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T By Missionary Earl Yates in Mexico he wave struck the shoreline softly, offering no escape for the small grains of sand caught between the ocean and the land. The surf washed over our feet as we walked along the beach, watching the sunlight rest on the western horizon of Mexico. One of the preachers walking with us began to speak about his life before he was saved. As a young man, Juan's heartfelt desire was to find something that would fill that void deep down inside of him. He turned to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Eight long years of toil led him nowhere. In desperation, he fell into the web of Mormonism. After six years of failing to find the peace that he sought, he left them as well. Unfortunately, his relentless search led him strait into Satan's snare of Black Magic. His new found powers as a Satanist thrilled him. Using black magic, he meticulously destroyed all opposing enemies around him. Climbing the ladder quickly in his coven, there seemed to be no limit as to who he could kill or destroy. Yet, the despair only deepened. He had utterly failed to find peace and was almost totally consumed with demonic inspired thoughts of suicide. In his darkest moment, his mother begged him to visit a relative in a distant city. Reluctantly, he conceded to take a few days to do so. God makes no mistakes. It just so “happened” that his relative lives in Victoria— our city. His aunt, Juanita, is a precious saint and one of our avid soul winners. Juanita, who had been warned of Juan's non tolerance toward Christianity, fasted and prayed for several days before his arrival. When others shunned away from him, she stepped up to the need. Silently, she prayed as she began witnessing to Juan. His demeanor was stubborn and his words were vile. He spat in her face and mocked her God. Undaunted, she continued to speak of Jesus Christ to her violent nephew. Eventually, the love of Jesus Christ evidenced in this gentle lady won the battle. For three days, he listened intently as his aunt led his thirsty soul to the Savior. Finally, he found fulfillment in Jesus Christ and was baptized by Pastor Antonio from our first work in Victoria. My heart rejoiced before the Lord as I walked with Juan along the beach. He is now a circuit preacher, visiting several villages every week. He is a trophy of God's grace, preaching the Gospel that he once despised and fighting the demons he once embraced. n BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009 7