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Missionary Eddie Trimble in the Philippines My family and I have labored in the Philippines for more than 15 years. Along the way, the Lord has given us precious rewards for our work—5 of which are with us at this time. Their names are Lutchie, Nenith, Mellore, Lorena and William. We have known them all since 1995. Lutchie was saved at the age of 10. My wife had the privilege of leading her to the Lord. She was Becky's first convert in the Philippines. Eventually, all of Lutchie's siblings and other family members received salvation and were faithful in our first church. We moved away to another city to plant another church in 2001. Lutchie came a year later after finishing high school to help take care of our baby while Becky home schooled our other children. She ended up staying with us for 5 years and we put her through college to become a teacher. When we moved to Davao, Lutchie was finishing her last year of college. The following year she moved to Davao to help teach our children. She is now 23 and is such a great blessing and benefit to us. Lorena is Lutchie's younger sister. She is 16. 4 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009