from the States. I am proud of how so many missionaries from the US go to reach others in this world. It was great to see our church welcome these refugees with clapping in the service last Sunday."

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, Don and Bridgett Dryden — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We had our annual Family Life Conference in May; souls were saved and strengthen by the teaching of God's Word. It was a blessing again to have three brothers (same parents) who pastor national churches to preach and teach during this 8-day conference. These men have attended our Bible school.

Of the many who made professions of faith, eight of those (two were a man and wife) followed the Lord in baptism and have become church members in April-June. This past week has been 'shoutin' time' because a young man who is the son of one of our church members trusted the Lord for salvation. Also, each fourth Saturday of the month, we have an open air singing/preaching service. On June 25 another young man trusted the Lord Jesus for salvation. To make for more rejoicing, a young man responded to the invitation to trust Christ after the Sunday AM service on June 26. The joy to us as missionaries is that many of these souls were led to the Lord by someone we had led to the Lord and baptized. Now they are winning souls!

PRAYER REQUESTS — Bridgett and I would appreciate you praying for:
• souls that are in the darkness of sin who need to come to the light of the Lord Jesus!
• physical issues left by the 2014 Chikungunya Virus on both of us.
• debilitating Sciatic Nerve pain on Bridgett's right leg. She saw a doctor in the States on July 20.
• a Bible Conference (7 messages) Don preached July 10–17."

July 2016

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, MOISA TEE, Ron and Rachel Winkler — They share the following report: "A special service was held on Resurrection Sunday as we teamed up with another missionary family in a nearby city. Several of the people who have been mentioned in previous updates were in attendance. A clear presentation of the Gospel was given through the preaching of God's Word. For some, it may have been the first time to hear the truth of biblical salvation. We thank the Lord that those seeds were sown. For others, the seed had already been planted. Thank you for praying. Please keep praying as we continue to sow and water so that someday there will be a harvest. We are excited that we have permission to begin a Bible study with a couple of young boys. Their mom has agreed to study the Bible with us. This family has a head knowledge of God, the Bible, and spiritual things but not a strong salvation testimony. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to have freedom to work."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, PARAISO, Alan and Becky Jackson — They share the following: "April started off with a great week of Pastor's Training. About 50 men joined us for this week of training. Faith Baptist Church is Tacoma, Washington, saw a huge need and decided to get involved.

God used this church in a special way and they were able to bring 80 pastoral boxes with them that included around 15 books. These pastors have received many necessary tools to better their studies and outreach.

In addition to the pastor's training, this church has sacrificially given to build a Bible institute/Sunday school building. The Grand Opening of this building was the Pastor's Conference. We now have four new Sunday school classrooms, a huge all-purpose room, and a kitchen.

The local church that was started in Los Robles one year ago held a special service on Sunday to promote the building of their new church. God has given the necessary funds to start building a church for this congregation. It is a new work with new Christians but with great potential. There were more than 45 people who attended the service, and one lady accepted Christ as her personal Savior."

CENTRAL AMERICA, YUCATAN, Jeff and Elisabeth Carney — They share the following report and prayer needs: "'If nothing has changed, nothing has changed.' When the Gospel is truly received it transforms and changes lives. We currently have weekly Bible studies at the psychiatric hospital, an area orphanage, in friends' homes, a nearby park, and also in our home. Recently, a dentist said to me, 'Jeff, I need your help to share the Gospel with the guys from our Triathlon group.'

A mere stone's throw behind our house, A. opened her doors this past weekend. We literally received thousands of new neighbors. Praise the Lord for open doors! NEVERTHELESS, we are not here to merely start another Bible study, fill out a stack of new decision cards, or launch another ministry. We are here to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit can change lives, impact families, and grow God's church the way it was made to be grown—one changed life at a time! Here is our 'Change' prayer list...

• C. & family—to be light bearers in Santa Maria Xache and for a weekly Bible study to be launched in their home • A. (leader of the 'IRON friends' triathlon Group)—for his salvation and influence with the group • J. & K.—that their Bible study will grow in Xcumpich so that their family and friends can see and want what they have • R. & G.—for months, he has been struggling with receiving Christ while she is the teen who shows the greatest interest • V.—gave her life to Satan as a teen girl and has been in and out of the psychiatric hospital for most of her life • Pastor O.—that his passion to share the Gospel would grow and for wisdom to lead the church (pastor from our first church plant) • Us—insight and guidance as we continue to write a Gospel questionnaire, tract, salvation Bible study, & discipleship courses"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, ASA, Jim and Emi Civale — They share the following: "On Mother's Day we had several unsaved people visiting in both services, which gave me a chance to give a clear Gospel message to those who needed to hear it. Please pray for those visitors.

Emi traveled to the main island on Friday and Saturday of Mother's Day weekend in order to serve as a guest speaker for the Lighthouse Baptist Church Ladies Group. From all accounts, the Lord blessed her speaking and the ladies appreciated her ministry.

For the later part of the month, Emi and I traveled over to our first church plant in order to coordinate a funeral for a family there. In fact, we are still here at the time of writing this letter. The funeral will continue over the next four days before we head back to the second church plant."

You may check out our website at We do appreciate your prayers more than we can say.

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, EL PROGRESO, Matt and Dallita Goins — They share the following report and prayer needs: "When V. trusted Jesus Christ as Savior four years ago, he was driving a taxi and living for the weekend—and in the process of making life miserable for himself and for those around him through his excessive drinking and riotous living. Since V. responded to Christ's work of grace in his heart, God has been doing a transforming work in his life. He began working at the local post office, where Christ was on display in his work ethic and public testimony. Last year he was promoted to the position of postmaster of the city of El Progreso (a side benefit is that now we get personal mail delivery instead of having to check the post office downtown). We have almost always had to pay to receive packages, but this year we noticed that we weren't paying for the Bibles that BEAMS sends on a regular basis. (We were paying $4 for each shipment of Bibles). We asked if there had been a change in policy for received literature or media mail, but he told us that there had been no change but that God had impressed upon his heart to not burden the ministry with having to pay to receive Bibles. He has been paying for every Bible shipment that we have received out of his very modest salary! We are thankful for this trophy of grace on display at Iglesia Bautista El Faro.

Praise/Prayer Requests
• We are able to break ground on our second children's cottage to help abandoned and neglected children. Pray for this project.
• Please continue to pray for the salvation of A., D., B., L., Al., and C."

EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — They share the following report: "I want to thank those who were able to help a bit extra with the furnishing of our worship center.... This will greatly speed up our being able to use this space for God's glory. We have already purchased the piano that we needed.

During the warmer months we take advantage of the good weather by focusing more on personally witnessing to people outside. This month, I tried witnessing to 635 people. About 170 people allowed me to go through the Gospel with them. Around five let me get their phone numbers, having committed to pray to accept Christ. Please pray for power in witnessing and for fruit that remains.

Our ministry to football players continues. We have new people join our team all the time, which gives me the opportunity to witness to them. Please pray for more fruit from this team.

We finished painting this month. Also, the floor tile has been laid. This next week we will install the doors, lights, and switches. We will also get the area around the doors finished. There are three more things that we need to finish. We need to sand and varnish the stairs, install baseboards, and install plaster panels in the front. We might have our first service in July; please pray!"

USA MILITARY MINISTRIES, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and LouAnne War — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Here in Aviano, there is no base housing for the Air Force families to live. Therefore, we live out in town and have Italian landlords, and many of them have befriended our Italian neighbors. The people of Italy are very religious people, but lost. As a church, we have been praying that God would open the hearts of the Italians in our area as well as Italy as a whole. We have passed out hundreds of Italian Gospel tracts as well as given our many Italian Bibles. Most Italians are polite, but still, they are religiously devoted to their beliefs and do not wish to listen when we try to present the Gospel. Also, most Italians, even those who live close to the base, speak only Italian. There was one Italian man who speaks good English and visited our church for Friend Day. After that morning service we sat and had lunch together. He told me that he really enjoyed the service because I didn't give my opinions but rather I showed the congregation what the Bible said and then explained it.... Then this past Saturday we visited him at his home. . . .We went through more Scripture and I asked him what he wanted to do and he said, 'I want to trust Jesus to take me to heaven.' He bowed his head and prayed, asking Jesus to save him....Please pray for his wife and family's salvation.

USA MINISTRIES, OHIO, MAINEVILLE, Mark and Stephanie Sage — They share the following: "We are excited for what God has been doing the last few months. It seems like it is the busiest of my life. A friend messaged me and asked why I had not been on Twitter in such a long time. I told him: building a church, working a part-time job (school bus), teaching my daughter to drive, and putting her in driver's school, helping her get her first job, fixing our leaking flat roof that was falling in, remodeling the fellowship hall (had to because of damage), resealing the parking lot, putting in a half-basketball court, and the normal life we live otherwise - yes, it has been very busy.

Pray for our VBS coming up July 7–10, camp, and several other events this summer. Pray for souls that have been saved recently including a young man I led to Christ on Thursday night who is going to be a sophomore at Ohio State University."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They share the following report: "In May we visited the church in Sucre to celebrate and officiate the marriage of a faithful couple who grew up under up under our ministry. He started coming to church when he was saved and she when she was fourteen. Both received Christ and remained faithful while growing up. They are in charge of the teens' ministry, which continues to see young folks come to Christ. I was privileged to baptize three teens on Sunday following the wedding.

Sunday school here in the village is going well, and after a year we are seeing fruit of salvation. Two of Jan's eleven-year-old boys accepted the Lord and are showing a lot of interest. Wednesday night Jan counted eight from her class in the service. Continue to pray for his ministry and for qualified teachers to eventually take our place. Praise the Lord we are averaging in the 40s with a good number of adults and teens as well!

Winter school vacation will begin the first of July, and we have completed a children's retreat at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Santa Cruz."

BRAZIL, RIBEIRAO PRETO, Carl and Cindy Johnson — They share the following: "I am so grateful for the family the Lord has given me. Since we moved to Ribeirao Preto for a new church plant, they have had different opportunities to serve Him. I am pleased that each one of them has a volunteering spirit and is actively involved in this new church. Whether it be working in the nursery, singing, teaching the children's class, or turning on the lights and sound equipment, they each take their responsibilities seriously and with joy. This month we handed out certificates to the 14 Christians who finished the discipleship course. This is our 2nd graduating class. Praise the Lord for a growing church!

Recently, I had the privilege of leading a middle-aged man to the Lord. He only visited our church once, so I am praying the Lord will touch his heart about getting involved. I am also grateful for a young lady who accepted Christ in a recent church service. Her brother and his family are faithfully attending church, but she is still struggling to do right. Please be in prayer for her.

Spirits are high as we get ready to begin construction on the new church. We are still waiting for the approval of the church building plans. Everything takes so long in Brazil, but we are in God's hands and following His timing. Thank you for giving and praying so that we can serve the Lord in Brazil."

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — They share the following good news about their church planting there: "On April 24, the Grace Independent Baptist Church in Omoku, our fourth church plant, celebrated their First Anniversary with a record of 183 in attendance. We made the two-hour journey to be with them that morning, and I preached in both the Sunday school and morning service. God blessed again in a great way as 57 souls responded to the invitation to receive Christ as their Savior. The church has been meeting in the living room of Pastor O's house and also in tents outside. However, that morning the crowd was so many and because there weren't enough chairs, many were just standing or sitting wherever they could find a spot. Thankfully, they have already begun building the foundation for a larger building for the church. They are really going to need it now! Continue to pray for their provision, spiritual strength, and growth.

