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Trent & Stephanie Granger

Serving in Mexico, Central America

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Trent received Christ in 1996 and was baptized at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Greenwood, Indiana. Stephanie received Christ in 2003 and was baptized at Fellowship Baptist Church, Clarklake, Michigan. Trent's journey towards becoming a missionary in Mexico took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with Stephanie. Stephanie, a dedicated student at Bible college, was passionately pursuing her degree. Trent and Stephanie were introduced by a mutual friend that ultimately culminated in their marriage. Their shared calling for missionary work became evident as they spent a year on deputation together, raising support for their mission in Mexico. Their journey in Mexico bore fruit with the birth of two children and the establishment of two thriving churches. However, life threw a curveball when their daughter faced health challenges, compelling them to return to the United States for her well-being. In the States, through faith and prayer, they witnessed a remarkable turnaround in their daughter's health, a testament to God's grace and healing power. Now, strengthened by this experience, Trent and Stephanie are on the brink of returning to Mexico, reinvigorated and even more determined to follow the Lord's path as dedicated missionaries, continuing their mission in a place they hold dear.


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