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by Layne Jones Since DYJC (Directing You to Jesus Christ) Lighthouse 104.5FM Christian radio has been on the air, God has done some great things. On Tuesday, September 22, there were 58 members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church from San Antonio Island, right off the coast of N. Samar, that came to visit our church. We had a special service for them and 34 were saved. They came because one of their teachers has been listening to the radio broadcast. Many people have told me while I am out soul winning that they are listening to the broadcast. This lets me know that the Gospel is being heard by those who need to know Christ as their Saviour. We advertise music lessons on the radio. Two nursing graduates came for violin lessons. They were both saved and have been attending the services. A Philippine army colonel in Catbalogan, W. Samar, 150 km away, told us that many of his men are listening to the radio broadcast online at www. Many are also listening around the world on the website. Layne, Nelia and Abigail Jones Philippines 14 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009