For over a year now, the financial situation here has been deteriorating due to the falling price of oil, which is the mainstay of their economy. Jobs are few, and many are being laid off or not getting paid. It has affected many of our people as well, and some of them who were already living in poverty are really suffering now.... Please remember to pray for our safety, provision for our people, and peace and stability in Nigeria.

In spite of all this, we are also praying for an open door to start a new church this year. We have located some properties in the nearby city of Yenagoa where we'd like to start one, but we still need to raise about $5,000 more to purchase any of them."

FAR EAST, JAPAN, OKINAWA, KITANAKAGUSUKU, Dan and Terry Gardner — They share the following: "The month of May was spent getting ready for evangelistic meetings on the 28th and 29th. We passed out 33,000 tracts/flyers for the meetings. There were eight new visitors and four repeat visitors who came to the meetings. There were several who raised their hands for salvation. Please continue to pray for these to be saved.

We are working on plans to do some much needed remodeling at the Kansai Independent Bible School in Kobe in the month of October. If you would like to help in this project, please contact us at If you would be able to help financially, it would be a great blessing. We are in need of $15,000 for this project. We have received a few offerings for this already but are in need of much more. If you can help in this area, please send your donations to BIMI for KIBBS Remodeling, Account Number 5. Thank you in advance for your willingness to give and help."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, ONTARIO, OTTAWA, Jim and Kim Smith — They share the following report: "Kim and I celebrated 16 years of marriage on June 10. Praise the Lord for His grace our relationship! Please pray that we stay close to the Lord and close to each other. Our deputation schedule is ending in such a geographical way that we are able to visit some of Kim's family before departure to the field. This has been a special blessing, especially to Kim.

We have noticed a trend in our support raising. The trend has been that we have experienced lulls and swells for new support. Now at the very end it seems that we will finish with a lull. We have reached 97‰ but still need a few more churches to partner with us. We have carefully budgeted every amount of our support; therefore, we want to reach 100‰. Also, we faced our first financial reality check for Canada when our housing cost exceeded the budget amount.

We have been praying and planning for a while now to move to Canada on July 7. Please pray that all will go well as we pack and say 'see you later(s)' and cross the border. Thank you for your interest and prayers for our family and ministry."

CARIBBEAN, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, SANTO DOMINGO, Mike and Anna Doering — They share the following: "Winning people to Christ with the message of the Gospel is the reason why we are here doing what God has called us to do. One of our men in the church who is a gifted witness told me the story of J. with whom God allowed him to cross paths. He spent time with him sharing the message of Christ and the freedom that comes when we receive Him as Lord and Savior. J. accepted Christ that night. The first thing he did was gather all of his idols and get rid of them along with some other vices that had held him captive for so long. The Lord is steadily adding to His church.

Pray with us about the following requests:

• Continue to pray for those in our church who are still cold spiritually.
• We praise the Lord for a young man who had become cold in is relationship with God, but has now made things right. We had asked prayer for him, and not only did he get right with God, but the mother of his child accepted Christ and is now taking discipleship classes. They want to get married formally, and we are helping them take that step. Continue to pray for this couple and their baby girl.
• Pray for God's continued blessing on the church planning movement in Cuba.
• Pray that the Grace and Truth Baptist leadership would continue taking concrete steps toward being self-sufficient and self-reproducing."

FAR EAST, TAIWAN, TAIPEI CITY, Jon and April Flowers — They share the following report and prayer needs: "We want to share with you how God blessed our Annual Ladies Tea. April and the ladies worked hard preparing for it. God blessed and we had 21 in attendance this year. What is so encouraging to us is that every lady who invited a quest had a guest come. I thank God for His kindness. I know it was encouraging to our ladies to see people that they worked hard inviting, come to the tea. They all had a wonderful time and God blessed April as she taught about 'The Perfect Gift,' Jesus. Please pray that we could see fruit come from this Ladies Tea.

We also want to praise God that in our adult English class we have seen an increase in attendance. From that class we now have two ladies coming to church. Pray for their salvation."

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, Jorge and Aimee Rodriguez — They share the following prayer needs: "Keep praying that the Lord will provide us with a place to hold services. The house we were looking into did not work out. We were sure this was the right place to hold meetings, but the owner changed her mind for reasons that were not clear. Pray with us that money will come to buy a piece of land to build on or rent.

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, GEORGIA, TRENTON, Mickey and Christine Schrimshire — They share the following: "This ministry of filling the voids has proved to be much needed and much appreciated. Whether we are relieving for furloughs, going in quick for medical reasons, or working on evangelistic teams here in the United States or overseas, we are so appreciative to our Lord Jesus and to each of you, His servants, for making this stage in our lives so fruitful.

Pray about these opportunities for the remainder of 2016:
• Trip to Grenada to help a Grenadian couple start Market Witness ministries in several markets on the island.
• Return to Grand Cayman to help Mt. Calvary plant a new church in West Bay.
• Possible relief work in Alaska.
• Starting Market Witness Ministries in USA churches and overseas.

Pray about these opportunities for 2017:
• Relief of a missionary family in Fiji for their scheduled furlough.
• Trip to Papua New Guinea, to be part of a team for a Bible project of getting Bibles to all the school children and teachers there as we did in the Fiji schools."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share some good news about what is happening there, "In the last couple of months three new Peruvian churches were born:

J. and family moved back to Lima after planting a thriving church in a jungle city. This past week, working with several families sent from our church, they had their first service in a hotel across the street from the U.S. Embassy.

Our missionaries to Germany recently celebrated the first service of a new church plant. Eight nationalities were represented, but their primary goal is to reach the large Kurdish/Muslim population.

A young American lawyer is married to a Peruvian lady from our church. After several years of preparation they have launched a new church in a needy area of Lima and are already meeting with 30-40 people.

Our son Andy with his family and two other couples will soon celebrate the first service of a new church. Since they are being sent out by one of our 'daughter' churches, this new one will be a 'grandchild'! Andy continues to pastor the English church also.

Please pray for all of these newborn churches that they will be able to reach many families with the saving Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. AND, PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SENDING CHURCH HERE IN LA MOLI

June 2016

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, GULA, Nate and Sara Wright — They share the following report: "In March we were able to take a team from our church to visit Pastor Martin and his new church in Aumria. We were able to meet with the people who had been coming to the new church plant, to go to a nearby school to preach the Gospel, and to do some door-to-door soul winning. In every one of these events, people were saved. Please continue to pray for Pastor Martin and his family as they strive to reach the people of Amuria for Christ. Also, please pray that they will be able to find a good piece of property for a permanent church building there in Amuria.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for our institute class in May.
• Pray for a possible South Sudan outreach with another Baptist missionary who is currently in Kajo Keji.
• Pray that the Lord would open doors for us in this incredibly needy field that is being ransacked by war."

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, HUIXQUILUCAN, SAN FERNANDO, Nick and Patty Sutmaier — They share the following: "New converts are such a blessing to our church! Behold, all things are become new. When we hear, 'I'm very nervous about teaching my first lesson,' it is music to or ears! In the fall we have our Victory Class, where we disciple our new converts in a 14-week Sunday school class. When they finish the course, which is not an easy task because of all the homework and Bible memorization, they receive a diploma. Usually, everyone who finishes the Victory Class wants to go into our Personal Evangelism class, where they learn how to be a soul winner in a 14-week Sunday school class.

Our mission on the mountain in Dos Rios is going strong. We just had a whole family who got saved at the Mission and have not missed a service since. They are not just attending the service up on the mountain, but they are coming down to our church all day on Sundays. We know a lot of people are praying because the Gospel is getting out and being received. Thank you for your prayers."

CARIBBEAN, ANTIGUA, CARIBBEAN RADIO LIGHTHOUSE (CRL), Nathan and Renee Owens — They write, "Our Lighthouse staff continues to plug away at their daily duties of keeping the radio station on the air while my wife and I have been in the States since March for our first furlough. We have been able to visit almost 30 churches, updating them on how the Lord is blessing and using CRL, but also, to make them aware of the prayer and financial needs of CRL.

With our current financial situation, we are barely able to meet the status quo of our ministry. I have been sharing in all of our meetings in the States that CRL needs to raise about $3,400 in monthly support. The first $550 of that amount would be to increase our three Caribbean staff ladies back to five working days a week so that they have the time to work on our new endeavors. Already we have an individual who is willing to support $275 of this goal if we can raise the other half."

Thank you so much for your prayers in these big undertakings! We know the Lord listens to our prayers, and through you he continues to us CRL and work in the lives of individuals listening to our broadcast."

USA MILITARY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and Lou Ann War — They share the following report: "It is a great blessing to see our church folks get busy inviting people to come to church....It is exciting for me to see a couple of new converts work on getting their co-workers to church. They had a guest they invited come to church. Also, two of our visitors, a 22-year-old and her mother, indicated during the invitation that they need to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. I sent two of our ladies to talk with them about salvation. They all met together in a group, and the mother said she was saved years ago and she also said her daughter was saved as well. When they came back to the sanctuary, I could see that the daughter was very unsettled. I asked her what was the matter and she told me that she really did not think she was saved. We sat down and went through the Scriptures....With her spiritual eyes wide open, she prayed and trusted Jesus as her Savior and her tears turned into a smile. I do thank God for her tender heart and for the Holy Spirit opening her eyes to salvation."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Grace Baptist Church has been in existence now for 7½ months. We are grateful for this ministry God has established. In April we celebrated Day of the Children with an outreach program that included games, food, and Bible teaching. This was by far the best attended service since our beginning.

The building project is going well. Recently, we were able to build a bathroom and install a window and a plate glass door on the side entrance. On the front we installed a provisional front wall, gate, and window. These can be removed and installed in another area of the construction as soon as the building is extended. This week we are starting on the stucco and cosmetic work. We are thankful for the $13,800 that has been given toward this project.

We never want to lose sight that ministry is about people. We held an evangelistic campaign at the end of April. One of the seminary graduates preached four nights. The majority of those who attended are unbelievers. Some of them attended every service. The spiritual need is evident as many are trusting in false religion and false hope. We pray earnestly for the salvation of these."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They write, "Recently, we traveled over to Jeff North's fundamental, Baptist church in Hicksville, New York, in Long Island for a baptism. Hicksville is about 45 minutes away from the Bronx. Our service was at 2:30 pm, and Pastor North also encouraged his people to come out in support of the baptismal service. Six individuals were baptized.

It may be difficult for many people to understand our inner-city situation. Sabrina and I pick up most people for our church meetings and also brought most folks for baptism. Only one other person in our church has a car and she brought her two daughters for the baptism. Her sister also came to it and, surprisingly, her parents showed up at the last moment to come with her."

WESTERN EUROPE, ESTONIA, PEETRI, Rob and Angela Willoughby — They share the following: "Services in Peetri: Our first two weeks of services were very exciting with visitors each time. The school location was obviously the right choice. On our second Sunday we had a young mother come with her tiny baby as well as a family of five! This family wants their children to be in Sunday school. Both parents went to church in their childhood but have no church home at the moment, which means that they seem to be ideal prospective members. The father is from England while the mother is Estonian.

June VBS: I am devoting most of my energy this month in preparing for our big VBS week of June 13–17. This means lots of translating, schedule planning, inviting, and more translating. We mailed flyers to everyone in our town. We already have nine children who have either promised to come or are very likely to come. It should be an awesome week. Our goal with VBS is, as always, to reach families.

Yes, 50 years of state-enforced atheism has had its effects on Estonia, but we still believe in the power of God to change lives. Pray with us that the stronghold of Satan will fall to the life-giving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRAILA, NORTH LAKES, Joe and Melissa Marshall — They give the follow report: "On June 26 we will be hosting a combined Youth and Children's Rally. We have invited 15–20 churches to attend and will be giving out 2,500 flyers in our community. New Beginnings will be hosting a missions team of 12 people from Pensacola Christian College. Please pray for this outreach event to be a blessing to the churches attending and to people from our community.

