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Mark & Linda Sigstad

Linda and I have been missionaries with BIMI since 1982. When we first went to Nigeria in 1984, our desire for our work in Africa was five-fold: Evangelize, Establish, Edify, Enlist, and Educate.

To reach our goals, we needed to win the lost, establish local churches so we could edify and encourage the believer, enlist the next generation of Christian workers, and then educate them on the field to fulfill their responsibilities to the Lord. The Lord enabled us to accomplish our goals for the past 32 years through our church planting ministry. We thank the Lord that He enabled us to see nine indigenous churches established and functioning in West Africa.

Now we feel it is time for us to make a change in our ministry. With pressing health issues for both Linda and me, we have decided with counsel from BIMI and our home pastor, Mike Holloway of Temple Baptist Church of Kokomo, Indiana, to move to BIMI's ARM ministry.

The plan for our ARM ministry with BIMI will entail the same things we have done in the past, but we will be based in Indiana. Our goals will be the following:

1. Evangelize the lost here in the United States and in Africa — I plan to make several trips per year to Africa to help the churches there with revivals and special evangelistic campaigns.

2. Encourage the local church and pastor, especially in West Africa — With our planned trips to West Africa, we will hold seminars and conferences for the national pastor.

3. Enlist another generation of servants for the Lord in America as well as in Africa — I will preach missions conferences in Bible colleges and local churches as the Lord opens doors here and work with our national pastors in Africa.

4. Educate the next generation of workers — With that in mind, I will be working with Dr. Mike Holloway to develop a curriculum for Baptist College of America (BCA). BCA is a correspondence school. I will help develop the material and will also teach via DVD. I hope to make several trips to Africa each year to teach in seminars and host education concentrated courses for our pastors as well as teach in established Bible schools on the field.

We are grateful for your support for our ministry, and we trust the Lord will allow us to continue on for Him with your prayers and support. We covet your prayers for our health as we continue to serve the Lord through BIMI's ARM ministry.

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Africa Director

Eric & Lori Bohman

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