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By Missionary Eric Bohman in Kenya, Africa “Please don't leave—I am ready to be saved!” This cry was uttered by a village elder sitting outside a small mud hut after I had given him a Gospel tract. I was somewhat surprised, for this man's tribe, the Turkana, usually never respond positively to the Gospel on the first visit. It typically takes a process of time for them to fully understand and accept salvation. However, this was an obvious exception! Upon seeing my surprise, he further clarified his request by stating that he had seen the power of God. Although I did not fully understand what he meant by that, I eagerly knelt down beside him and showed him the Gospel message. Within a short while, his name was written down in Heaven. A few minutes later, I met up with the local national pastor, who was leading another soul winning team to a nearby village. He revealed to me the full and beautiful story. A couple of years ago, a young man named Kiyon'ga was won to Christ within this pastor's church in Rumuruti. He became a very active member and zealous soul winner. Because of his testimony, he was selected by the chief to become one of the village policemen. One night on patrol, he came across several young people involved in illegal activity and arrested them. The next morning, he found out that one of the girls that he had arrested was the witch doctor's daughter. Kiyon'ga's He calmly replied that he served the true and living God and the witch doctor had no power over him. 24 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009