On May 8 we had another family of four join the church in the morning service. They have been attending for four weeks before joining. That evening, the husband led the singing. It is exciting to see them participating in the church. Our people are excited to see their hard work and prayers answered."

On June 8 Tim Krug will arrive for a three-week internship. Our church is excited to have him serving with us for this time. Please pray that God will use this trip to work in his life and prepare him for future service in missions!"

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth — They write, "God continues to work in the lives of the Chilean people. We have seen several people come to Christ over the last few weeks. As our resurrection Sunday service approached, through our outreach ministry, we handed out around 3,000 invitations in the community. On that Sunday we had eight people who visited for the first time. Of that group, three people put their trust in Christ. One of the families that visited has not yet made the decision to put their faith in Jesus, but they do continue to attend. Please be praying that God would convict their hearts and they would receive Jesus.

Prayer and Praise at a Glance
• Thankful for the salvation of several people
• Pray that we could continue to bear fruit

EAST AFRICA, TANZANIA, MWANZA, William and Tammy Brouwer — They share the following report: "The church in Igekemaja has struggled with their visitation program for quite some time. Many Wednesdays it would be just the pastor and maybe a few others who would go out to visit and evangelize. Recently, the church has decided to adjust the way they do things. Now, each week they choose a different church member's home to meet at. They then invite the surrounding neighbors to join them. They have singing, testimonies, and a salvation message. They have had a tremendous response. Some weeks there are up to 3–40 people who meet together to hear the Gospel message.

It is hard to believe, but our newest church plant in the village of Zuri celebrated their one year anniversary on April 26. When we started this church, it was the only one in the entire village. Recently, a cult purchased property and has started to build a building—right next door. Last week, as the pastors met for teaching in our home, this situation came up. They discussed the idea of selling the current property and buying another before a building is built. However, it was unanimously decided to not allow these false teachers to intimidate them. Please pray for Pastor Pelegrino as he continues to teach these new believers the foundational truths of the Bible."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, TOYKO, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They write, "The church is going well. We had four new families to join in the last two months. One man is going through a divorce. He has two teenagers and two younger sons. A man in our church led him to Christ, and then I was privileged to baptize this AF Master Sergeant on March 13. Military life is a challenge for families. The devil is certainly hard at work. Please continue to pray for God's wisdom, power, and protection on our lives. He is now growing in the Lord. He came to our Easter Breakfast on the Saturday before Resurrection Sunday. We put on a military style spread of delicious breakfast foods. After eating, we packed up 500 Gospel tracts and headed to the nearby train station to pass them out to the local Japanese people. This man, for the first time in his life, was witnessing for Christ. Praise the LORD! He has told me he wants to get more involved in witnessing."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They shared the following account of reaching souls: "One Sunday after services had finished, a lady and her family were on their way out the door when suddenly something happened. She passed out and fell to the floor. She was out cold for a good 10 minutes. As we did what we could to help here come to, she finally woke up. I said we would take her home, not trusting her stability to ride home with her husband on their motorcycle.

While we drove, she asked me for a favor, 'Pastor, could you drop me off at my mom's instead? Maybe you could come in and meet her and try to talk with here about the Lord.' I agreed and soon we arrived at the small second story apartment....We were introduced and I began to steer the conversation toward the Gospel....Her mother was fighting back tears all the while telling me that she had given up hope....After an hour of discussion and while in the arms of her daughter, the mother accepted Jesus into her heart, and God used our friend's weakness for good."

• Three people saved
• Three people baptized
• Four new church members
• Young couple considering missions

• New church growth to be sustained
• Spiritual protection for the church while we are on furlough
• Safety on the roads while we travel

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Jim and Carol Stackhouse — They give a report on one church plant: "God led us to found the Haven of Rest Baptist Church in November 2005 to work in cooperation with Lae Baptist Bible College to train and send out preachers in the many needy villages and towns of Papua New Guinea. The church was chartered in January 2006 with 65 charter members. Over the past ten years, God has blessed this church immensely with spiritual, numerical, and financial growth. The church has an average attendance of 300, including many first time visitors every Sunday. Through its Faith Promise missions program, Haven of Rest supports the winning of souls and planting churches throughout the country. The church participates in weekly market evangelism and hospital visitation and has seen much fruit from these ministries.

Thanks for your continued prayers concerning our permanent resident visa. Carol and I will be back in the country mid-September, and our first order of business is to visit the Department of Immigration and re-apply for the renewal of these needed visas."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, KIRIBATI, NORTH TARAWA, Sam and Mary Beth Snyder — They share the following prayer need: "North Tarawa: We made a boat trip to the North with the lawyer to meet up with the landowner to see how things are going with the lease. We found out that he was visiting family in the South where we finally met up with him and talked a long time. He is very happy about the agreement and wants to move forward with the court and sign the official lease. We ask you to pray very hard at this time about this land and our place to move. It is a huge step of faith for our family, and we want to make sure this is the right location for setting up a mission station to reach the North. This is going to take a lot of time, energy, and resources. Many of you have sacrificially given to the ministry here, and we want to use these resources on the things God wants to see accomplished. Our prayer has been for the Lord to lead us and not to push on in our own way. The mission is going to have to be God working and His giving us grace to do and be what He desires. At times, this mission seems humanly impossible, but as we read God's Word, we see He specializes in using His servants to do things that seem impossible for them to do but that way God gets the glory."

USA MILITARY, GERMANY, MEHLINGEN, Don and Patsy Drake — They write, "This past year we have had fruit and famine. Fruit—there have been people saved, baptized, and growing in grace. Famine—we have had many PCS and thus far few replacements. We are grateful at this time for two new families and one single lady soldier visiting, but no decision for membership has been made as of this letter. Our church has a sweet spirit and the Lord is being glorified, the Gospel is being preached, and people are at the altar each service doing business with God. Praise the Lord!

One of our ministries is Faith Bible Institute, and we have nine students enrolled in the spring semester. I thank God for these nine who are eager to learn their Bibles.

Patsy continues her chemo treatments. She has a sweet spirit though she experiences fatigue a lot. Her treatments will continue through late August early September, concluding with radiation. We appreciate all the prayers for her, literally, all over the world. Glory be to God! We want the Lord to be glorified through this valley in our lives."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, RIVIERE-du-LOUP, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following evangelism experience: "What a blessing it is to see the Lord work through this small church to reach other areas for Christ! We were encouraged by a visit from our neighbor. We had given him a Gospel tract at Easter that was quite lengthy and presented well the plan of salvation. He came by the other day and said that he had read the tract and he appreciated what it had to say. He was not able to spend time at the moment but we look forward to more occasions to witness. Our goal of giving a John and Romans to every house in Riviere-du-Loup is coming along well. Every week we have about ten people who help distribute, and we hand out several hundred each time.

Please pray for a brother in the church in the Ivory Coast. He is leading the church and was one of our most faithful men. He has what they think is typhoid fever and is very sick. Please pray the Lord will heal him quickly."

CARIBBEAN, HAITI, Don and Bridgitt Dryden — They share the following report:"I just got back to the house having led a group of 13 from our church on evangelism, looking for lost people with whom we could share the Gospel. We have been using booklets provided by Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries and tracts printed by Fellowship Tract League. We are grateful for those good tools that help our people in evangelism. We were also doing follow-up of a young person that one of the men who went out last week led to the Lord. We do this weekly as a church body but teach our people to be on the lookout every day for any occasion to help a lost person come to know the Lord. Jesus said we are to become fishers of men!

Praise the Lord for 35 who confessed their faith in the Lord Jesus this quarter. We had four that finished the new believer's course and were baptized. They have now become faithful church members. We have nine in the present new member's class.

We ask you to pray especially for the few of our folk who have started weekly neighborhood Bible clubs. We will write more in the next letter.

What a blessing the Bible school ministry is! We continue teaching the Word of God and training nationals for the ministry. Presently, we have 128 students and will graduate 22 on June 11, the Lord willing."

May 2016

BRAZIL, Dan and Becky Bennett — They share the following report: "We returned to the United States for our third furlough on January 29, and we hit the ground running....We have been busy visiting supporting churches so far and have even been able to get into some new churches and schedule some upcoming meetings....Our colleagues back in Brazil, Jon and Hannah Speights, are doing well in our absence. Jon is continuing the discipleship of W. and has also begun other Bible studies with more deaf who have a desire to study the Bible. We also just heard that H. and another one of our deaf ladies were able to lead another deaf lady to the Lord several days ago. We praise the Lord that, although we are not there, the work continues, people are being saved, and the deaf are growing in the Lord."

BIMI/ARM PERSONNEL, Janet Burchell, Reaching Japanese in the USA — She shares the following report and prayer requests: "Since my last letter, I have had several ladies join our English/Bible class. Some have expressed the desire to attend, but the time is not convenient for them, so I have been making arrangements to teach some of them in my home. In this way I have had the opportunity to meet new ladies. Now I have a class on Monday and another one Friday as well as the main one on Tuesday. Although there is no outward evidence of the things of the Lord, I believe He is working in hearts because He had promised that His Word will not return void."

Please pray for the salvation of ten Japanese ladies.

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — They share the following: "For our marriage seminar we handed out a total of 36,000 invitations. We had five adult visitors who had never one time visited our church services....For us this is a great result and absolutely worth repeating.

EAST AFRICA, UGANGA, SOROTI, Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz — They share the following: "We finally have our building! We worked hard so that our first service in the building could be held on Easter Sunday. At the last minute we had a problem with the sheet metal roof. The long iron sheets we needed could not be ordered in time. I was told there was no possible way. But I went to a different Indian shop owner who said he would try his contacts. Amazingly, he was able to get us the sheets in time. We finished the roof three days before Easter! (As a thank you, I treated the shop owner and his wife to a nice dinner)....Just like in North America, many Ugandans will come to church on Easter and Christmas when they will not the rest of the year, so we had many visitors....At the invitation three people raised their hands indicating that they wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior! Two of the individuals were old men. It is rare to see older people here respond to the Gospel. Praise the Lord!"

Prayer Requests
• Our discipleship program
• Church growth
• Conviction and salvation of K., S., D.
• Spiritual growth of A., R., C., P., I., O.

USA, HARRISON, TENNESSEE, WORLD MISSIONS CENTER, Dan and Sharon Daugherty — They share the following: "Much of March was spent redoing the entry circle at BIMI. The ground was tilled and cleaned of old tree roots, new plants were put in, irrigation was redone, and mulch was put on the whole area. Praise the Lord for the new beauty as people enter the BIMI headquarters!

April has been busy with mowing, weed control, trimming bushes and trees, and planting flowers. Praise the Lord for three part-time but faithful helpers! Kyle and Nicole are high school seniors who do a lot of the mowing. Lee is a middle aged man who helps with all kinds of jobs.

Please remember to pray for two men in our church. One dislocated his knee and tore three of the four tendons. He is waiting for surgery now. The other cut his hand while operating a circular power saw. Praise the Lord, the man has started back on his job!"

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA, Nathan and Marllorys Arce — They give the following report: "It has become so evident how empty and sinful the lives of the youth of Venezuela are. Week after week, crime related deaths involve victims from ages 14 through 25. L. (a man I am discipling), who is a PE teacher at a high school nearby, has really been growing in his faith and is having an impact on the high schools. Last Saturday our church had 135 students come to be challenged on reality, family, relationships, and decision making in their lives for the present and future. Most of all, they learned that one day they will stand face-to-face before God and will be judged for sin, and Christ died on the cross to save us from that sin and reconciled us to God.

