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By Missionaries Steve and Kathy Stone in Nova Scotia W e first met nine-year-old Jonathan in February, 1988, at one of our youth meetings at Calvary Baptist Church in Plympton, Nova Scotia. After our time together with the youth that particular evening, he expressed a desire to be saved. We rejoiced as he prayed to accept Christ. However, through the years, he became involved in things of the world including drugs. In 2006, while in a drug rehab program, Jonathan attended another church in the area where he realized that he had not fully understood God's plan of salvation and truly accepted Christ. Shortly thereafter, he started attending Calvary Baptist Church again. To follow up, Steve visited Jonathan in his parents' home. He shared with Jonathan that God has commanded believers to regularly meet together for our spiritual growth and encouragement in the Lord. In response, Jonathan and his girlfriend started attending the services regularly. Jonathan shows a real reflection of the work of God in his heart. He has a desire to visit friends and witness to them. He continues to testify of the grace of God in his life and is a real testimony to the youth in our church. One morning while listening to the Gospel presentation on the radio in his home, he helped his girlfriend pray and accept Christ into her heart. They plan to marry soon. We are blessed to see Jonathan's desire to serve the Lord. When asked to write out his testimony, Jonathan said, “I was born on January 4, 1979. I was saved on October 16, 2006, but before that my life didn't have much meaning. At the age of 15 years, I got hooked on pot and cocaine. From there my life went out of control. To say the least, I was hanging around with the wrong crowd. I was always in trouble with the law, in and out of courthouses, probation, jail, and not caring for my own life. Drugs were my life. Thank God on October 16, 2006, I was set free!” n 8 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009