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Dear Praying Friends,

I have an urgent prayer request for you. Pray for the survival of Calvary Radio.

As you know, God brought the radio ministry into our lives several years ago. We have seen Him move (on His timetable), and bring the station and the tower (remember that) to where it is today. We are now facing several large obstacles that are preventing us from being on air, and some may even eliminate the station from existence.

Let me highlight the challenges.

1. Government Regulations. We have recently (July 31st) received a long list of requirements that we had not previously known about or were not previously subjected to. These regulations concern everything from staff qualifications to insurance to redundant equipment. Enforcement of these regulations begins on August 14th. If we fail to comply with these regulations we risk being shut down until we comply, or losing our license altogether.

2. License transfer. We also need to transfer the license into the name of our church. It is currently in the name of our organization BIMU (Baptist International Missions of Uganda).

3. License change. We need to change our license from being a commercial license to being a “community radio station” license.

4. Transmitter. Our current transmitter is not working. It has a faulty display, and it needs a new display from the manufacturers. Then it needs to be reconfigured and installed in our station.

Please pray. Many of these things are simply beyond my control. They seem simple and straight forward but they are not. God has repeatedly shown me through this 4 year process that He is in control and we are on His time table. He has also shown me that He is interested in using many various people (Body of Christ) to get the job done, so that no one person gets the praise.

So I am asking the Body of Christ to pray.

Yours for souls in Uganda,
Nate, Sara, Andrew, Joseph, Susanna, Caleb, and Daniel Wright!

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The Wright family has been serving in Uganda since 2006. They are currently in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda. They are involved in church planting, soul winning, discipleship, Bible training for leaders, and charity ministries.

- 2008: Planted the Grace Baptist Church in Gulu.
- 2008-present: Several village churches have been planted and leadership has been trained.
- 2012: Began a Bible school for village leaders.
- 2018: Began the Calvary Radio station in Gulu (105.3FM).
- 2020: Began a full time Bible College for young men seeking to enter ministry.


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