Please continue to pray for the national believers who are struggling to find food and medicine for their families because their salaries are not enough to cover their basic needs. Pray that God will keep us safe from all the evil we are seeing every day, including crime, thefts, and violence. Pray that God will give us the love and boldness to share His message of salvation to every soul we encounter. These are very challenging moments, but 'Is anything too hard for the LORD?ʼ"

USA CLAIM MINISTRY, Joe and Linda Leleaux — They give the following report: "We just returned from Honduras where we were able to complete several projects for BIMI missionary Evan Williams. We were a group of six. During the week we were there, we were able to pour footings for columns for the new church building. We also completed the electrical work needed in the parsonage as well as tile work in the restrooms. We were also able to repair drywall and prep for paint.

While there, Carl Vonnoh, our field director, was able to lead the hotel owner to Christ. What a blessing it was to hear him give his testimony of receiving Christ during our evening meal the next day!

We have a trip planned for Costa Rica in June. Eight of us will be going on this trip and will be working on a church building for BIMI missionary Rick Dove. Then, in September we will be headed back to Honduras. We need volunteers for electrical, plumbing, and block work. If you would be interesting in helping or know of someone who might be, please contact me at 423-718-9258 or email E-Mail (View Email Address) or read more here."

EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They share the following: "Sarah Bodaly, our new team member, arrived on March 17. We loved seeing the Lord orchestrate so many of the details. The Lord provided a nice place to rent and wonderful landlords. The Lord provided a Romanian teacher for her. The Lord also provided a way to get her belongings here cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently than originally expected. Please pray for Sarah as she adjusts, begins Romanian lessons, and awaits the approval of her residency permit application.

After the English lessons on Tuesday evenings, we have a Bible study for those who wish to stay. The study lasts only 30 minutes. Though some have come only once, one has been the only one to faithfully stay for the study. We have spent the past four lessons studying 'How we do NOT become a child of God' and 'How we DO become a child of God.' After this past week's study, she said that she had repented and actually been saved. Please pray for her as she thinks through what we have shared with her from the Bible regarding salvation."

EAST AFRICA, KENYA, Luke and Tonya Shelby — They share the following: "Furlough is winding down, and we have purchased our tickets and will be leaving on May 31. I will be traveling in North Carolina and Virginia for the next three weeks. We will be in Arkansas through the month of May as we get everything arranged for our girls before we return to the field. We will be packing a crate and sending it before we go.

We have been able to raise $11,700 for building projects, and $2,500 for the vehicle, but we still need to raise additional support. We are currently at 80‰ of our needed personal and ministry support. We have had several churches drop our support over our last term on the field due to finances and other things, and others have decreased the support they were sending. We must have additional support in order to continue to reach more people with the Gospel of salvation.

These are the reasons why we need additional support:
• Abigail (19) and Breanne (18) in Bible college
• Five churches that will start in the next year
• Opening two more orphanages
• The need to add 10+ children every year to our orphanages
• Starting two more branches of our Bible college over next few years."

WORLDWIDE MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope — She shares the following: "On my recent trip, three weeks in the Philippines, the needy seemed to be everywhere, especially those children who are homeless and hungry. It is certainly not the first time or the only place I have seen it, but seeing so many malnourished and underweight kids, followed by the from-the-heart posts of two missionary wives regarding the conditions of children in the Philippines, all the while memorizing and meditating on Bible love...well, I just cannot continue seeing others in need and 'shut up my bowls of compassion.' But where does one begin when the need is so great?

After contacting one of those two missionary wives (who has given over 38 years of her life in the Philippines), I will be partnering with her and her husband to augment a feeding program their church family already has in place. She told me that for $40 they are able to provide a simple meal to several hundreds of children. They do so at least once a month. Money has already been transferred to these missionaries, and we are discussing how to provide a more nutritious meal on a weekly basis with the goal of increasing the frequency, as the Lord provides.

My challenge to you—do something, even if it seems too little, to help our brothers and sisters in need."

CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, SANTA ANA, Steve and Christine Cerna — They share the following report: "One of our greatest goals as a church has been to train men for full-time Christian service. A graduate of our Bible institute shared with us a desire to serve the Lord full-time. Over the past three years, he and his wife have been able to support themselves with a small business. At the same time, they have been taking care of their children and serving substantially in the church. As a result of this, we pray that the Lord will allow us to start a bakery at the church. That way, he can work only 40 hours per week, support his family, and have plenty of time to keep developing in ministry. Also, Steve can spend more time mentoring him before he is ordained for the ministry. While in many of the Christian families, one or both of the parents are enslaved to their jobs (thus not serving the Lord as He wants), this couple has shown a great desire to do the will of God.

By God's grace, the church keeps moving along in evangelism. Over the last two months, we have had the privilege of personally sharing the Gospel with over 400 people, in addition to the great many tracts that have been passed out. Please pray for a young man who Steve led to Christ while door-knocking near the church. Although there is great joy when someone makes a profession of faith, we understand that the work does not end there. We need to continue to depend on the Lord for follow-up and discipleship."

EUROPE, GERMANY, MAINZ, Walter and Thrasilla Hornung — They share the following report: "We praise the Lord for a blessed fruitful day at the Lord's church in Mainz. A good group met before the service for an intensive prayer time. Then we had a full house with visitors from Romania, Croatia, and of course from Germany. The Lord spoke through a powerful, challenging message from the Word of God. We also had a good attendance in Sunday school for the children. A couple did an excellent job teaching the teens about Scriptural obedience. It was great to experience the working of the Lord in a young man who received Jesus Christ as his Savior. Praise the Lord!

As you know from the news, we have many refugees here in Germany. Some of our church people are working with them and are helping them. Some of the refugees are coming on their own or are brought to our church services. These people are from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Serbia, Pakistan, African countries, Gypsies, etc. You cannot imagine the many, many needs these people have. Please pray that we will reach some of them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We have six people who have committed themselves to follow the LORD Jesus in baptism. We are praying for 10 to 15. Two of the tallest and strongest men of our church will follow the Lord. We expect over 150 people for the baptism, and at the present, we do not know how to accommodate so many people!"

USA MINISTRIES, CONNECTICUT, FAIRFIELD, John and Abby Lafreniere — They share the following report: "On February 14, 2016, we had a special event called 'I Love My Church Sunday.' We had a high attendance of 29 for our morning service and special dinner. One of the visitors on this day was a local business owner whom I had the opportunity to work under for several years when I was a teenager. Please pray for his salvation. During the dinner, I was able to lead a young lady to the Lord! Please pray for her spiritual growth.

On April 14–17 we had our 2nd Annual Missions Conference. The theme this year was 'Extending our Reach.' Please pray for our Faith Promise commitments that we will be able to add three more missionaries. Also, pray that God will bless our summer VBS, June 27-July 1."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following: "We rejoice in God's goodness to our family and our ministry. C. and her daughter were saved and baptized this past fall. They have brought a lot of life and energy to our church. The daughter went soul winning with Erin for the first time. It has been exciting to see these new Christians growing in the Lord. B. came to our church a few months ago and is also growing in the Lord. We have about eight college and career age young people who are really beginning to serve the Lord in our services and in our outreach. Our bus ministry continues to reach new people as well. All these blessings have been an encouragement to us.

The young man from China whom our boys witnessed to for over four years has grown so much since accepting the Lord in January. Recently, he asked me, 'Pastor Mackay, why have you been so kind to me and reached out to me all of these years?' It was a humbling reminder that God wants to use us to show His love to people, and we do not always know how He is using our efforts."

USA MILITARY, OKINAWA, Gary and Karen Craft — They give the following report: "Fruit — We now have seen people saved, baptized, or join our church every week for eight straight months. A week ago, my wife and I went to the home of a couple who had been visiting the church. One had been saved when she was a teen, but her unsaved parents would not allow her to make it public and be baptized. Another was wonderfully saved that evening, and they both came and made their salvation public on Sunday. They now need to be baptized and are ready to follow the Lord. They are a young couple with a sweet four-year-old little boy. It is good to see people saved! S. and H. were baptized that Sunday, and two sisters, age 11 and 12, were saved in the service that morning. It was wonderful to see the altars full and many decisions were made.

God gave us another Easter Sunday with a large crowd and many visitors, even though the weather was not good. We are thankful for the many visitors who came to visit Maranatha Baptist Church. Last year, we averaged almost 14 first time visitors each week!"

CARIBBEAN, Michael and Anna Doering — They share the following: "Michael began the year by continuing to train church planters. He met with over 70 men who are planting churches. One church planter has been responsible for planting ten house churches.

Please continue to lift up the ministry in prayer in the following areas:
• We have often asked for prayer for those who have become cold in their walk with Christ. We are excited that two young men have recently started coming back to church and showing signs that they want to make things right with the Lord. Please continue to pray for them as well as others who are still away from God.
• Pray for our leaders to continue to mature in their walk with the Lord and be responsible. Our goal from the beginning has been to raise up autonomous Baptist churches.
• Pray for us as we begin to get ready for groups that will visit this summer.
• Pray for a genuine spirit of revival in our church family."

USA MINISTRIES TO HISPANICS, NORTH CAROLINA, HENDERSONVILLE, Ed and Barbara O'Brien — They share the following report: "It is such a joy to see people come to Christ and have a desire to know God and desire to walk with Him and obey Him. One couple is growing in the Lord as we do discipleship classes with them each week in their home, but I must share this story with you. They both work in the fields and come home very tired and sometimes at 'dark-thirty' as we call it. Even though they are extremely tired, they still want to come to their Bible study each week. They truly hunger and thirst for God's Word. A few weeks ago we were doing a lesson on tithes and offerings when we came upon the question: When a person does not give their tithes to the Lord, what are they? Without hesitation, she blurted out 'thieves.' At the end of the lesson I asked them if they had any questions or doubts about anything in the lesson. Again, with a smile on her face and shaking her head up and down, she spoke up and without hesitation and said, 'No, no question at all. Everything is plain and clear that we are thieves.' I think I got it. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise (Matthew 21:16).

Please continue to pray for them as she had to return to Mexico to renew her visa and the paperwork needed to continue here in the States. He is still here, and it is probable that she will be gone at least through December. They will need your prayers during the time they will be apart from each other."

April 2016

SOUTH AMERICA, ARGENTINA, The Grinstead Family — They share the following: "More than anything we are excited about completing deputation and beginning language school in Costa Rica. Our plane departs Atlanta airport, April 19, 9:50 AM!

On April 3, our sending church, Chilhowie Baptist Church, had a Commissioning Service for us. We are glad that April's parents were able to travel down from Canada to be with us, and we appreciated that her dad, Evangelist Mark Bohman, was the keynote speaker.

We have traveled more than 130,000 miles during deputation, and we praise the Lord for giving us safety through every mile. A special thank you goes to all of our supporting churches and to everyone who has prayed faithfully for us.

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for us as we move to Costa Rica to begin language school.
• Please pray that we will have good success in learning Spanish.
• Please pray for us as we adjust to a new culture and language.
• Please pray for the children as they begin school in the Christian Academy."

CARIBBEAN, PUERTO RICO, CEIBA, Jerry and Liz Harmon — They share the following report and prayer needs: "January was our stewardship month, at the end of which we had our missions conference and took up our Faith Promise Missions Offering. We will be able to increase all seven missionaries we support from $50 to $60 a month. We hope to be able to take on new missionaries this year as well. We also raised a special missionary offering during Sunday school. Last year we bought a roll of paper on which to have Bibles printed. This year we hope to buy several bicycles for several national pastors in Africa.

