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By Missionary Clint Vernoy in Paraguay The Scribe asked Jesus, “Who then is our neighbor?” Many people today are asking a similar question of missionaries: “Haven't we gone far enough?” Let me answer that question just as Christ did…with a story. After working in the cities of Venezuela as a missionary for almost nine years, God changed our location. We went from the city, deep into the jungles of Venezuela. God gave us a wonderful opportunity to live in the village of Chajurana. We lived in an Indian's house when we first arrived in the village. It would take us nearly six months to get just the shell of our new home built. There was no electricity or running water. Our only contact with the outside world came through a small shortwave radio and the missionary plane that came once a month. Our first few months were very difficult. My wife, son and daughter all came down with malaria. The hardships were very new to us and I began to wonder if we were wise to be in the village with so few modern things. Quite a few people had said things like: “Why go there?” Or, “Is it really necessary?” Our phrase when things went wrong was, “It is God's will for us to be here, so….” After a few months one of the Christians in the village invited me to accompany him to another village up river where he had family. When we got there, I was left alone to wander the village while my friend went to visit his family. No one in the village would come near me since I was a stranger. I couldn't speak their But this is what I do remember, he said there was once a man, who was also God…that man loved me and died for me. “Do you know that story?” 18 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009