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By Pastor Terry Arp (Former BIMI missionary to Africa) It had been a blazing hot day and I was tired. I was ready to send Ahamed away for the day when he asked if I would take him to see his grandfather who was dying. Honestly, I did not want to make the 70 mile trip out into the desert but the Holy Spirit persuaded me to go. Early the next morning, we made the three hour trip to a nomad camp that I'd never seen before. Upon arriving, we found Ahamed's grandfather to be suffering with a high fever. I went into the goatskin tent where he lay on the ground and attempted to talk to him. He did not seem to understand what I was saying, so I held his hand and prayed for him. When I finished praying, his eyes opened and he told his son to make tea. By the time we finished drinking the hot tea, the old man was sitting up and talking rationally. His grandson told him that I was a man with the message of Yesua (Jesus). This opened the door for me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In a very simple way, I explained the death, burial and resurrection of Christ to the old man. As I told the story, his eyes were fastened intently on mine. When I finished he said, “I've waited all of my life for somebody to tell me that message again. I heard it when 6 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009 I was just a small boy, only five or six years old.” Then, to my further surprise he said, “Many times, and with all of my heart, I have asked God to help me know more about Him because I knew there was more that I did not understand.” As we talked on for a while, I became convinced that he had truly believed on Jesus Christ for salvation. As the day wore on, the old man's fever returned and by the time we left he was too ill to talk. I did not expect to see him again this side of eternity. About three months later, Ahamed (who had since gone to work for someone else) came and asked if I would take him to see his grandfather again. I was surprised to learn that his grandfather had survived. So, I happily agreed to take him out to the nomad camp again. As it often happens, when we arrived the next day a crowd of people were waiting for us. The old man, whose name was also Ahamed, had gathered all the people of the camp together to hear the message of Christ. This side of eternity, we will never know how many lives were changed by the Gospel because someone gave a young nomad boy the message of Jesus Christ. He responded to the light that he received...and passed it on. n