Mid-February Liz led 16 of her students to the Lord during a special Valentine's Day activity at her school. Around the same time, the son-in-law of one of our members passed away. His wife led seven to Christ during his hospital stay and funeral. We finished February with our annual Friend Day. Our people did a great job as we had four first-time visitors as well as several returning ones who expressed an interest in continuing to attend!"

WESTERN EUROPE, SPAIN, DOS HERMANAS, Michael and Jen Helton — They share the following prayer needs: "It is hard to believe, but in March we will apply to renew our residence paperwork! We have been in Spain over ten months and the time has flown. It the past year, we have seen God provide in miraculous ways. We started language school, helped start Iglesia Bautista El Olivar, and even learned the Spanish hospital system.

As we learn the language, we can participate more in the church. Jen was able to sing her first special and both Isaiah and Abbey have played in the services. Isaiah now accompanies the piano with his guitar for congregational singing. I have had two opportunities to lead the Wednesday Bible Study.

• Learning Spanish
• Tapas y Temas
• Residence Renewal
• Abbey's Allergies

• R. (our tutor)
• JLB (our landlord)
• V. (a participant of Tapas y Temas)"

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following report: "Praise GOD for several professions of faith and 11 Scriptural baptisms since January of this year. Please pray for their spiritual growth and discipleship. Our sailors face a lot of challenges as they sail the seas, sometimes for several months at a time. We give them Bibles and discipleship materials, but they must wait till they arrive in a port to search for sound local Bible churches. Please pray they will place the LORD JESUS CHRIST first in their lives and they will pray and meditate on GOD'S WORD everyday even in their super busy schedules protecting and defending our country. Extended separation of military families has unique challenges. Please pray for the spiritual welfare of our military personnel and their families."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, KILTOOM, Stephen and Katie Finley — They share the following: "On February 21, we had our opening service in the new building and 65 people were in attendance! Some of those were believers from an evangelical church in the area and they were coming to show support. Many, however, were lost folks. For example, our unsaved neighbor came to the service along with his children. (The daughter is the little girl whom Katie had been teaching piano.) Pastor Oriel O'Gorman came up from Arklow to preach for us that morning. He preached a strong salvation message, and in the invitation, one person raised her hand to acknowledge that she knows she needs to be saved. No one received Christ, but the Word was definitely planted in hearts. Brother Oriel had the opportunity after the service to speak with a man about salvation. He said that he used to be an atheist, but has come to believe in God in the time he has been attending RBC. However, he still wants to believe that he can get to heaven by attending church and doing good. Please pray that the veil of unbelief will fall from his eyes, and pray that I may find more inroads with him. One inroad I discovered is that he likes the banjo! On that opening Sunday Brother O' Gorman and I played 'Mansion over the Hilltop' on the banjo and guitar. He liked it so much that he now wants me to teach him the banjo. He also loves history and geography—two of my old-time favorite subjects. Please pray for his salvation and the many others who heard the Gospel that day."

EAST AFRICA, TANZANIA, MWANZA, Lisa Newland — She shares the following report and prayer needs: "Bible Club Update—We are averaging 35 kids on Saturdays. Most of all the shyness and fear of the strange 'white lady' has passed, which means chaos is increasing. Can you picture 35 kids taking over your backyard? Of course, I want them to have a good time when they come to my house, but now it is time to lay down some rules. There is no reason for climbing over walls, trampling on flowers, and terrorizing my dog. It is time for them to see the other side of the 'happy white lady.' It is time for some rules and some consequences.

Will you join me in prayer 1) that the Lord's will would be done in Tanzania as it is done in heaven, 2) that the enemy's best efforts against God's work would be defeated, 3) that hidden sin would be confessed and forsaken, 4) that God would call and equip many laborers to work in His ripe harvest field of Tanzania's young people, 5) that God would direct and empower our teaching, 6) that He would protect and enable my Tanzanian co-trainers and raise up more to help us in teaching training, 7) that He would develop in each of our Sunday school teachers a love for children and a passion to point them to the Savior, and 8) that all lies of animism and works-based religion would be exposed and the glorious riches of God's grace would shine?"

CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO, MEXICO CITY, The Ryan Case Family — They share the following: "God's Word Baptist Church is being cared for by a select team of faithful church members and led in my absence by David who was ordained into the ministry shortly before we went on furlough. Together they are doing a great job, but they are still facing many challenges. Please pray for them to remain faithful and encouraged. Brother David is experiencing a serious health challenge as well that is slowing him constantly. Please pray for his healing and for the church to step up to the need and support him.

The church is still growing. Last Sunday they needed even more seats. Some people who were visiting are becoming more faithful as they are discipled, and some who are coming are getting their extended family and friends to visit. Not only is the church having new visitors but also more of the church members are receiving discipleship with members who were discipled during the past few years. They are eager to reach out to others with the good news of the Gospel."

BRAZIL, JARDINOPOLIS, Paul and Sharon Pritchard — They share the following report: "In January we had a special meeting with Brother Sean Lunday from Sao Paulo. In the Saturday night service the Lord blessed with 254 attending. We appreciate that Brother Lunday came; he was a blessing to the church. We praise the Lord for the way he is helping our churches here. We are also thankful that four of the men of our church have surrendered to preach. All of them have been in the church serving. They are enrolled in the Bible college and they are in their second week.

February has been a good month. The Lord has given an increase to the church of five precious souls who have trusted Him as Lord this month. A man who has been in the church for many years saw his sister, nephew, and brother saved in February. Also, two others trusted the Lord."

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, SAMAR, Layne and Nelia Jones — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Three of our orphan girls will be enrolling in the Bible college next semester. Pray for them. Two of the orphans are now in their second semester of Bible college and are doing well after a shaky first semester. Pray for our almost 50 Bible college students and 10 orphans.

Lighthouse 104.5 FM is back on the air again following the typhoon. The old 600 watt transmitter was repaired in the States and hooked back up. It has been repaired three times already. It is not functioning properly and is only putting out around 124 watts. We really need a new 3,000 watt transmitter. The technicians say that we can reach much further with a new 3,000 watt transmitter. The cost for a new 3,000 watt transmitter is $15,000. Please pray that God would provide this great need!"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, CONVA, David and Terri Long — They share the following: "Since our last letter we had 17 people saved on soul winning and in our church services. Along with our regular soul winning efforts during the week, every other Sunday afternoon we go house-to-house soul winning. It has been a blessing because we have been meeting more people at home than we usually meet Monday through Saturday, and several of our people have joined in our efforts during this time slot. Hence, at least four of the 17 people saved were saved on Sunday afternoons.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for us to have more people saved, for more people to come to our church services, and people coming will be faithful.
• Pray for the people who have been saved to follow the Lord in baptism.
• Pray for the children and teens coming to our church.
• Pray for the men coming to church to become faithful spiritual leaders.
• Pray for our Religious Instruction class in the local high school."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, The Mark Gerosin Family — They share the following encounter and prayer needs: "One of our men came up to me and said, 'I have been witnessing to young people from the gang in our neighborhood. Are you interesting in coming up to preach to them?' This is the same gang that previously shot its own leader nine times in the head!

I immediately said, 'Yes,' and began to pray. We would gather together, provide them with lunch, and then preach to them. But one can only think, 'Should I really do this?' I arrived while the food was cooking and there was a large group of young people. They ranged from 13–25 years old. We introduced ourselves then sat down and began to eat. As we ate, there were people coming and going, buying and picking up drugs. Some looked at me strangely, but for the most part ignored me. One young man arrived with his leg bandaged form a gunshot he had just recently received. These were just kids but kids ruling the streets, ruling them with deadly force.

I shortly after began to preach the Gospel, and amazingly, they listened very attentively, stopping only to attend to arriving buyers. I challenged them regarding the brevity of life, knowing that some, although very young, would not survive the year. I spoke boldly to them regarding their 'supposed control' in the streets and frankly told them that God would soon require justice from them and that He would not be bullied.

As things finished up, the head of the gang, told me, 'Pastor, there is no hope for us here. We cannot change.' I disagreed and told him that there is always hope in Christ and there is no one too bad to be saved.

We ended the meeting very cordially and I gave each one a New Testament. They asked me when I would be coming back and I said it would be soon, I sensed somehow a desperate cry for help in the midst of the exchange.

Some let me take their pictures although their faces were covered. And others scattered as the camera came out. Can young people so hardened and so violent be saved from the darkness? When God opens the door, we just have to walk through it.

Prayer Requests:
• Salvation of gang leader
• Spiritual maturity and growth in the church
• Spiritual growth of E.
• Furlough in June."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, AUSTRALIA, Tim and Bonnie Meyer — They share the following report: "A pastor in a nearby town emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me that a lady he knew had moved down into our area and was looking for a church to attend. She eventually emailed me asking for our service times and showed up the following Sunday with her husband. He had gone to a Catholic school as a kid but readily admitted he knew very little about the Bible. He responded to the invitation, I then followed up with a visit to their home to share the Gospel. He accepted Christ as his Savior. After gaining assurance of her salvation, she asked to be baptized also. The next Sunday, both were baptized. Pray as we disciple them.

Please pray for us as we continue to deal with a domestic violence situation. Pray for the mother and children's safety and pray for the salvation of the husband. Pray that God gives us wisdom in how to handle it. It has given us opportunity to share the Gospel in several places, for which we are very thankful, but it is also a fairly violent situation. We have to remain on guard for both our sakes and the children's."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA, Danny and Haruna McKittrick — They share an encounter in witnessing and prayer needs: "The other day I was driving to the 'Chicken Shack,' a street side Japanese 'hole-in-the-wall' restaurant to pick up some fried chicken and rice for lunch. The 'Chicken Shack' is a favorite off-base lunch spot for those stationed on Yokota Air Base. I was praying that I would have the opportunity to share the Gospel to any airmen standing underneath the dingy yellow awning marking the restaurant. Sure enough, as I pulled up in my van, I saw two airmen in uniform waiting for their chicken. I introduced myself and began to witness to them about the Lord and His salvation. One young man was from Hawaii. He said he was Catholic but non-practicing. The other young man was from Minnesota. He was quite standoffish about the whole thing. Both admitted believing in heaven and hell, but both were unsure as to which place would be their eternal abode. I briefly shared my testimony and the Gospel that Jesus Christ saves! Orders were up and off we went. However, I am again reminded that the Gospel message so familiar to me is so foreign to many. Please continue to pray as we try to spread the Gospel to those in uniform."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, NEPAL, KATHMANDU, James and Holly Tamang — They share the following: " 'When can I get baptized?' We had just begun classes for those interested in being baptized. We have been praying much because this can be a time when the families give them pressure. To the unbelievers getting baptized means that you are 'really' a Christian. We have about 15 who are ready to be baptized.

One of the candidates for baptism is a brother of two of our children in the orphanage. He is about 15 years old. He has been coming faithfully. Pray for K.

We have a major prayer request. Since our Home and School have grown, we are running out of space. Currently, we have our school at the home. We have begun to feel the squeeze. Space in our Home that could have beds in it is taken up by desks. Just this past week we had to tell a lady who learned of two boys in a desperate situation that we have no more room to take children. There have been others as well.

We need to get to the village of Shivapur. It has been a long time since I have been able to get out to this ministry due to the petrol crisis. The ministry is in much need of encouragement. It has been very difficult to get gasoline and cooking gas. We are praising the Lord that we have been able to get some cooking gas and the Lord has provided our needs....Pray that hard times will open the hearts of the people to hear the TRUTH OF THE SAVIOR."

