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List of Europe Missionaries

East European and Eurasia Bible Fund

Since 1962, BIMI has been taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ BACK to Europe. There are currently BIMI missionaries working in 20 European countries planting churches, training national pastors and workers through Bible institutes and colleges, helping orphaned and abandoned children and establishing an independent Baptist presence that will continue for generations to come.

Europe, the world's third most populous continent after Asia and Africa, has over 731 million souls, most of whom are in spiritual darkness. This is an interesting fact considering the rich history of the continent.

Western civilization was born in Europe; so much of our American culture has its roots in European culture. When we think of Europe, we think of the following:

1. Great conquerors like Alexander the Great, the Caesars of Rome, Napoleon or Hitler
2. The Crusades, the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the Inquisition and the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs
3. Centuries of conflict, war, political intrigue and conspiracy
4. Royal dynasties and alliances
5. Art, science and exploration—names like, Michelangelo, Galileo, Cortez, Pizarro, Columbus, Magellan, and Ponce de Leon

We also think of the SPIRTUAL heritage Europe has given the world:

1. A strong separatist heritage: groups like the Waldenses, Lollards and Anabaptists, with leaders like Zwingli, Calvin, Savonarola, Huss, Wycliffe and Spurgeon
2. The fires of reformation burned across the continent—Martin Luther and others fought for soul liberty and the primacy of the Word of God.
3. At one time Europe was the very center of missions' fervor—men like David Livingstone, William Carey, Hudson Taylor, Count von Zinzendorf and organizations like the London Missionary Society and the China Inland Mission.

Tragically, the Europe of today bears little resemblance to those former years. Throughout the continent, secularism and humanism have become the new authorities. The Word of God is largely forgotten. In our day Europe is a place of apostasy, apathy and even antipathy to all things truly Christian. It is a climate of materialism, hedonism and immorality. There is superstition, often even religion —but no true connection with the God of the Bible.

However, a light shines brightest in a dark place! With all the challenges, Europe is a place of great and unprecedented OPPORTUNITY.

Europe is unbelievably diverse. There are great metropolitan centers like London, Paris, Rome, Berlin or Moscow filled with fine art and world famous universities. There are also vast rural and agricultural areas with thousands of small villages and farmers still using horses or oxen. Because of this diversity, there is a place of service for EVERYONE! There is a people group where ANY missionary would fit.

What is needed to reach Europe with the light of the Gospel?
1. Those with a heart for God and the millions of lost souls groping in darkness
2. Those firmly settled on the Call of God in their lives
3. Those willing to learn, work and adapt
4. Those with integrity and character, a holy stubbornness that refuses to quit
5. Those to whom "full surrender" to the Lord seems the only reasonable way to live

731 million souls wait for someone to tell them the blessed Gospel story


Missionaries in Europe (listed with BIMI account numbers)

   Brent M & Jennifer J Hoffman (#1554)
   Ronald M & Rachel Winkler II (#1203)
   Reta Burns (#1276)
   Marcia Kittleson (#1281)
   Ryan & Elisabeth Strother (#1433)
   Andrew & Nicole Wippler (#1611)
   Carey & Susan Abbett (#39)
   Daniel & Janice Flowers (#1185)
   Mark & Naomi Byers (#1621)
   Daniel & Patricia Dubbe (#506)
   Walter & Thrasilla Hornung (#68)
   J Andy & Breanna G Williams (#1694)
   David D & Stephanie Gross (#1373)
   Edward & Barbara Joan Bissett (#601)
   Joshua & Bethany Furan (#1628)
   Daniel & Elizabeth Canavan (#871)
   Andrew & Shawn Canavan (#1602)
   Stephen & Katherine Finley (#1243)
   Donald & Anna Thatcher II (#1233)
   Brian (BJ) & Arezoo Nibbe Jr (#1505)
   Tim & Debra Tyler (#1258)
   Olivia West (#1640)
   Rick & Sarah Demastus (#1542)
   Dennis & Mary Snelson (#161)
   Elijah & Mackenzie Cook (#1687)
   Justin & Grace Hayes (#1329)
   Michael & Jennifer Helton (#1484)
   Julio & Andrea Velasquez (#636)
   Larry J & Brenda G Writesel (#1607)
   J J & Allison Spillman (#1610)

Europe Director

Ed & Carole Hembree

Read more about the Hembrees. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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