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July-September 2023

Dear Praying Friends,

Transition to America
As many of you know, I was able to take Joseph back to America in May to help begin the process of getting him ready for college in the fall. Since then, he has gotten his driver’s license and his bank account. He also began his first job making frozen pizzas third shift. Praise the Lord, he has done well with all these huge changes.

A few days ago, Joseph had to quit his job making pizzas so we could hit the road for just a few weeks. We will be heading from Michigan out to our sending church in Minnesota. Then we’ll go down to Iowa and finally out to South Carolina, where we will drop Joseph off at Bob Jones University. He is planning on studying mechanical engineering there. Please pray for us through this difficult transition as we leave our second son in the States and head back to Uganda.

Stuck in Rwanda
I was in America for just a week with Joseph; then I went back to Uganda until the first week of July when I left for America again, this time with Susanna and Caleb (Sara and Daniel had already traveled the week before to America). On the way, we were scheduled to have a short layover in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. However, our flight was delayed and we missed our second flight. We ended up having an entire day to spend in Rwanda. We took the opportunity to tour Kigali. Of course, we went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. It was a sobering reminder of the one million Rwandans who were killed in 1994. We praise God for the peace that is now in this area of the world.

Ministry in Uganda
We praise the Lord that we were able to leave the ministry in the hands of faithful leaders in the church while on this short furlough. Brother Axis is continuing with preaching and youth ministry. He is also engaging in some street preaching in various places several times a week. Tonny is continuing to manage the radio station and keep it on the air. Sister Nancy is continuing the ladies program. Brother Daniel is teaching on Wednesday nights and leading the choir. Please pray for Kica Baptist Church while we are away.

Praise and Prayer
• God used Andrew’s experience at the Wilds in many wonderful ways, and we praise God for that. Please pray for him as he starts his junior year at Maranatha. Also, please pray for our family and all the transitions during this time of life.
• Please continue to pray for the ministries of Pastor Martin in Amuria and Pastor Patrick in Padibe.
• When we get back to Uganda at the end of August, we will be immediately doing a one-week blocked institute class. Also, we’ll be resuming the Bible college in September.

Yours for Uganda,
Nate, Sara, Andrew, Joseph, Susanna, Caleb, and Daniel Wright

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The Wright family has been serving in Uganda since 2006. They are currently in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda. They are involved in church planting, soul winning, discipleship, Bible training for leaders, and charity ministries.

- 2008: Planted the Grace Baptist Church in Gulu.
- 2008-present: Several village churches have been planted and leadership has been trained.
- 2012: Began a Bible school for village leaders.
- 2018: Began the Calvary Radio station in Gulu (105.3FM).
- 2020: Began a full time Bible College for young men seeking to enter ministry.


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