The Far North

List of Far North Missionaries

The Far North is a land of many extremes, contrasts and breathtaking beauty. The weather is continually a factor in the Far North as record temperatures range from 100° above zero to 80° below zero. Lifestyles range from subsistence living in small villages of less than 100 people, to technologically advanced living in large cities numbering in the millions.

There is no way to calculate how many missionaries it would take to evangelize all the towns, villages and cities in the Far North. Close to 34 million souls live in Alaska, Canada and Greenland — many of whom have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Far North missions is not for everyone, but for everyone whom God calls to the Far North there is certainly a place for them. The spiritual and physical climate of the Far North may be challenging, but the potential of what God can do through a called and surrendered missionary is unlimited. Please pray about your role in getting the Gospel to the area of God’s harvest field which BIMI calls "The Far North."

Missionaries in the Far North

Anthony & Paula Bulawa

   Arlene Ensley
   Patrick & Lisa McCoy

   Kelli Reese

   Joel & Holly Buckingham
   Wesley R & Rebecca Burns
   Eric & Melissa Leveille
   Russell & Lisa Mackay
   Cory J & April McTague
   Nathaniel & Christy Minion
   Randall & Ellen Mumper
   Jonathan D & Angela Oehlert
   Gerald A & Marguerite Pauley
   Daniel & Jennifer Post
   Elizabeth (Betsey) Reznor
   Jocelyne Rioux
   Jean & Sherley Rousseau
   Jeffrey & Kim Smith
   Dwight & Ruth Talbot
   Tom & Cathy Talley
   David H & Marsha West

   T Gage & Aleah E Gilbert

Far North Director

Tony & Paula Bulawa
Read more about the Bulawas.

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