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Dr. B. Clayton Shumpert pastored Grace Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina, for 21 years. Having been called of God at the age of 16, he has been preaching 48 years. Brother Shumpert led the church in a strong missions program that now supports 177 missionary families and projects at home and abroad.

His ministry has included revivals, missions conferences and speaking engagements in many foreign countries. In the past 25 years he has been in 85 countries preaching the Gospel of Christ. These include Norway, France, Germany, Romania, Israel, Jordon, Lebanon, Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Virgin Islands, China, Mexico and many others.

Dr. Shumpert led Grace Baptist Church from a small number to a sizeable congregation. He developed 26 ministries within the church, including AWANA, Bus Ministry, Children's Church, Day Care Center, Deaf Ministry, Grace Bible Studies, Grace Christian School, Nursing Home Ministry, Printing Ministry, Shut-in Ministry, Senior Adult Ministry, Sunday School Ministry, Tape Ministry, Visitation Ministry and Youth Ministry, plus many others. He led in the construction of 10 buildings in 15 years at Grace Baptist Church.

Brother and Mrs. Shumpert have been married since 1965 and have four children: Rachel, Gena, Stacy, and John. They also have eight grandchildren. The Shumperts reside in West Columbia, South Carolina.

On December 27, 2011, Dr. Shumpert had hip replacement surgery. It has been a difficult time. He has a spine disease called spinal stenosis, and for 22 years he has had chronic pain. Due to these and other health issues, he has been forced to cut back, especially when it involves long, lengthy travel. (He states, "Instead of running at 90 mph, I am running at 60 mph.") Yet in his weakness, God has proven to be mighty. The spiritual fruit has been amazing!

Dr. Shumpert describes his present and future ministry with ARM in the following manner: "Our ministry with Baptist International Missions involves the following seven areas of ministry:

1. Stirring hearts through the preaching of God's Word – The purpose is to challenge the hearts of God's people to reach the lost for Christ. Another purpose is to promote the work of BIMI and encourage pastors to support our missionaries.

2. Helping pastors develop their missionary outreach in a definite way and with a concerted effort – This includes time spent with pastors, as much time as needed. This would include answering questions, sharing material, solving problems, etc. There would be an emphasis on Faith Promise or phasing into Faith Promise as soon as possible.

3. Starting a Men for Missions Group in local churches – This group is an extended ministry of the church's missions program. I have written a booklet that tells how to and why have a Men for Missions group.

4. Coordinating missions trips to the various mission fields – I can coordinate youth groups and adult construction projects. With 30 years experience and having traveled to 85 countries, I am qualified to help a pastor put his trip together in an organized way: What steps to follow? What are the requirements? What to take? Are passports required? What about shots and visas?

5. Helping to book missionaries in churches – This is done, of course, under the pastor's direction and with the understanding that the missionary will present his ministry in anticipation of support.

6. Counseling and encouraging missionaries – Missionaries need a friend. Missionaries need advice and encouragement and someone to help them along their way. It has been my privilege to do this for 30 years.

7. Preaching and teaching in Bible colleges and seminaries – The purpose is to challenge the students to serve as missionaries

Joan and I appreciate your support. May God bless you and your ministry.

In Christ,
B. Clayton Shumpert
Philippians 1:21

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