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By Missionaries Sean and Stephanie Lunday in Brazil “Pastor, we are the forgotten people of the Amazon. Nobody remembers us out here.” I realized how true the fisherman's statement was—as we passed by village after village on the banks of the Japura River in the Amazon, where there is no Gospel preaching church of any kind. In September, the Lord allowed us to travel up the Amazon with a team of three from our home church and two Brazilian pastors. During the week, we traveled through the jungles and river tributaries of the Amazon by boat, canoe, foot and a small airplane. It was quite an adventure as we witnessed the different Indian villages and communities along the river tributaries, most of which are without a true Gospel witness. One such village was deep in the jungle, with access only by canoe and foot. After traveling a good distance through the steamy hot bush we came upon a group of thatched roof houses, built on stilts to protect against the frequent flooding of the rainy season. We soon found ourselves surrounded by a group of curious onlookers, anxious to know the motive of our unannounced visit. After visiting a few of the homes, we spread the news that there would be a service that afternoon in the main courtyard of the village. In the center of the courtyard was an old, open wall structure where we decided to conduct our special service. At 4:00 p.m., Wilson, our Brazilian boatman, and I began to sing “It Is Well With My Soul” in Portuguese. Soon, a crowd of 40 or 50 people gathered, attentive to hear what we had to say. When the invitation was given, 12 precious souls came forward and knelt at the front to receive Christ as their Savior. Our hearts were burdened and challenged as we made our way down the trail, back to the canoes waiting by the edge of the river. As we parted ways, they pleaded, “Please come back to our village and build a Baptist church.” Unfortunately, in this village where the people are so receptive, there is no church of any kind. This is only one dark place among thousands—waiting for the light of the Gospel. n 10 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009