Prayer Needs
• Candidates for baptism
• Wisdom for school location
• Trips to village and lack of gasoline."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following report: "Two families followed the Lord in baptism, the others were young people. One was walking by the church on a Wednesday morning. She saw many cars outside the church an inquired what was going on. The person she asked invited her in to the ladies' meeting, which was in progress. She came in, and the ladies welcomed her with open arms. Later, she told her husband and they returned on Sunday. They were very interested in the preaching and Bible studies because it was different from the studies they had been following at the local Kingdom Hall. When she, her husband, and 12-year-old daughter made the decision to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, it was not easy, but they had come to the conclusion that Jesus is God and that He paid for their sins. They trusted Him and Him alone for their salvation.

We are very thankful for the open door to share the Gospel at the Senior Citizen's Center. Probably 90‰ of those who participate in the different activities are not saved. They are religious but trusting in good works, keeping the 10 Commandments and the Sacraments. Please pray that the Lord will open the heart and mind of each one, and that each will be able to understand that if man can work for this salvation, then Christ died in vain (Galatians 2:21). This is not an easy concept to accept since they have been taught and believed the contrary for more than 60 years."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, QUEBEC, Betsy Reznor — She shares the following: "What an odd winter it has been. Even for us in Quebec, it has been unusually warm....However, the warmer weather has given me an opportunity to witness to my neighbor who is afraid that it is a sign of global warming. I was able to tell her that, although I do not want to waste the earth's resources, I am not afraid of what will happen because I can trust my Creator to take care of His creation. Please pray that the Lord will open her eyes to her need of a Savior Who she can trust."

March 2016

SOUTHEAST ASIA, THAILAND, Jeff Gross — He shares the following report and prayer needs: "The Lamphun Baptist Church had a special service this month. We had our first baptism service and saw four Thais baptized! Also, we had several lost visitors come for the occasion and we were able to present the Gospel to them. The testimony of baptism is very strong here in Thailand—the reason being to identify oneself with Christ here can bring heavy consequences. In Thailand it is not so much physical consequences but social and emotional. Many times a Thai is the first and only Christian in the family. The conversion of a family member brings fear to the family. In return the family will accuse the new Christian of betraying family, culture, and country. Family honor is very important here, so it is hard for a new Christian.... So it was encouraging to see these Thais get baptized.

Prayer Requests
• Salvation of two men
• Learning language and culture
• H's father to get saved
• Churches in Thailand
• Seeds to take root in hearts"

CENTRAL AMERICA, NICARAGUA, Miguel and Leticia Parada — They share the following with prayer needs: "In the last two months we have seen the Lord work in various people to whom we have spoken about the need to trust in Christ as their personal Savior. Such is the case with a man who lived for many years in New York and whom I met in the park. He listened to what I had to say very attentively and I could see the Lord touched his heart although he did not want to pray for acceptance. Please pray that the Lord will use us to reach more souls.

Please join me in praying for the following:
• Saved souls
• Pick-up truck or van for the ministry
• Wisdom to make prudent decisions
• Strength and good health
• Residency in Nicaragua"

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, SASEBO NAGASAKI KEN, Steve and Debbie Kissling — They share the following report and prayer needs: "Our church services have been going well at Lighthouse Baptist Church. Several ships are out to sea at this time so some moms and kids are missing their loved ones. Ladies Bible Study has gone well on Tuesday mornings, and we are still passing out tracts twice a month at a downtown mall. We had enough candy canes left from Christmas that we passed out with our tracts on February 19. The Japanese love American candy! We pass out tracts in English and Japanese and we even have special tracts for children. We invite Navy folks to visit our church and Japanese that speak English as well.

Prayer Requests
• New Japanese Christians to grow in Jesus
• More families to come and join us and be sure of salvation and want to serve the Lord
• Finances to improve so we can meet our monthly budget
• Safety for sailors out to sea and for their families waiting for their return
• Tracts we give out twice a month will touch hearts about salvation"

SOUTHEAST ASIA, SAMOA, SAVAII, Jim and Emi Civale — They give the following testimony with prayer needs: "It was not that I doubted God wanted me to preach on the passage I had studied all week. He clearly directed me to 1 Chronicles 13....However, I was hesitant because a certain high ranking chief and his family had visited for two weeks in a row and they said they were coming again. The week before I had preached on King David and Mephibosheth and the beautiful picture of the gospel of grace that passage presents. I really did not want to follow that with a tough message on God's absolute holiness and requirement as we approach Him exactly as He dictates.

By God's grace I yielded to His leading and thundered forth for nearly forty minutes. When the invitation started, nobody moved. Then it happened! The visiting chief and his wife moved from their pew in the back of the church. As the same time, the daughter and son-in-law moved from their seats on the other side. Another woman who was visiting also walked the aisle. Emi, our deacons, and deacons' wives knew what to do. Joining the visitors at the altar, they first led them to the back room of the church and then to the Lord Jesus Christ. What a God we serve!

The next Sunday four of the five were baptized and added to the church. Please pray for our newest church members—the chief and his wife, their daughter, and another were baptized. Please pray for T. to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. Finally, pray for us and we continue to rely on the Spirit's leading and power to preach Christ."

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Larry and Lydabelle Barrett — They share the following with prayer needs: "We are working hard in our church in Almerinda Chaves. We continue using various teams from the main church to help with weekly visitation and by helping in the service through teaching, preaching, and special music. Please pray for the Lord to bless in this church. There are many homes in that area but so little interest in eternal things. Pray for souls to be saved. Pray that we will see growth in our ministry there. In the main church in Jundiai, we are going forward! We had a man saved this month. We are still praying about our plans for building a place to be used for Sunday school classes and activities such as daily Vacation Bible School and other church related activities. Prayer Requests
• Health for us and protection from the Zika virus that is so prevalent
• Construction of the Sunday school addition
• Church in Almerinda Chaves—that the Lord will give fruit and growth
• Bible Institute
• Souls to be saved"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, BARBADOS, ST. PHILLIP, Robert and Rhoda Smith — They give the following report: "A Chinese couple began coming to our church a few weeks ago. She understands a little English, but he is fairly fluent. Two weeks ago, they told Rhoda that they had questions. She told them I would be willing to come to their house and teach them. They were excited. Last Thursday we had our first meeting. I did not know how much Bible they knew so we started with Genesis 1. We met at 9 a.m. and when they finally looked at their watches the time was after 11 a.m.! Next week we will get to Genesis 2 and 3 as we lay some ground work before going on to the plan of salvation. Throughout the course of the week, I will teach people from eight different households. We meet in parks and in homes, and we usually spend about an hour teaching the Bible."


Praise: We were able to purchase a car last month. It is a 2011 Renault Kangoo. With Debbi's still rehabiliting ankle, it was a real blessing to just get in the car and drive to church. Thank you for all who helped with special offerings towards it.

Praise: This is summer camp time and we were happy to send 68 young people between the ages of 8 and 25 to camp. We went as counselors with the oldest group. Two of the older campers and several children made professions of faith.

Prayer Request: While we were at camp, one of the men from our church committed suicide after his wife left him. Their daughter was at camp. We had to tell her and bring her back to the city for the very tense and sad days of the funeral proceedings. There is a lot of anger between the daughter and her mother, and we ask your prayers for the healing of their relationship.

Praise: We baptized 13 people this month! The oldest is 57 and the youngest is 12."

FAR NORTH, CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, RIVIERE-DU-LOUP, Dan and Jennifer Post — They share the following report and prayer needs: "God has been guiding and providing in the church here in Riviere-du-Loup. Since the passing of Brother Rioux, the church members have been very faithful. Every Saturday there are about ten to twelve people who come out for visitation. The Lord is good in allowing us to distribute about five to six hundred John and Romans along with a Gospel tract each week. If we can keep that up, we should be able to cover the whole town and several other surrounding towns this year. It is a blessing to see the Lord work in the lives of these dear folks through preaching and other means. It is a young work but they are eager to go forward for the Lord. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to know how to help them get to the point that they are totally autonomous. They are not able to support a pastor. It is evident that it takes a longer time for churches here to be autonomous than where we were in Africa. Faithfulness and patience are two qualities required to do the work for the Lord here.

Pray for us as we look at re-starting our paperwork for our Permanent Residence in Canada."

USA MINISTRIES, NEW YORK, THE BRONX, Alan and Sabrina Davis — They give the following report: "By the grace of God, several years ago I had the privilege of baptizing A's mother. She was a shut-in for many years and recently passed away. The family asked me to do the funeral. She had five living children and in this situation there was far more concern for the living than the dead. During the viewing, four individuals raised their hands to accept Jesus as Savior during the invitation.

Our last prayer letter spoke about a new couple who had recently begun attending our Bronx mission work. After preaching a message on 'Mercy' one Sunday morning, A raised his hand for salvation, came forward, and prayed the sinner's prayer in front of everyone present in the service. His countenance clearly changed that morning and he said, 'I'm content.' He also said, 'I want to do better.' And he also kept using the word 'try.' He wants to be baptized soon."

AFRICA, BURKINA FASO, OUAGADOUGOU, Randy and Tonya Smith — They are returning to the field and give the following report and prayer needs: "Please pray that I will be able to find an adequate house for our family.... I will be taking a couple of boxes of John and Romans and I look forward to teaming up with a national pastor and the people of our church to get a copy to those booklets to the people living in the vicinity of the terrorist attack. I believe the Lord can use this tragedy to cause people to think of the brevity of life and the great need to prepare for eternity. Please pray that we would be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit and that we would see souls saved. I pray this time would be a great encouragement to our church people as we have been delayed in returning due to our need to raise our support level by 49‰ this furlough."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SAMAIPATA, Malcolm and Jan Gregory — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Arriving home in Samaipata, we found our house had been burglarized. They were very neat thieves, so it took a few minutes to realize someone had definitely taken the time to go through the house. Jan first noticed her cookware and pressure cookers were gone from their usual places. Then going into the bedroom closet, I saw all my shirts were gone, some of Jan's clothing, jewelry, and walking shoes had been taken. Making our way to the office, where they did the most damage dollar-wise, they stole all of our ministry equipment: projector, printer, speaker, microphone, paper cutter, and a very nice Spanish study Bible. They didn't forget the stapler and tape dispensers and even the poster board we used for Bible verses and visuals. This makes the eighth robbery we have experienced in 35 years, which does not include slashed purses on the streets and pickpockets on buses. Personal loss is a price we have to pay while living and working in Bolivia. We are happy to find the Sunday school that we started before going to the States doing well. Many of the children and adults have remained faithful. Do pray it will continue to grow and the Lord will work in hearts about salvation."

SOUTHEAST ASIA, PHILIPPINES, GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Dr. Stan and Dr. Mollie Prussia — They share the following: "We traveled by car to the University of the Philippines—Los Banos. That evening Stan discussed common research interest with an Ag Engineering professor. The next morning, Stan did a seminar and a workshop that included discussion of four ways to learn the unknown. One of the four ways is from God's Word. He pointed out that the Bible is the only way to know truths such as where we came from, who we are, why we are here, and what happens when we die. Stan also gave his personal testimony of trusting Christ as his Savior. As a result, a woman invited him to speak at a Bible study that evening. Please pray for a recent master's degree program graduate of Ag Engineering who is from Myanmar. She listened intently to the Gospel and Stan's testimony, but she was not ready to forsake her Buddhist beliefs and accept Christ as her Savior."

WESTERN EUROPE, IRELAND, ATHLONE, CO ROSCOMMON, Stephen and Katy Finley — They share some exciting news about their new church building. "On January 10, the members of RBC made a very important decision—after seven years of meeting in our current premises, we voted to move into a new building! This building is in an industrial park and is easy to find. It has 1,600 square feet of space (in contrast to the 1,000 square feet that we now have), has windows and natural light (in contrast to our current place, which has no windows), has plenty of parking and even looks like a church building. We have our first service in the new building on February 21.

