Gailen Abbett

Regional Representative

Bryan Baggett

Military Assistant

Pat Creed

Caribbean International Representative

Dan DeLong


Bob Green

Hispanic Ministries/Aviation

Mark Logan

Representative at Large

Michael McCombie

Western States Representative

James Ray

International Representative for the 100 Nations Project and the International Bible Ministry

John Bailes

National Reseeding America Representative Emeritus

Ron Bragg

Africa International Representative Emeritus

John Halsey

International Representative Emeritus

James Kennard

ARM Personnel

Jim Lilley

Estate Planning

Robert Meyer

Southeast Asia International Representative Emeritus

Don Sisk

General Director Emeritus

Ray Thompson

Executive Director Emeritus


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BIMI's short-term missions program offers many different trips. By joining a Connect team, individuals will have an opportunity to use their talents and abilities for the cause of Christ.

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