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Greenland - Far North

Located northeast of Canada is the world's largest island — Greenland. Greenland is over three times the size of Texas, but has a population of less than 60,000. Almost all of the population lives along the southwestern coast of the island, with nearly one-quarter of the people living in the capital city of Nuuk. Of those living in Greenland, approximately 88% are Greenlanders and the remaining 12% are made up mainly of those who are of Danish descent. The native people of Greenland are the Greenlanders, Eskimos, and Inuits; and the languages spoken on the island are the native Greenlandic language, the Danish language and the English language.

The climate and geographic conditions of Greenland make missionary endeavors extremely difficult. This frigid land is about 81% ice-capped, and there is continuous permafrost over the northern two-thirds of the island. Transportation is difficult due to the weather, and because there are no roads between towns. To add to the difficulty of the physical climate, there is also the difficulty of the spiritual climate. The national religion of Greenland is the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church. The grip of this religion, along with other major denominations — such as Roman Catholicism — is unmistakable among the people. In comparison to the established religions of Greenland, Independent Baptists are almost nonexistent in this part of God's harvest field.

The door is open to serve in Greenland. Pray for young people who are considering serving in this unique place to be fully committed to God's call. You could be BIMI's first church planter to Greenland.

Missionaries in Greenland:

T Gage & Aleah E Gilbert

Far North Director & Media Director

Tony & Paula Bulawa
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