Please pray that the Lord will show us how we can best reach out to the many Muslims who are pouring into our country. There are many Muslims in our town....they are here and they need the Lord!"

USA BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, TENNESSEE, HARRISON, Ferrell and Barbara Kearney —They share the following report: "We have had a busy autumn on the BIMI World Mission Center campus and I (Ferrell) worked with the maintenance crew in building six suite bedrooms in the upper story of the Hudson Taylor Lodge. These rooms will be used for the BIMI meetings that will be held this summer—Candidate School, CAMP BIMI, and the Enrichment Week (for furloughing missionaries). Barbara has continued to volunteer one day a week at a local hospital, as well as helping in the BIMI office coffee room.

Our ministry at Lakewood Baptist Church has continued. I (Ferrell) am teaching the men's Sunday school class as well as directing one portion of the Bible Institute. I also continue to teach in the Chattanooga Rescue Mission Rehabilitation program."

WEST AFRICA, CANARY ISLANDS, LAS PALMAS, Terry Sharp — He sent a letter describing his ministry and the ups and downs of a building program that he has started, trusting the Lord to work in the lives of those he has been witnessing to in the past days. He shares the following prayer needs:

• M. J. — salvation
• J. & M.— salvation
• A. & M. — wisdom
• L. — growth, faithfulness
• V. — wisdom, encouragement
• I.— salvation, blessings
• K. & J. M. — salvation
• Building renovation—completion in good time within budget"

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, DANLI, Jason and Cassy Tate — They write, "The year-round school year in Honduras makes January a perfect time to get our teens away from the world's influence and into God's Word. This year's attendance grew by 10 with 82 from 5 churches joining us in a mountain camp south of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Missionary Leroy Rolston preached and a group of men form Camps Abroad in North Carolina joined with us to influence the youth for Christ. Many life changing decisions were made including 10 young people accepting Christ as their Savior.

Prayer Requests and Praises 1. Praise for the 15 souls saved in the past 2 months
2. Praise for the 7,700 New Testaments distributed in local schools and business establishments in the past 2 months
3. Prayer for the finances to finish the construction of the Bible Institute — We have raised $43,000 to this point. We need to raise $7,000 to completely finish the building.
4. Prayer for the health of our twin babies"

January 2016

WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, PORT HARCOURT, David and Rose Maskey — They share the following report: As 2015 comes to a close, we are rejoicing in what God has done in spite of all the challenges we faced this year....The average attendance of our main church increased to 660 per Sunday and to God be the glory, we saw over 10,000 souls trusting Christ as Savior through all our churches and ministries in 2015!

There are many difficulties we face here on the mission field (almost on a daily basis) that we don't always share with you, but in spite of them, God continues to be faithful and do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. We are so thankful for the privilege of serving here in Nigeria, where so many people are open and receptive to the Gospel.

We are planning to expand our ministries and churches to see even more souls saved in the coming year and praying for an open door to start our fifth church plant. Many thanks to all of you for your prayers throughout the year, your faithful support and gifts that really help and bless us during the holiday time.

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — They share the following: Our kid's language teacher gets saved. As you know from reading our prayer letters, we have been teaching our children's Russian language teacher from the Gospel of John. When we reached the last verse of chapter 20, it read, "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name." I told her that God did not write this to her just to introduce Himself but to change her life and her eternal destiny. I asked her if she believed that this Gospel was true, and she said, "Yes." Then I asked, "What would stop you from getting saved?" She said, "Nothing." She prayed there in our kitchen and was gloriously saved. She then came to our ladies meeting that weekend. Please pray for her.

More Tracts Handed Out For the month of December, we distributed around 6,000 tracts into homes. We attempted to witness to about 200 people, although not all of those people let us finish a Gospel presentation.

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, Dave and Debbie Board — They give the following testimony: I began going to a new village named Elephant Den about six weeks ago, and one of the first people I was able to meet was Grandpa Son. At 80 years of age, he is the oldest person in the village. It seemed that his heart was soft to the Gospel from the very first time I met with him. After I taught him of his need of salvation and how to be saved, God began working in his heart. I am happy to report that Grandpa Son trusted Christ as his Savior this past week! Please pray for his spiritual growth and influence for Christ in the village. He has already begun sharing his faith with several of his friends in the village who are also quite elderly. Please pray for the individuals whom Grandpa Son has taken me to meet. They are all in their upper 60s and 70s.

FAR NORTH, CANADA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, BURNABY, Russell and Lisa Mackay — They share the following report: God has really blessed our bus ministry! We baptized five people this past Sunday, and three of them were reached through our bus ministry. This has really encouraged and inspired our people. It has blessed our hearts to see God blessing their sacrificial giving toward this ministry.

We took nine of our teens to a Christian School Fine Arts Competition in Oregon this month. Most of our teens attend public schools, so it is quite an undertaking to prepare them for this kind of event. These nine teens won 20 medals at the competition! It was exciting for them and for us.

We covet your prayers as we press on in 2016! We have a great year planned and are asking God to do great things.

WESTERN EUROPE, GERMANY, SALZ, Dan and Tricia Dubbe — They share an interesting testimony: Refugees, primarily from Syria, are streaming into our area. A former furniture store and shopping area are full of them, and more are on the way. Apartments are being taken over by the government to house these people fleeing their countries for freedom. Please pray with us as we seek to know the will of God in how to present hope in Christ to them. Our church just hosted an Open Doors service for persecuted Christians worldwide with emphasis on prayer and the will of God. A couple that has recently become involved in the ministry organized a five-hour prayer meeting for our church and revival in our area. It was a great encouragement and we plan on doing that more often!

FAR EAST, PHILIPPINES, SAMAR, Layne and Nelia Jones — They give the following report: Monday, December 14, at 1 PM, Typhoon Nona hit northern Samar. We were in the eye of the storm. Praise the Lord none of our people were hurt! I have been here over 30 years and this is the second worst since Typhoon Sisang in 1990. My wife and I were trying to hold our garage door, but we could not withstand the force of the wind. My left arm is still numb from trying to hold it. The garage doors were blown off. Most of our buildings' roofs were destroyed, and the walls of the new boy's dorm were blown down. We have been through about eight typhoons, and the roof of the tabernacle has been replaced by short metal roofing several times. The Bible college boys have been putting the ripped off metal roofing back on along with the old wood as a temporary solution. They have been working hard, and we have been paying them a little to buy their needs. This time we need to replace the roof on the tabernacle with long span roofing so it will be stronger to withstand the storms. We are buying diesel so we can run the camp generator all night for safety as there has been plenty of looting....Last Sunday, after the typhoon, we had 20 adults and teens saved on Sunday morning.

AFRICA, TANZANIA, MOSHI, B. J. and Catherine Schultz — They share the following testimony: Many of our core members have realized that this is their church, not the missionary's. They have come to me with ideas on how to invite people to church. They also wanted me to teach them how to show someone how to be saved. We held a soul winning seminar and nearly half the adults attended. I was really encouraged a few days later to hear that one of the men was able to talk to a friend about being saved. Please continue to pray that our church matures spiritually and grows in number.

As soon as our people got a personal burden to win souls and grow our church, we began to see many trials. Satan is really trying hard to discourage me and our people. I can't give many details in this prayer letter but know that your African brothers and sisters in Christ need your prayers.

A few weeks ago I was called to the hospital by one of our members. She was nine months pregnant but somehow the baby died in the womb just a few days before being born. The family has been praying for years for a baby and specifically for a son. There were many tears shed when their perfectly formed baby boy died for no apparent reason. At the hospital the nurse wrapped the 8.5 pound body in a cloth and then placed him in a cardboard box. We transported the baby to the couple's home and buried him in the yard. We held a small impromptu funeral in the family's house. It was a very difficult time. Please pray for them. Please pray for the ministry work here.

EUROPE, MOLDOVA, SOROCA, David and Stephanie Gross — They give the following testimony and prayer need: In November I had the privilege to preach for a pastor friend's church's evangelization like I did last year. The Lord gave grace with my Romanian. It just flowed. Another man preached after me and gave the invitation, and a man came forward and publicly testified of trusting Christ that night. The pastor from another village who had brought him told me that he has been witnessing to him for five years. Please pray for him since he lives with family who is opposed to anything other than Orthodoxy.

USA MILITARY, ITALY, AVIANO, Chris and LouAnne War — They give the following testimony: Tonight we talked with a man who recently visited our church. He is in the Air Force and grew up in a Baptist church. When I asked him what he was trusting to take him to heaven, he told me that he would go to heaven because he was saved. So I asked him what being saved meant in his words. He told me he would go to heaven because he was baptized, he tries to do right, and he has accepted God in his life. I asked him if I could show him what God says about going to heaven. He agreed and seemed very interested. As we went through the Scriptures concerning salvation, I could see his eyes widen and he realized that he was not saved, but in fact lost and on his way to hell. He, with his eyes full of tears, bowed his head, repented , and placed all his trust and faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone as his Savior. Please pray for his spiritual growth and please pray for his wife and daughter's salvation.

EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, ONGUNAI, Alan and Elena Sutphen — They share the following testimony: A woman who we saw in our clinic in early 2014 with AIDS, whom we had not seen in ten months, walked up to us a couple of weeks ago and we did not even recognize her! When we saw her last, she was emaciated, weak and we thought she would not last long. She must have gained at least fifteen pounds and looks like a new woman! But she actually became a new woman when she accepted Christ after being treated in the clinic last year. She remains with AIDS in this life, but will remain forever a new creature in Christ.

We have begun the village clinics again this fall and have ministered to two villages with nearby church plants this far. We saw many more cases of malaria in children than usual. This disease kills many children less than five years of age, but all were successfully diagnosed and treated. We saw almost 115 patients thus far, and all were given the Gospel in their own tongue and will be followed up by the preachers in the two church plants.

Prayer Requests
• Commitment and faithfulness of the village church members
• Salvation decisions through the village clinics
• Wisdom and discernment concerning future ministry work
• Salvation for unsaved family members

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, PIARCO, Coco Chan — She writes, "I want to be born again just like Nicodemus," said a seven-year-old, and he was born again into God's family on October 19, 2015, after the lesson about Nicodemus. Praise the Lord! Besides him, in the past three months four Sunday school children also became children of God and 15 elementary school students. These boys and girls need your prayers to help with their daily walk with God.

In addition to teaching the children the truth from the Bible, I have also taught them to appreciate Godly conservative music. The children's choir practices during Bible study on Tuesdays. From time to time, the choir will sing a special song at church service.

Prayer Requests
• Complete healing from Chikungunya
• Wisdom and strength for each day's service
• Young people to work with me in the children's ministry
• A, the young lady I worked with when at Amazing Grace Fundamental Baptist Church, has been teaching Religious Instruction class with me at two schools. Pray that God will help her keep going and provide her needs.

BRAZIL, JARDINOPOLIS, Paul and Sharon Pritchard — They give the following report and prayer needs: Sharon and I are very thankful for your concern for the mission work around the world. We are witnessing the work of God in our midst. We are having visitors almost every service and souls are trusting the Lord. We baptized 15 on December 15, and they had completed the discipleship program. And in January 2016 we have around 20 more that are still in the discipleship classes. Amen!

Prayer Requests
• God's power on our lives
• God's will in our lives
• Souls to trust the Lord and be saved
• The funds for the new church construction
• Our health (Paul and Sharon)

BIMI ARM PERSONNEL, ARIZONA, PHOENIX, Paul and Jan Fischer — They share the following prayer needs: We had asked you to pray for our work here. We were greatly blessed and encouraged recently when three children in Jan's Sunday school class were saved and baptized. She puts a lot of prayer and study into the lessons and it is a great thing to be able to see the fruit. There are others in her class that need the Lord, so please continue to pray for Jan and the children.

