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Italy is a land of beauty, romance and rich history; a land of plain hard work and perseverance when it comes to missionary endeavors. BIMI missionaries have served in Italy since December 1976. Our missionaries have served in a variety of church-planting ministries including national and American military works. There is one Italian that has surrendered to preach and has his own church, and there are countless numbers of American service men and women who have been reached while serving in Italy that are now serving the Lord in ministries throughout the world.

Italy is a hard field. The people love life, are friendly and generous, but they are also indifferent or uninformed of the false doctrines of the Catholic Church, which provide false hope to so many. Other spiritual challenges include mysticism associated with Catholic practices, which is common in the southern portions of the country, and a rise in occultism in the northern parts. The work is slow. The need is great. Won't you consider serving the Lord in Italy?

Missionaries in Italy:

Europe Director

Ed & Carole Hembree

Read more about the Hembrees. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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