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Gage and Aleah Gilbert

Serving in the Far North

From the age of four, Gage was raised in a Christian home. A few years later, he became a pastor’s son. At the age of 15, Gage understood his personal need for salvation and accepted Christ during a revival meeting. He was then baptized the following Sunday. Sensing God’s call to be a church planting missionary, Gage attended CAMP BIMI the next summer and God confirmed his call and introduced him to the needy country of Greenland. Aleah was also raised in a Christian home. At the age of five, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. When she was eight, Aleah dedicated her life to God. Until the age of 13, fear had kept her from being baptized; however, the Holy Spirit worked in her heart and she stepped out in faith and obedience. Gage and Aleah met at and graduated from Ambassador Baptist College. Through several mission trips, including one to Baffin Island, Canada, God confirmed to Gage His call to the Inuit people of Greenland. Gage and Aleah were married June 3, 2017, and were accepted by BIMI December 4, 2017. They are currently on full-time deputation and are thrilled about sharing Christ with the people of Greenland.


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