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Randy & Jeanette Alderman

The Lord has allowed Randy and Jeanette Alderman to serve Him in Togo, West Africa, for over 34 years. The success of the spread of the Gospel penetrating the lives of many of their countrymen must be credited to faithful Togolese believers, many of whom have sacrificed everything to spread the Good News. Their brothers have taken the Gospel into countless villages with film and preaching evangelism. The Lord has privileged them to work with precious believers in establishing 27 churches, and these believers have now picked up the torch, and on their own have planted 15 more churches to date. The 42 churches range in size from 10 to 250 members.

As the Aldermans have had opportunities for congregations to be started, they have consistently seen the need for permanent buildings. The Lord has directed in the purchase of land and the building of churches in every village where they have a work. God’s provision has always been there when it was needed.

As congregations matured, they recognized the need for a Bible institute both to train leaders and pastors. These men and women graduates have become the backbone of church expansion and growth. Like so many ministries, it began in a makeshift classroom and now meets at a permanent Bible institute property.

Over the years, the opportunities for evangelism have varied. Every summer their youth go to several villages presenting a 3-day VBS/camping program, and churches also do evangelistic outreaches at different times of the year.

Because of the remoteness of villages, Randy has been able to use an airplane for almost 30 years. This mode of transportation has greatly increased the effectiveness of reaching a location in a timely manner. Aviation has allowed their pastors avenues of ministry to reach into different tribes. On many occasions, this tool has been the life-saving ambulance for both missionaries and nationals.

Randy and Jeanette have been given the honor to walk beside and be touched by the lives of so many precious Togolese saints, faithful people who are advancing the cause of Christ in their little corner of the world. They have been witnesses of His great redeeming work as He has changed lives as only He can do. The lives of Randy and Jeanette have been changed as well in ways they could not have imagined.

As part of the ARM program, they will be returning to Togo at least six times a year to further continue helping the pastors in the church planting work. They also have a goal of constructing four more church buildings within the next two years and will also continue to teach in the Bible institute. As many of their churches in Togo are already autonomous, the Aldermans will continue to walk beside them, giving them guidance, assurance, and confidence as they continue developing leaders for future growth, and as these churches also face the increasing encroachment of terrorism in the country.

Another phase of their ministry will be to do relief missions, helping a missionary who needs a short break to take care of personal needs or a short furlough. These would be places where ministry is not at a mature level of development and there is a need for continued supervision. Randy and Jeanette are ready to serve in French-speaking countries as well as English. Their deep desire is to influence the work of Christ into the next generation.

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