Also, we need prayer for our physical needs. Jan still has a lot of pain in the knees, back, and neck. She went to a chiropractor for several sessions but saw little lasting improvement. We would appreciate your continued prayers for relief of the pain.

Concerning the ministry to Asians in our area, please pray for many more promising contacts. We have a Japanese couple studying Youth Ministry at our church. We hope to make contacts with Japanese folks who are living in our area. They seem to stay for a while and then leave. We have a Bible study at the home of a Filipino couple on a regular basis. Please pray for more contacts and a bigger impact on the Asian community.

MEDICAL MISSIONS OUTREACH, Rebecca Pope — She shares the following report of ministry: By God's grace, Medical Missions Outreach served in eight different countries in 2015, three of these being on the continent of Africa. At least 16,700 patients came through our clinics, and 2,290 made professions of faith. I'm thrilled to be a part of that sowing process.

December 2015

USA MINISTRIES, WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, Perry and Barb Gibson — They have a special unspoken need concerning their family. Please join in prayer for them. Thanks!

SOUTHEAST ASIA, CAMBODIA, David and Debbie Board — They give the following report and prayer needs: "Over the past two months we have seen 16 new believers follow the Lord in believer's baptism. One lady was saved out of Islam and still lives in a Muslim village. Last year her daughter and son-in-law accepted Christ but they kept it secret from her for quite a while out of fear that she would disown them. When she finally found out that they were saved, she desired to visit the church to find out what they were being taught. I remember the first Sunday that she showed up to witness a baptismal service. However, God used it in her life to plant the seed of the Gospel. Thank God, she is now saved and living for the Lord in her village.

We are so blessed by this new family that recently accepted Christ as their Savior. The husband is a university professor and his wife is a childcare provider. They were reached through the Phnom Penh Children's Ministry as a result of one of our teen boys witnessing to them over the space of several months. He recently shared a testimony that God is opening the door for him to witness in the classroom. He presently teaches around 900 students in his classes. Please pray for a hedge of protection to be placed around this family as they grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ."

CARIBBEAN, JAMAICA, MAY PEN, Mrs. Fran Young — She shares the following report: "I endeavor to visit the widows, the sick, and the shut-ins. I pass out Gospel tracts when witnessing and phone those in need of encouragement. I am available to assist through the church in whatever I am asked to do.

With help I was finally able to sort books and clean Brother Young's study. It was bittersweet as that is where he spent time praying, studying for messages, Bible reading, listening to messages and Gospel music on CD. I now know how to sympathize with those whose companion has gone home to be with the Lord."

EASTERN EUROPE, RUSSIA, SAMARA, Adam and Angela Young — "For the month of October, we distributed 8,000 tracts into homes. We attempted to witness to about 200 people, although not all of those people let us finish a Gospel presentation. Please pray for power in witnessing. I met a young man while at the mall with my daughter. He was very interested in speaking English, and I invited him to our home to witness to him. We worked on speaking English for half the time, but for the first half I explained to him how to be saved and why I believe God is real. Please pray for his salvation."

WESTERN EUROPE, FRANCE, CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, Danny and Janice Flowers — They share the following: "On October 11, our church celebrated its 2nd anniversary. We had a great service with 22 in attendance, six of whom were unsaved visitors. One lady invited five of them herself, and she was so pleased when they all showed up as promised. Having a 'big' day is exciting for our young church, but we were specifically praying beforehand for the Holy Spirit's conviction in lives. Since then, several of the visitors have invited us into their homes to continue our conversation about Christ. A couple, whom we mentioned in our April update, is one step closer to making a decision. I have answered many of their questions, and now it is a matter of the heart. Another visitor is under conviction. Please pray for the salvation of these adults."

SOUTH AMERICA, COLOMBIA, MEDELLIN, Mark and Katie Gerosin — They write, "One of the church attendees asked if we could visit her cousin who was recuperating from nearly lethal aneurism and stroke. We went to his house and talked with him about his soul. We were amazed to hear his story. He said while in the hospital he had a dream in which God told him he was going to be okay but he wasn't 'with' Him. He wanted to know what it meant. I began to explain to him that God's mercies are new every day and that is why God had spared his life. I also told him that if he wanted to be 'with' God someday, he had to be born again. After a thorough explanation of the Gospel, he bowed tearfully to trust Christ as his Savior. Praise the Lord! He was inches away from an eternity without Christ."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOTA AIR BASE, Daniel and Haruna McKittrick — They share the following report: "I had the privilege to baptize an Air Force MSgt in September. He was sure he was saved, but he wanted to be obedient to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. In an unexpected turn of events, our landlord not only decided to sell us the property the church sits on but has also decided to let us rent his house (directly beside the church) for FREE! Can you believe that? God is working. Our plan is to purchase the land in three years."

WEST AFRICA, COTE d'IVOIRE, BINGERVILLE, Kristine McLaughlin, — She writes, "Before leaving for furlough, our last medical evangelistic day was held in Anan, the first of the Bingerville villages that opened to us. As always is the case, we had lines of sick folks who came to see us that day with several making decisions to either be saved or to be more committed to serving Christ. In the midst of the business of the day, the Lord showed us something neat and exciting. We realized that there was a new church in Anan. Traditionally, Anan had only allowed two religious groups to establish themselves, the Catholic church and the Harrist church (a denomination founded in nearby Liberia). This is because neither of these two religions speak out against animistic practices, so the people could go to church while continuing in animism. Now, this mentality appears to be changing. Missionary Bob Mach, a deacon (the village ministry director), and I were encouraged by this development. Perhaps now after years of treating the people with medicine, the Lord will allow the nucleus of believers in Anan who the Lord has allowed us to disciple to grow into a church plant. This is our prayer. Please pray the Lord will bless the visitation group led by the deacon with fruit and with unique favor from both the chief and the ruling family. Pray too for the Lord to give us wisdom in this important step and to call a national pastor to this future church."

CENTRAL AMERICA, HONDURAS, Matt and Dallita Goins — They have had a series of extra-ordinary God-ordained events. They sent the following prayer needs:

• "Pray that we will be able to recuperate all of our personal and church funds that we had in the bank. At the writing of this letter, we have receive 75‰ of our personal funds and 60‰ of our church funds. In times of injustice, we look to the Righteous Judge and anticipate His reign on earth one day.
• MINISTRY NEED: We could really use a 15-passenger van for several different activities in the ministry. Will you pray with us for God to supply this need at this time?"

CARIBBEAN, WEST INDIES, TRINIDAD, COUVA, David and Terri Long — They write, "Souls Saved: Since our last letter, we have had 11 people saved in our services and on soul winning. Also, during September and October we have been having more visitors in our church services.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for us to have more people saved, for more people to come to our church services, and that the people coming now would be more faithful.
• Pray for more people who have been saved to get baptized.
• Pray for the children and teens coming to our church.
• Pray for our Religious Instruction class in the local high school.
• Pray for us to be able to purchase a used van."

SOUTH AMERICA, PERU, LIMA, Tom and Carolyn Pace — They share the following report: "GPS, UniTeam, Alta Ruta, Vida Nueva Teens, Mujer Real, Grifo, Vida Nueva Kids, Acts 29...these are the names of some of the dynamic groups aimed at reaching and making disciples in the La Molina district of Lima. On Wednesday over a hundred ladies meet for Mujer Real Bible studies. One of the pastors has a regular Bible study group for retired men. They call themselves the Service Station Gang because many are in the 84, 90, or 90 range just like the octane rating of gasoline here! Our four youth groups are also active and growing. The college age group has an interesting ministry called Micro-ambassadors. They meet for prayer on Thursday; after their classes they get on the buses (called micros in Lima) and ride to the end of the line, preaching, passing out tracts, and witnessing to individuals. A new ministry has opened up in the Municipal Senior Citizens' Center for Bible study once a month. Carolyn is making friends as well as teaching God's Word.

A battle with kidney stones has slowed Tom down for three months. Recent surgery has still not taken care of it, so please pray. Our insurance company considers it a pre-existing condition and refuses to pay, but God has provided."

BRAZIL, JUNDIAI, Tim and Lidia Barrett — They report, "The Nehemiah Project in our church in Almerinda Chaves is going strong. As we wrote in our last letter, we have scheduled families from our main church in Jundiai to help in different services and outreaches in the fledging church in Almerinda Chaves. These past months we had three weeks of Bible clubs (in both churches) and several children (and a few of the parents) accepted Christ as their Savior. Please pray for fruit to remain in the church in Almerinda Chaves.

Please pray for our family camp this month. Several churches participate with us, and it is always a very blessed time for our church people. Our theme this year will be Moldado ou Conforomado (Molded or Conformed), based on Isaiah 64:8 and Romans 12:2."

SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA, SANTA CRUZ, Tony and Sarah Henderson — They share the following: "Our new church is five weeks old. Prior to this, Open Door Baptist Church came to participate in our open-air service on September 20. We are grateful for the participation of those who helped clean the lot, set up lights, and prepare the equipment. At present, two couples are helping us in establishing this work. Their responsibilities are music, Sunday school and treasury. As we become more established, they will be actively involved in personal evangelism. These two couples were saved at Open Door Baptist Church within the past 10 years.

Apart from our family and the two families who are helping us, we have an average of ten people attending. One person in particular who is attending every service is a man whom I found passed out in the street. With the help of other neighbors, we managed to get him home. We have a small beginning, nevertheless, this is where we are. We are working among a people group that has more economy and formal education than our previous ministry. We ask you to pray that God would give us wisdom in ministering to these neighbors."

USA MILITARY, JAPAN, YOKOSUKA CITY, Ed and Elvie Navato — They share the following report: "We thank God for souls saved. Before we left for Eli's graduation, I baptized one who was led to the Lord by my soul winning wife, Elvie. She visited her parents in Japan. She got baptized shortly before she left for the States! Please pray that she will find a church in Oregon.

When we came to the States for Eli, the first day we were at Great Lakes and I was able to lead a fellow Marine to Christ, a Sergeant T, who was struggling due to family hardships. I shared the Gospel with him. He bowed to pray and trusted Christ as his personal Savior! Please pray for his follow up and Scriptural baptism."

SOUTH AMERICA, CHILE, SANTIAGO, Clifton and Tiffany Booth — They share the following report: "Recently, an older lady who had been visiting our church received Jesus as her Savior. Her attendance has been sporadic. Pray with us that she would grow and see the importance of being faithful. We also have some individuals that are getting involved in discipleship. Please pray for three others as they are now learning more of God's Word through the discipleship ministry. There are several new people in the church who need to be discipled. However, at this point they are hesitant.

While God is at work, the enemy is working as well. One of our key families is dealing with a very difficult situation and needs prayer. Their credit card was cloned and the thieves charged over $12,000 to their account and now he is responsible for the debt (there are no laws protecting consumers from credit card theft in Chile)! As a result, he has begun working extra hours which has pulled him out of church. Please pray with us that God would help this family to trust in Him and not fall away. Also, another family is dealing with a very serious situation that is dividing the family. The father was saved a few months ago as he put his trust in Jesus. There is no doubt that his salvation got the attention of the enemy and now the family is under attack. Please pray for them that they would grow close to the Lord through the difficulties. Many of our families have suffered spiritual attacks this year. As the church grows, we proceed further and further into Satan's territory and he is angry and lashing out. Pray for this church plant that the people would remain strong and faithful and look to the Lord to fight the battles."

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Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray.

Psalm 5:1, 2


I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men: For kings, and for all that are in authority: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray for President Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines.